Bogdanov, he bought the dip.
Continue the dump.
He panic sold.
Temporary bottom, reversal.
He’s not buying.
Pump it and paint a bull flag.
He FOMO’d in.
Put him to sleep, load the Korea FUD.
He’s awake.
Make him think it’s the bottom, drop off
the volume.
He bought more.
Dump it again.
He tethered.
Push it sideways.
He’s doing research.
Print 100m tether when goes to sleep, then pump it.
He’s awake.
Load a dip.
He bought the dip.
Sideways until he sleeps, then crash it with the exact same Korea FUD.
Get Vitalik on the line.
He’s awake.
Load the flippening thread.
He FOMO’d into ETH.
Crash it.
He’s trying to kill himself.
Activate quantum immortality.
Now print 200m tether.
He thinks we are going up.
We are, let him in.
He’s in.
Pump it.
He’s thinks he’s about to make it.
Kill him.
Transfer everything and then find another.


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