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this is gonna be PayPal money just using your cell phone but before I get into
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do not need to invest anything but let me tell you something you need to put
the hours if you want to make money online with this strategy but if you
want to know what’s my number one recommendation and I mean you are gonna
be making passive income making money while you travel while you’re sleeping
or you spending time with your family I’m gonna leave the link below it’s
gonna be the very first link in the description now let me show you okay
this is gonna be website called I tolki I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing it maybe
yes anyways this is a website in which you are gonna be teaching people your
language okay if you’re a native English speaker
you can teach English if you speak Spanish Japanese French it doesn’t
matter the language you can become a teacher okay you can be kind of teacher
one of the coolest thing is that there is no actual require so you don’t need
to be a professional teacher you just need to have internet connection a
computer or a cell phone and of course PayPal so you can receive
the money that’s it okay this is a platform that it’s gonna actually
connect you with your student as you can see it’s gonna be anywhere anytime you
don’t have a commitment like okay this is gonna be your schedule
so do you need to agree to it no you’re gonna teach in your time in your spare
time or if you want to do it you can do this full-time okay the students they’re
gonna choose a t-shirt I’m gonna show you in a moment how you are gonna become
a teacher okay if you are available they’re gonna pick you they’re gonna
start a conversation with you and as I told you this is not like a technical
way to speak the language no it’s just and easy and friendly way English you’re
gonna be connected with a person who want to improve their maybe their
English so you’re not gonna be teaching grammar you’re just gonna be talking
with the person that’s it okay here are all the languages that they are teaching
right now it’s gonna be English Chinese but the Mandarin Chinese French Spanish
Portuguese German Japanese Korean Arabic Hindi Italian and Russian and there are
other other teachers here okay so as you can see if you speak one or more
languages you can qualify okay if you just speak English that’s okay
you don’t need to put like like a certificate okay I’m gonna show you that
in a moment if you want to become a teacher you’re gonna click here where it
says become a teacher you see really see right I know so here is it you’re gonna
learn this pace before starting check the following information we recommend
that you read everything in detail once you have all the answers and materials
you need you can sir your application okay here is the application process
okay they’re gonna show you exactly how to become a teacher and here’s how
you’re gonna become a teacher okay there are two type of t-shirts teacher
actually the first one is the professional teaching profile okay if
you have a certificate okay right you are a professional teacher because you
have experienced your training as an educator
okay so you can submit your application all your papers dad show that you have
actually this kind of experience or you are already certified okay as you can
see here you need to apply if you want to become a professional teacher you
just must upload documents showing your training and experience as an educator
or you can be a community tutor write a community Torah are friendly helpful
knowledgeable and user trying to provide student with conversation practice this
is what I told you at the beginning yeah you’re now gonna be teaching grammar
okay you’re not gonna be teaching grammar but anyways depending on which
side of tissue you want to do you want to go and apply for you need to be
native or advantage advances like c2 I know there are like three qualifications
no more than one it’s a one two and three be one two three I don’t know
there are some kind of regulations but c2 means that you are in every day
advance used under language okay so if you’re Native you are not gonna have any
kind of problem right if you are studying another language and you feel
like hey I can be in touch with people I can have a conversation with the person
you know I can correct them whenever they do some kind of mistakes and I’m
again I’m not talking about grandma’s like hey maybe they use the wrong bird
the preposition in the wrong place you know and again you need to have a
reliable internet access because you’re gonna be being touch with people as you
can see the internet speeds pretty low it’s 2 megabytes per second right how
you’re gonna be in touch with your students well their platform is
currently connected right now with Skype with Google hangout FaceTime and QQ I
really don’t know what Q is but maybe you know so here all the software and
how they’re going to work in the device right you need to have an external
microphone or webcam and if you have a laptop you already have that you have a
cell phone you already have that okay you create your profile you need to
complete the teaching application right and let me show you something
really important okay something that you need to take into the narration what
about your display name okay it needs something acceptable according to their
guidelines okay according to the guidelines you can
be mister be mine case they can be mrs. D Fisher Mary change you Fay or Katie
Carrie are all acceptable but you are not gonna be like thoughtful t-shirt
okay you don’t you cannot use that you cannot be on professional on says like
anime 451 which is actually very funny or English Tudor okay please do not use
a name that distinguished from others okay so you need to have a profile
picture it needs to clearly show your your face you cannot use like a cartoon
or logo choose the accurate languages that you actually are going to teach
write an introduction you’re gonna tell something about
yourself right you might include your approach to teaching and language
learning as well as some interesting information about you and your
background you’re gonna be doing a video introduction I’m gonna show you about
the video introduction in a moment and the documents if you are really gonna go
with the professional tutor or teacher because you already have some kind of
experience or you have a certificate okay if they accept you which is the
application is really easy you just need to choose the hours that you’re gonna be
available your lessons and prices and your lesson package and trial lessons
okay so which are the languages well I
already show you before let me recap it’s gonna be English Chinese in this
case gonna be meandering French Spanish Portuguese German Japanese Korean Arabic
Hindi Italian Russian okay what about the video that I mentioned before they
do have a guideline to the video okay so they already review several videos and
they have been Yoos show you right some examples here
first of all your most appearing camera remember that you’re gonna be talking
with these people in front of camera okay it’s gonna be a really short video
introducing yourself okay between one two three minutes you must speak all the
languages that you’re gonna list as daily 4c2
so if you’re gonna apply let’s say for English Chinese and Spanish you need to
put them all in your video okay you do not need to provide your contact
information okay do not advertise or promote other services in your video and
do not use copyright music or any media for which you are not authorized right
and do not shoot vertical or square videos it needs to be horizontal okay
here are some good ways to film right here they’re telling for example you
need to chew it or asunto put your camera or mobile phone on the level with
your eyes and look on the camera put your camera mobile phone on a stable
surface so you need to have a like a tripod okay so here are the guidelines
so it’s it’s really really easy to do your video alright so this was the
application process the what type of teacher are they looking for the B do
you have your teaching certificates the only thing that you need to click right
now is here we said start your application and you can create your
account or you can link the account to your Facebook profile okay they’re gonna
review your application and you’re gonna get an answer in less than 48 hours
remember this is a way which you can make money online this is paid for money
that’s how you’re gonna be get pay but you need to put the hours okay if you
want to learn more about this you can go to youtube and you can type it all key
or I talking I’m not hundred percent sure
how do you pronounce it okay if you want to apply you’re gonna go to a tolki comm
by the way on YouTube you can find a lot of information like how you can get more
students how you can record a really professional introduction video you know
so there is a lot of information if you’re interesting about teaching your
language go to I talk it calm but remember again you need to prove the
hours but if you want to go ahead and check out my number one recommendation
because maybe you’re interesting in passive income a Govan lift only below
it’s gonna be the very first link in the description this is it for this video if
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