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Earn twelve dollars every ten minutes with this website and this free app I’m going to show you exactly how it works guys. This is the easiest thing you can do. It’s free money Go straight to your PayPal account I mean if you put into work, you can start making twelve dollars every 10 minutes on this website along with this free app I wouldn’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to do this make a man want a drink. That’s a good thing. I don’t drink That’s the damn sugar Wow white drinks like a fish Oh don’t tell her I said that says she drinks like a fish always telling me that I force alcohol on her I feed her Alcohol all the time. I’m pushing her to drink all the time. This is not true. I don’t even drink I mean I would do anything like they’re not even close to it Hey guys Victor Potter this here And I do videos on how to make money online and I do those videos on the daily You want to learn how to make money online then go ahead and hit that subscribe button right now Don’t forget to smash that notification bill so I can send you a notification and an update whenever I have new content so you don’t miss any of the magic and be sure to stay to the end of this video because I’m gonna show you a Bonus, I’m gonna show you another way. You can start making even more money online right from the comfort of your own home Alright, let’s get into this video All right, guys, I’m gonna make this video as quick as possible The first thing I want to clear up is my wife does not drink like a fish I said that for fun. We both enjoy a nice glass of wine or a beer in the evening But anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the intro the second thing I want to say is that I was inspired to do this video by fellow marketer and Fantastic youtuber Ryan Hildreth. He did a similar video not too long ago and I watched it. I loved it I wanted my audience the same strategy and the same process of how to do this. So I’m gonna jump right into this Okay, so you’re gonna go to this website Okay, so the name of the website is called people per hour calm Okay, there it is people per hour calm now This is a huge website Where a lot of people who have skills and creating blogs or creating websites or a lot of other different things Video editing all this stuff. They can come to this this platform and create a profile and present their services for money now one of the most important things and one of the biggest jobs that are out there right now and one of those popular are creating YouTube Thumbnails and we all know how important YouTube thumbnails are now stay with me because you don’t have to have any skills to do this Okay, so stick with me I’m going to show you the exact strategy So what I want to do is I’m gonna I’m gonna go to YouTube Thumbnails Okay, and as you can see look at all of these thumbnails look at that $30 to $20 $10 $10 Yet YouTube thumbnails. I pick $12 It’s kind of an average between $15 $30 $10 $20 You know, there’s a lot of people on here doing these type of gigs now, that’s exactly where you’re gonna come in Now you’re saying Vic. How do I create thumbnails? I don’t have any skills. I don’t have I don’t have Photoshop I don’t have any of this mess. What am I supposed to do to create thumbnails? Well, it’s exactly what I’m gonna show you. The first thing you need to do is go sign up right now at people per hour Com and then you’re gonna login once you’ve done that Okay, after you watch this video sign up log in then the next step and this is where the fun starts Hey guys, if you’re enjoying the content of this video so far Then don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up and a big like and also down in the comments section Tell me what country you’re from so that I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area alright, let’s jump back into this video is to go to Canva.com Now canva is another huge website Where you can create all kinds of you know designs for social media for t-shirts For Facebook posts for YouTube all of these things You can see I use canva some of these are mine right here as you can see. Okay, I actually use canva It’s a free website now what’s nice about canva is that they actually have Templates already set up. This will take you less than five to ten minutes to do guys And then when you create a thumbnail you can come over here to two people per hour and You’ve already registered and signed up and start creating your gig where hey you’re offering to make thumbnails for ten twelve fifteen Dollars, okay, but I’m going to show you how you’re gonna be able to get sales quicker with this process So stick with me on this, okay, and also stay to the ends. I’ve got a huge bonus coming up for you so what you’re gonna do again go back to canva and What I want you to type in are YouTube thumbnails These look at these templates already if you look at all of these templates, these are amazing and they’re full I mean they’re already done. All you have to do is tweak them to what you are looking for for what your clients want Okay. So all you’ve got to do is select one of these templates so let’s say you have a YouTube channel about food or cooking or you know things that have to do with food and What you want to do a video I’m making the perfect cup of coffee. Look at that. Okay, that’s a perfect template So I’m gonna select that watch this It immediately puts it on the page or I or it’ll process it and there it is now Here’s a nice thing about canva you I can change this text as much as I want I can first of all I can make it smaller I can make it larger if I have my own picture, by the way, I can superimpose a picture in the background here But I actually love this picture. It’s perfect for that type of video Okay, I can change the text style if I want it to or the size of the text Okay, if I highlight that I can go to here and change Let’s say the the font. Let’s say I want to use I don’t know this this fat-face avril That might be too big but here it’s fully customizable, which is beautiful. Look at this You know, I mean, there’s so many different things you can do with this free web site now I’m going to make this a little bit larger because it needs to take up more of the page. Let’s say 100 There it is. Okay, so it’s kind of back to kind of original but I can change the color of the text, too If I wanted to all right, I can highlight that and I go to color here and look at this It’s white right now if I wanted to make it, let’s say a yellow It’s now yellow. Look at that now I can move this around also But there are free templates on Canva that you can start using right now You can actually change the text if you wanted to instead of saying making the perfect cup of coffee You can put make the best cup of coffee You’ve Sorry, I can’t get the key word ever had Look at that so you can customize it you can change again the background but all you’ve got to do now once you’re done with this because Thumbnails you want to you want the text to be big and if you’re gonna have a picture on it like this one it Tells the story of what these people are about to see on this YouTube video. I see a cup of coffee