Attention to the month of December, folks. Really pay much attention. If you want to make money or at least let
me reduce the loss, the days we should be on the alert are approaching. After discussing this important event in December,
we will briefly analyze whether Bitcoin rises or falls these days. So stay tuned, watch it to the end. We’ll talk about it all now, but without investment
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of this video. Come to those channels, let’s chat faster. Now I’m going straight to the scene. It’s hot. Listen to your ears. When we look at a market like this after 2017,
the market has always been rising and falling hard, hasn’t it? Here again, in December, may see a rise, perhaps
a sharp rise. We need our guards. If you say why, I’ll share a chart with you
soon. This is a graphic that has been working at
regular intervals for 3 years. Each ascension cycle lasts 357 days, fellows. The coin we’re actually talking about here
is Ethereum, but you know, except for Bitcoin, sometimes all coins, including Bitcoin, act
the same way. If it rises, it rises, if it falls, it usually
falls together, so that is a very unusual event in the Ethereum, if there is no innovation,
we may think of this chart for all crypto coins including Bitcoin. That’s why I said in December we must be on
guard. Anyway, here’s the chart. To summarize the graph, if we explain it,
this is the brother. A total of 3 times since 2016 very close to
each other on the hard rise. Before the end of 2015, as of the beginning
of 2016, a full 1800% increase. So to speak, it goes up and down for months. Then I just said that 357 days have passed
since the first ascent, and when the calendars show December 26, 2016, it increases by 2000%. Then one more year goes by. Is Noluyor. On December 18, this time it is increasing
by 420%. Ending? It doesn’t end, one more year goes by on December
10, 2018, this time increases by 70% and now there may be a sharp rise, especially in December
and January. There is also the Istanbul hard fork at the
Ethereum on December 4. As you know, we will take a step closer to
Ethereum 2.0 which will change the whole system in Ethereum with this Istanbul update. Aragon, which works on the Ethereum network,
is expected to be disabled with a full 680 smart contracts, but this will be an important
update. As I said, it is scheduled for December 4th. This means that you need to pay extra attention
around 4 December, but folks, of course, go to them immediately get Bitcoin, altcoin I’m
never saying. I never give investment advice. Keep track of these 1-2 months more strictly,
especially if you only have at hand. So I want you not to have a possible regret
afterwards. You have Ethereum, for example, or another
coin. E market has fallen, you are bored. You don’t follow up as much as before. Then you have a look at your coin rises up
and fell back and you say that I wish I could look at the market for 2 weeks, what would
hurt my beautiful, I would profit or something. I warn you, but there is no guarantee on the
market. Of course, in the last 3-4 years, of course,
even though I’ve told you without exception, of course there is no guarantee that it will
be. And folks, let me tell you something about
this. I remember from December 2017, I lived in
person. The market changes completely in a few days. So if you remember, I was saying that when
Bitcoin was $ 3,000-4,000, even 3-5 days would be enough for Bitcoin to be $ 5,000-6,000. Anyway, look at the time of the rise of each
coin madly increased, and even remember that period was not yet beaten the market was saying
the following. All right, Bitcoin’s been $ 19,000 and it
won’t come back. Let’s get it back 15.000 dollars get 14.000
dollars get, but what came up to around 3000 dollars anyway we understand that the market
does not work like this, but you can not see it without eating the beating of the market. Or Ethereum, for example, it was $ 300 five
days ago, now $ 1000, and you’re saying that they’re not rising any more, but if you’re
new, you’re ignoring how the rise comes. Rises or more is called income but no so it
is not. I’d like to ask you something. Bitcoin becomes other coins. Look at the news when there are strong rises
but not comments. the news. Question two things and why Bitcoin is rising
and even put your hat in front of you and ask yourself. Is the rise of this coin a purely temporary
thing about market dynamics, or is there a permanent turning point that leads to this
rise? This permanent return m points haven’t been
on Bitcoin and other crypto coins so far, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon. For example, while America is struggling whether
or not to allow the Libra, there are reports that China will issue its own crypto in a
few months, but something is missing there. On which Blockchain does China develop its
official crypto money? I think that’s a very important question. I think there are a few options here. First, either they can develop their own Blockchain. Secondly, they might explain a long-term partnership
with a company that already works like Neo, like Tron, which I think will blow any coin. Third, China again selects and launches one
of these subcoins. Then he develops his own Blockchain and can
move to his own Blockchain in around a year, or fourthly, you know that China has a crypto-money
list that runs every 2-3 months. They consider all projects, including Bitcoin,
as applicability, creativity and technology. It can also work with subcoins such as Ethereum,
such as EOS, which are usually in the top 5 on that list. Let’s go to Bitcoin, friends, saying they
can explain them. What Bitcoin is doing nowadays, if it falls
or rises, if we analyze this quickly, you see you see a descending triangle just as
we expected it just fell out of the triangle. He’s outdone him. He went further down. The destination was just as we expected it
could only be extended. If we talk about this, even though we cannot
say that Bitcoin is a full support point, it is around 8600-8700, where it is slightly
worn, like late October and early October. I think this could be a decision zone. If Bitcoin catches $ 9000 and holds it around,
it can support the 9000 again and rise from there, but I think these points are still
dangerous. ‘Cause there’s this descending wedge that
goes down to $ 7750 and drops Bitcoin from $ 12250. With the effect of that wedge, we can fall
even further. There is no such danger for now. I would like to see a Bitcoin that can hold
over $ 9000 right now so I think it might be a click closer to the rise. Friends, if you want now, let’s move on
to today’s bonus information, and then read the comments from the previous video, answer
questions. Now, today’s bonus information is that folks. Be ready. Do you know that leeches have chemical memory, so
if you teach a leech to a maze and feed that
leech to another leech, that leech can learn it through digestion. We didn’t test it, of course, but it was interesting. I wanted
to share. Now let’s move on to the ones from the previous video.


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