Mr. Robot predicts JPM Coin!

Look with Ecoin equal to 1 Dollar, it’ll free up the economy.The only reason why you’re here first is because you don’t want to get slapped with regulations.But if you are indeed asking then I am saying no.It’s unconstitutional – you can’t make your own currency.That is the Federal Government’s job.The problem here is hard

Bitcoin Explained to a Skeptic – Ep11

hi guys in today’s episode we’re gonna talk about how to explain Bitcoin andcrypto to your little sister so I’ve got my little sister Djin here today andshe’s gonna ask me a few questions about crypto and what the hell it’s all aboutthis is Aussietai and you’re watching A Crypto Current Affair. So we’re in

Tokoin News Episode 7

Hi! Welcome back to Tokoin News.Today’s episode will be so exciting.We had a meetup with Tomochain, visited Banjarmasin for a national roadshow,participated in KuCoin Week, had TOKO token passed ShuttleOne wallet testing,and expanded our social media accounts.Last week, Tokoin had the chance to meet one of our partners, TomoChain,and their Chief Growth Officer, Kyn Chaturvedi.It