👊🏼 Yella Beezy Beat Up Mo3 Manager & Getting Sued 1 Million Dollars! Hip Hop News

what’s up get over tank it’s your main
man C Street to get all this gene or point you to all right now you’re gonna
go ahead talk about that’ll be easy yellow beanie and his gang and his
bodyguards went in jump mo three manager caught that man lacking in the club
Paul’s on him even though in the video matter of fact let me go ahead please
simply alright you see in the video he claims that he did it alone but we found
out he didn’t do it alone because he ended up getting sued the dual mode
three managed it was so he’s swinging yellow busy right now
four million dollars and what’s really messed up about it is you got a little
busy on camera meant that he did it so I don’t know how he’s gonna fight this and
witness he probably gonna have to put up that bag for the book for the lawyer so
kudos but he’s finished on himself everybody what clout I should come up
with a new series called went cloud chasing goes wrong cuz
he definitely criminais to himself now we all know and prosecutors in the
suitcase whatever gonna be like oh yay you said it right here on camera we
won’t know if there’s any footage right now or the actually being how bad the
beatin was how brutal it was we just know they yell ob03 got problems Ella
busy court mode three managing the club lacking buying something at the paws on
a broken down or anything go suffered some injuries you know I think he said
like cracker bruised ribs or something like that so he’s seeking a million
dollars and people wanna know from both rely how you gonna roll with him here
sniffing you manage a his snitch well they said a 10-8 me if you ever
read the book called the art of warfare ain’t going nothing wrong I mean he
can’t snitch on him cuz that’s not gonna work out but what he can those cook with
his pockets and the civil suit is not dismissing cuz you’re not messing with
their freedom you’re messing up their pockets and
that’s what he’s doing so that’s the use of date for you to Shh watching the
video Kettle gang this is popping parties try

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