📚 Price Action: How to trade cross currency pair correlation, cross currency correlation calculation

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Hi traders, here’s a new video. First of all the risk warning your invested capital might be a twist
Don’t wait with money who cannot afford to lose and this video is not investment advice
So this video is a NASA deep explanation video of those kind of concepts
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so now we are going into the topic and this topic will be about
cross-correlation PRCs
how to trade
Correlated for purpose. Yes, and
Let me see. I have prepared here something. Yes. Yeah, I prepared something
So I will give you an ADA as cheat where everything is
Explained more in detail. Yes, but first of all, I want to discuss this kind of
cross correlated and non-coastal correlated Forex pairs
So a binary option can uses also binary options or any other financial instrument. You have only to adjust a little bit
So ok how to trade cross currency pair correlation how to k2 that currency
Combination. Yes and what are not correlated pairs and what are correlated currency gasps?
And I will do this in this kind of manner that I don’t show you this cheat sheet
Then I got to show you her purse of on how it will be calculated
Yes, and then you can do this for all your other pairs on your own. Yes, and
So you have the basic the fundament?
How it works. Yes, and yes, let me see
It could be that I will be interrupted by some students which will contact me because today I have some meeting day
Yes that is this a where I talk to my students
Personally, so it can’t be that I have to stop the video and doing some
some metal ring
and then I get back to the video and continuing twincest but I try to cover this stuff here as fast as possible and
So so much in detail as necessary
Okay, so we will gonna start here and let me provide you with the first information. So we have non-correlated
But later pass that’s currency pairs and
Places so and those 1s will be needed to
Calculate the correlated pairs
Because not every pair is a correlated pair
And so you have to use a non-correlated pairs to?
Calculate and you get a good later. You get a list of them. Yes, and also the relation to them
Yes in this sheet in which I have provided already to one of my students who asked me who brought me to the idea
Because I have some more I have some more
Explanation videos in the pew. Yes
I will do them too. As soon as I have time when I talk about market condition
about gaps about
EMA and
About my ranging market. Is it about favoring outset are those kind of projects which I had in mind about
Yes the explanation videos
But always a time yes and X above it. We are Nyanza how to trade the cross currency pair correlation
and so I will get now here an example only as I will do an example and we will
for example, one of this correlated pairs is
Europe g py s uo g py I will do this this will give you why this is a
Correlated pair. Yes, and I will show you how you do this
I will do this only on sewers towards repairs. So you understand this
This is a correlated pair and this correlated pair will be
Calculated by Z
by two non-correlated past
Yes, that is a difference and to need for to calculate say you a GP wife
You need first of all the USD. Yes, which is a non correlated pair. Yes
So you will use D and then you need for it for example
Yes, because you see you need both
M to see and that is what is importance in Europe. Yes is here and the GP y is here
yes of the second pair so and
That is what this is about. So if so your GP y is
Getting power. Yes is strengthening. Yes, the spare strengthening and
Usd/jpy is strengthening – yes, then what does this mean? That means that?
Euro is strengthening
USD is
Weakening. Yes in this case. Just let me do all this
Draw this a little bit more
So I will do this. So you is you is you is
Strengthening. Yes in this kind of scenario and
USD is weakening. Yes, because is clear because they are in correlation to H other
Yes is weakening. So yes, that means already you drew those up here
So if you had here
USD and gpy yes, then you have
USD is strengthening. Yes, because it’s going up here. There’s the katanas going up and gpy is
Weakening. So what does this mean? That means that your GP? Why?
Copy/paste your
GP why will go up?
So obviously this is more usable for forex. Yes andand online time frames you
Analyze the chart on the lower time frame to another to get this yet ordered the charts in general. Yes, and that is more usable
Forex and
Okay, one second. I have to to see if it’s the student. I’m waiting for. Okay, so as it was
Okay, let me see. So yeah, I hope that was clear yet now. Yes because
To go up yes to go strongly up
You have to have yes a week a week GPU. Why? Yes, here. We GP why?
Yes to go as this up
Yes from the up a week gpy and a strong and a strong euro. Yes copy euro
And that is what this calculation
Is about and that is that you can see if both of them goes up. You have a strong
Move a strong strange fixed to the strong strange test on you
Gpy, so I will do this example now for the opposite
Or the opposite and say it was already because on the next on the next sheet of this is ebook
yes, you get a complete list of
Those kind of combination I want to explain who here only the concept behind this
Yes that you can use on your own
So I will do this now for the opposite not for the opposite of you will gqy
I will do this for the opposite of another one
Let me show you this and then I will do another exactly the variation of it and then it wasn’t already
So I will remove this here. Yes anything we want to talk about. We are going to talk about
other one, so
So, let’s see, so we maybe will choose now another
Correlated pair and the next correlated pair is for example
I will take for example now this one here and who will have trade as a list. So GP p GP y
Sm g PP PP y means
GP p you see yes because you know the first pair yes. Is this one here the first yes
And then you need or something which has a GP wine into it and the USDJPY is into it. Yes
So we have here is the two non-correlated pairs to care too late. This correlated pair. Okay
So if and since is the next one, I will take this one if you gpy USD is going down
What does this mean that?