See somebody holding it. It’s a great picture by the way, and the text tells me exactly what the video is about That’s a perfect thumbnail big text big font Really bright colors you can change again. You can mess with the colors and things like that. You can change the size I’m gonna change that look that might even work pretty good It’s really standing out matter of fact I’m gonna change the color again because I don’t like that yellow like I’m gonna come over here and adjust the I like the yellow Idea, I just don’t like that yellow. Let’s see Let’s see. Let’s get a little bit brighter. How about that? Look at that and Look at that look how much that stands out. So imagine somebody scrolling through YouTube Looking to make a cup of coffee or make you know how to make it the best cup of coffee or whatever or a food Channel, they come up on this thumbnail People that are interested in this type of that are definitely gonna click on this thumbnail So now how do you get yourself out there? How do you start marketing your gig on? People per hour now that you know how to create the thumbnail really really simple by the way guys let me show you there are many many thumbnails for you to choose already and all you have to do is click on them and Tweak them to whatever you’re trying to Offer your client and there you go. I mean, you’ve got a camper fect set up here really really cool them These are all amazing them those. No, there are some paid thumbnails on here But a lot of them are free to use that’s why they I call this a free app I’ve been using canva for over a year and a half now. It’s a fantastic app Look at this one if you’re in the health niche Okay, click on this one. Let’s say you’re doing a thumbnail for somebody who has a health channel boom going straight to the Canvas, and it is processing again. I can change this color. I can change this text I can change this picture if I wanted to okay fully editable, but that’s just another example of what you can do here Okay, I can I can move this around Make it larger. I just I gave you examples that already okay So, how are you gonna start making the money? So what I want you to do is go straight to YouTube, okay Here’s my channel right here, but I want you to go to the YouTube channels Okay, fairly good-sized channels, and I want you to message the channel creators and channel owners You can usually do that in the About section of the YouTube channel Okay, so and what I want you to do is hit them up and say listen I’m a creator. I can I saw your thumbnails are fantastic I Would like to do a thumbnail at no charge no strings attached for you to so you can actually see my work I’ll be happy to do that for free. Would you be interested? That’s how you’re gonna market yourself and get your name out there and then you’re just gonna come straight back to canva With whatever the requirements are Okay and start making the thumbnail using the templates you need no skill for this guys Zero skill and you can do this in less than five to ten minutes And then once you give them the free thumbnail, you’re gonna send them a link to you’re already set up people per hour gig and profile and You’re gonna say hey I’ve got a Special deal for if you like the thumb now the free one that I just gave you. I’ve got a special deal I’ll do four thumbnails For 15 bucks or five thumbnails for 20 bucks or five hunt for thumbnails for 15 bucks Remember guys you’re using canva. It’s free software Okay, it doesn’t cost anything to set anything up for yourself to set you up a profile on people per hour everything’s free here guys, so That’s how you’re gonna market yourself You’re gonna go look for more youtubers and offer them a free thumbnail strings attached no charge whatsoever and then you’re gonna go straight to canva and create a thumbnail in the Niche that they’re in and then ask them to you know What’s the next video you want to shoot and give me an idea what you’re looking for on the thumbnail. I’m boom Go straight to canva find the template and just don’t even tell them to give an idea this okay Give me the text that you want on the actual thumbnail I’ll create the thumbnail and present it to you at no charge and you can tell me what you think This and then again, like I said After you deliver the thumbnail You’re gonna also deliver a link to your profile here on people per hour and let them know that hey I’ve got a special deal for you. If you decide you want to order more thumbnails and pay for them now Here’s a special deal. I’m willing to offer you. That’s what you’re gonna do You can do that for five six ten channels out there. Okay, and you’ll be amazed at how many people will say? Yes to a free thumbnail and that’s how you’re gonna get your name. That’s they’re gonna market yourself guys Now this is a great way to earn some really good money. Okay, but it’s not a passive income It’s not an income that you’re creating And that’s generated while you’re asleep. This is an active income This is an income that basically you have to perform a task Or you have to do work in order to get paid once the task or work is done Then so is the money the money stops. Well, that’s an active income I if you want to learn how to make a passive income if you feel like you know what I want to I want to Start making money while I’m asleep while I’m in slumber or while. I’m on vacation on the beach enjoying my family and enjoying some really nice Fun in the Sun or If I want to fly out to that Exotic place of exotic island that I’ve always wanted to go to but I haven’t had the time or the funds to do it I want to be making money while I’m enjoying that type of trip I’m enjoying scuba diving or or you know off-roading if that’s what you’re looking for Then a passive income is what you need You need to have a passive income and income that is being generated While you’re spending your time doing whatever you want to do with whom ever you want to do it with Or if you just want to break away from that nine-to-five that you feel handcuffed to Then you feel stressed all the time and undervalued and underappreciated Working 9 10 12 14 hours a day Making somebody else rich if you’re tired of that and you want to break those Handcuffs break away from that then I can show you how you can create a full-time passive income Even working part time like I have guys having the freedom To do with what you want to do with your family with your loved ones with whomever you want to do it with when you want to do it is so powerful I’m gonna leave a link down in the description of this video To my number one recommendation of how you can start creating a full-time passive income online right now starting today but only click on that link if you’re ready to walk through that door of opportunity that’s in front of you right now and be A hundred percent committed. This is not for tire kickers. This is not for freebie seekers This is a full-blown online business that can change your life we’re talking about Life-changing money if that’s what you’re looking for. Click on that link right now and remember guys It’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself


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