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Today I’m here to do a
follow up video on PIVX
to give you guys an update
on what they’ve been doing
for the last few months.
I covered this project back
in December of last year,
which is basically an eternity in
crypto adjusted terms, so here I am.
In the spirit of transparency, I
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Now that that stuff is all over with
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What has PIVX been up to?
In December, PIVX
launched PIVX Class
which is a YouTube channel dedicated
to educating newcomers in the space.
As you can see, there’s a bunch
of different videos here.
And in their blog,
they state that when you need
to explain the blockchain,
Proof of Stake, zPIV, how
to buy, how to sell,
why it matters for the 85th time,
you can instead point them to the
PIVX Class YouTube channel for help.
I personally think this
is a pretty genius idea.
Part of the reason I started
making videos in the first place
is because when I
got into crypto,
there was no middle path
for educational videos
or any content for that
matter explaining crypto.
It was either shill videos or
content that was so tech-heavy
that I really couldn’t
understand it.
So this is great that they saw a
need and that they’re filling it.
Also in December
a business owner signed on to accept
PIVX as payment in their restaurant.
Niels Franklin,
who is the owner of the restaurant
located in downtown Cancun
reached out to PIVX to find
out more about the project
and how to start accepting
it at his location.
This is the article explaining
the addition of the business,
and then on their news site you
can see a nice little picture
of the owner of the
restaurant basically I guess
kind of celebrating the
addition of PIVX to the team.
Then in January,
another business decided
to jump on the bandwagon
and start accepting PIVX.
This time it was a cute donut shop the
Czech Republic called Funky Donuts.
Basically, they say,
“Because we follow our own
distinctive and original style,
“we’ve decided to accept
the possibility to pay
“by a few cryptos including PIVX.
“PIVX transaction are
in the blink of an eye
“which make them great for
payments in a shop like ours.”
So that’s pretty cool.
In February they added some
updates to their Android wallet,
and you can now request payments,
or you can use a QR Code
which will autogenerate
information to the sender.
They added multi fiat
currency support
and most importantly,
there is also zPIV
transaction recognition
meaning that the update allows the
wallet to recognize PIVX received
from a zPIV transaction
and will credit recipients
according to the PIVX balance.
Here you can see the write up
in the announcements section
explaining all the additions of
the things that I just went over.
ZPIV recognition.
Mnemonic phrase.
Auto complete.
A lot of really cool stuff.
They’ve actually had the
Apple mobile app for PIVX
kind of in the works for ages.
They’ve had it done,
but they’re waiting for
Apple to approve it,
so I know that that’s definitely
in the works as well,
it’s just a matter of when
Apple gets on the ball
and gets their stuff together.
Also in February,
a well-known cryptographer
named Johnathan Bootle
joined the PIVX development team.
Bootle’s work will be focused on
integrating breakthrough Bulletproofs
in the PIVX custom
Zerocoin Protocol.
What does that mean for PIVX?
Their Zerocoin proofs
or transaction sizes
will become a fraction
of the current size,
and they’ll be able to achieve
a trusted Zerocoin setup.
Obviously, having someone who helped
write the whitepaper on something
working with the team is a huge
success, so congratulations, guys.
And PIVX has
officially been listed
as one of the currencies available
for exchange on the Wall of Coins.
If you go over here,
well, gotta go up.
If you go over here to coin
you’ll see a bunch of stuff
listed one of them being PIVX.
Wall of Coins is known
in the industry
as a web-based platform
that allows users to purchase
and sell Bitcoin and Dash
with paper cash deposits
via a peer-to-peer system.
Getting listed on any kind of
exchange equals more eyeballs,
equals better for crypto,
so nicely done.
Then in May, PIVX made history by
becoming the first cryptocurrency
to enable private Proof of Stake
with their latest update to
their core wallet
PIVX uses a sort of
sub-currency called zPIV,
which uses the Zerocoin protocol
to achieve complete anonymity
within the blockchain.
In the wallet users can choose
to create or mint units of zPIV.
ZPIV comes in specific denominations
only like 1, 5, 10, and so on.
This is similar to how
paper money works.
This update provides users
with the ability to earn staking
rewards from their zPIV
by staking the zPIV through
what they’ve called zPOS
or Zerocoin Protocol
enabled Proof of Stake.
In their recap in May they highlighted
their technical achievements
which included the zPIV staking,
which I just went over,
deterministic zPIV seed keys,
updated zPIV minting,
zPIV search,
wallet GUI overhaul,
return change to sender
when minting zPIV,
disable the automint feature,
set amount,
external storage backup.
So there’s a lot of stuff that’s
been successfully accomplished.
In June, Bryan, AKA Snappy went
to the Blockchain for Impact
Global Summit held at the
United Nations in New York.
Ideally, having a blockchain
conference at this event
would help open up people’s eyes
to the potential use cases
of blockchain technology
which is awesome for everyone.
In September, PIVX announced
an alliance with Numo
as the first crypto
to be added to this already
functional P2P payments app.
PIVX will also be the only
default privacy transaction
meaning inside the app when
you elect to send privately
you’ll be using PIVX by default.
This one is very cool.
So this is the world’s first
decentralized zerocoin privacy exchange.
Basically, it runs
using PIVX masternodes
and zPIV to ensure
complete privacy.
If we go over to
the demo exchange,
you can see here that zPIV is listed
as all of the exchange options.
ZPIV is the intermediary
coin on the exchange,
so how Binance has BNB,
this is somewhat similar.
This I think is absolutely huge
and really creative
to be able to use
part of their project
involved in this.
Being able to have an anonymous
decentralized exchange
is a very cool thing
to be a part of.
In December, now this
is some cool news,
in December, PIVX is
sponsoring Chris Cyborg
as she prepares to
take on Amanda Nunes
in the featherweight title for
UFC 232 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
PIVX is to be featured on
Cyborg’s promotional material
and vice versa as Cyborg trains
to promote this upcoming fight.
So if you see here
this would be the chick and this
would be who she’s fighting.
They both look
terrifying, so yeah.
But either way, again, more
eyes on a crypto project
equals better for
the crypto space.
Let’s take a peek at the roadmap.
So if we scroll,
let me close this,
if we scroll down the roadmap
you can see lots of 100%
completions of things.
They have clearly
been very, very busy.
IOS wallet, so it says it’s completed
but their waiting for Apple.
Bulletproofs, testing.
ZPIV for mobile, testing.
They’ve got a lot
of stuff going on,
and, yeah, so keep
your eyes on them,
because they definitely have
done a lot of stuff so far
and obviously have a lot
going on in the future.
I also, may I add,
that I adore the fact that they
have some sort of progress bars.
I find them very
satisfying to look at,
and I also think
that it gives people
a little bit more
actual understanding
of what the projects doing
and how they’re progressing.
So good on you guys for
choosing to do that,
and not just choosing to
have a regular roadmap.
All right, guys.
That’s it for today’s
update video on PIVX.
If you have any projects you’d like
me to cover or content suggestions,
please feel free to leave them
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and I thank you for watching as always,
and I will see everybody soon.
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