That means that
GP p is weakening
This weakening. Yes. GP p is weakening a
Jewess d is training. Yes, so that is this
the collectivism that is the reason s y GP p
USD is going down. Yes. So the next
So the next is
You is eg P Y to go down USDJPY, yes
So what should happen yes, what is the case in this case to go down this it means that USD
and USD
This weakening, yes is weakening and GP y is
20 so
So and that means at the end, yes, and that means at the end
That here GP y is
GP p is going is weakening much more. Yes, and
This is going up, yes, but at the end it means
Yes z price because you see that means that this will call down. Yes and down means here that it will go
Go up. Yes, that means that we get here
at the end a
Strong down that is this one. Okay. I think that is clear
Yes, and that is how the correlation works
So and now we are getting to the last example
because I have to bring this to an end and then I will show you the cheat which
explains all those kind of
things more in detail which shows also corrected color red color
Correlated past and all non-correlated pass
Yes, and then you can apply those things Swee training and that is a mix as I will show you this
That is a mix of both. Yes. I will do this like this that it will go up saying yes
So let me show you this
So the non-correlated pair will be in this case because it’s a mix and will be a little different
Because I try to cover them all. Yes so that you have all of you house. It will be calculated and so
Okay, so yes, the next one will be
because the correlated pair will be
Twice across yes
JPY yes. I have no need only GP wise yes, but it can’t be also other one
I will show you this in a few minutes. So and
Here the chlorinated payer
Non-correlated pair is the USDJPY like always as an 10 the USD
Slice of Swiss of France as USD Swiss a prom and you see here as a difference. Yes, that here is
That time this why saffron is here on the opposite side. So if this is weakening
Yes, if this shot is going down as weakening, that means that USD. Yes is weakening
And thus vice versa froms. Okay. Wait
And this fits the France Swiss Franz is stretching
And stretching
So it strains in yes
So yes, then the usd/jpy yes is
Going up
Let me see this
So it’s going up that means
So that means that
Yes, MZ
g py is weakening
And because this is weakening. Yes, and this is see
the Switzer prom is is straightening we have here a
Double force? Yes, which tense that price will go up
Will go up. Yes will strongly go up. That is what this relationship is about this because this is
The spice of response is going to increase and the gpy is to decrease yes
That is the table. That is how it works. Oh and
That is the concept behind this
Obviously, obviously I have done here only a few examples
Yes, I have done here. Only a few example of all those kind of things. Yes
important is important is that you understand only the concept behind this why it’s so
You have not to memorize them all completely. Yes, because at the end you are tables for this
And I will for my to us a table so that you don’t need to learn that it’s only to importance that you know
how to take food ages and why it’s so s because at the end its
I can tell you everything yes, but if you don’t know why
You will not get it. So and that is the reason why I am doing this video here. I
Explain to what? I’m uncorrelated pairs and what are correlated pairs?
How’s the correlated pairs will be calculated? Yes, and now I will show you
The specific treat. Yes, which will be
available for you in the next edition of the ebooks as
Obviously for those one who obtains the ebooks they will get this for free. Yes
So let me see you we saw you this so cake. That is this one
So and now I will show you the sheet so idea you have this. Yes the list
Here you find all the correlated
Correlated pairs. Yes. This one here. Let me show you this. I will do a rectangle
so shape
This one yeah
Okay, I can not do this here
Rectangle shape rectangle. Let me see
Okay, so until we will do this in red
Okay, I am not anymore so tractable so yeah, right, yes so that other
Correlated past yes. And so you can watch them. Yes and see them so it’s the reason why I didn’t have
Names and all this because the video would be too long. So and then we have here the
Non-correlated pairs. Yes, and you see it’s opposite here on this one. I have done only a few example of them
Yes, because I don’t want to lose them. All the video would be ultra long and it would get lot more information
Yes information was left what I have explained. The reason why this table is looking like this
Yes, and that’s the reason why I have
provided that yes, and I will provide them and
It’s the important stuff here. You see here. What is telling you the pair strengthening? The pair is moving up strongly
Yes after the calculation and that is the table. So exact wasn’t already
Yes, if you like this video to like if you didn’t subscribe subscribe to my channel
And if you have something to say drop me a line is a calming section like always so I would say stay safe and bye


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