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Two dollars 20 cents pay straight to your PayPal the beauty of this website is world wide You just follow the strategy in this video and then you repeat it. It’s rinse and repeat It’s like putting a little video on repeat mode over and over like you look tic toc videos. You guys love to watch Well, I love to watch 21, you know, you keep watching them over and over rinse and repeat rinse and repeat Rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat. Hey guys, welcome back to the channel My name is Victor Paredes and I do videos on how to make money online on the daily So if that’s what you’re looking for, make sure you hit that subscribe button right now and don’t forget to smash that notification bell So I can send you an update and a notification Whenever I do a new video So you don’t miss any of the magic be sure you stay to the end Of this video because I have a huge bonus for you. I’m gonna show you another way. You can start making even more money online Right from the comfort of your own home. Alright, let’s get into this video Hey guys, the video is how to make two dollars and 20 cents by copying and pasting Links and URLs and then you just repeat the process to continue making more money So here the payout rates for this website. Okay. So if you look at Germany, it’s two hours and 20 cents, Canada They only have it from mobile or tablet. It’s two dollars and twenty cents United Kingdom two twenty United States. U-20 Australia two twenty Worldwide that’s what makes this a worldwide website all other countries. You’ll make two dollars So so two dollars and 20 cents from a lot of countries, but the majority of the world is gonna get two dollars By copying and pasting these links still not bad for just copying and pasting links. I’m going to show you this strategy So stick with me on how you can do this and get a lot of views and a lot of clicks on your links So what is this website? Well, the name of the website is called mini URL or dot IO, I’m sorry mini URL dot IO Okay, so if you go to their home page Okay, this is how you’re gonna earn you’re gonna be pasting URLs here. It’s gonna create a shorter URL and that’s gonna be linked to your commission So what is this website? Well, here it is It’s a completely free tool where you can create short links with which apart from being free you get paid So now you can make money from home when managing and protecting your links. How much do you earn? Well, you saw that their earning potential. I just showed that to you. Here’s another bonus for you right here 20% referral bonus the mini URL referral creme is a great way to spread the word this great service and to earn even more money with shortly for four friends And receive 20% on their earnings for life. That’s a huge bonus on this website guys It’s websites been around for a long time. Okay, and People get paid. This is a page right to your PayPal by copying and pasting links now. I’m gonna take a website This is my old website. This is a website that I actually created back in the day after me and my wife It’s called ninja tips. I’m just using this for an example. So if I take Ninja tips and I copy that and I come back to mini URL and I paste it here Okay, and I hit the forward arrow button right here Look at what happens to the URL there? That’s what happens to the URL It changes right now if somebody wants to go to my website and they click on this link this new URL I’m going to paste it in fence and open it up right here. It’s gonna go open it up here. Okay now this is these are advertisements this is how the Company and the website gets paid and they’re willing to pay you Because you’re sending somebody to a website, but before they get there they’re gonna see Advertisements on this page immediately, okay, and believe it or not. Some people are going to actually click on some of these these Advertisement links here. And that’s how the company mini URL gets paid by these big-time advertisers Okay, so this is you know, it’s been around for a while It’s not a bad idea because you’re gonna be earning about two dollars and 20 for every thousand views every thousand clicks Now you’re thinking okay. Well, how do I do that? First of all, how do I get I’m all gonna get $2 20 cents and I have to get a thousand clicked It’s not as hard as you think guys I’m going to show you the strategy right now But I wanted to explain what mini URL was how it works and why they pay you Okay, so let’s get right into the strategy if you’re enjoying the contents of this video so far then don’t forget Give me a big thumbs up and hit that like button and also down in the comments section Make sure you tell me what country you’re from so that I can do even more videos on how to make money online That work in your area. All right. Let’s get back into this video. So here’s the strategy I’m gonna go to YouTube and I just typed in lose weight fast. Okay, so let’s say You wanted to promote one of these videos now If you look at some of these videos some of these videos got a lot of views look at this 764 thousand views 1.3 million views 3.5 million views 9.1 million views obviously lose weight fast is a highly sought out video on YouTube Okay, people are always looking for point 3 million views 5.3. I mean, it’s it’s a huge huge niche And you know people are always trying to find ways to lose weight So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna look at one of these videos Okay, I would look at something a little more current like this when there’s five months ago 764 views and it’s ranking first on YouTube. So that’s a great great idea So you’re gonna click on this go ahead and pause it Okay, and we’re gonna go ahead and copy and paste the URL to this video. I’m gonna copy it then I’m gonna go back to Mini URL and I’m going to paste it here and it’s going to generate this is the actual YouTube URL of that video it’s actually gonna generate a new URL link. That’s gonna be my paying link That’s with when people click on that. I’m gonna start getting paid All I need is a thousand clicks to get two dollars and 20 cents. Okay. I’m going to show you the strategy right now So you can use YouTube as your source and then what you’re going to want to you’re gonna go straight to Facebook You know, I’ve already typed in Facebook lose weight fast, and I’m on the group section Look at all the groups here how to lose weight fast community Journey to lose 20 19 weight loss group lose weight fast You can see they guess we’ve got thirty four thousand members forty one thousand twelve thousand seventeen thousand twenty-five thousand all of these websites Or all of these groups have thousands of thousands of members That are looking to lose weight probably so you want to want to join these groups join as many as you can Okay, make sure you read the conditions and their policies about Posting links in their groups if it says that you’re forbidden to do that Well, then leave that don’t do that in that group because you’ll get banned from the group So make sure you understand how that works Okay Then when you join the group and you start looking at some of the posts in the group by losing weight and this and that all you have to do is type in a post and say hey guys, I Love my weight loss journey I found and I found a great video on YouTube that really helped me out a lot if you’re interested in and Watching it. Here’s the link to it and you’re gonna be pasting the URL Link that you created on mini URL and they’ll eventually get to the video But what’s gonna happen? Like I showed you as an example before is When they click when they click on that link, it’s gonna take them here There it is. And this these are all the advertisements you can see Okay, and then they’re gonna have to like either a click out of here click to continue or they some people might click on some of these advertisements Again, that’s the whole point of copying and pasting these links into Facebook groups that you have permission to do that don’t just start posting links all over the place and spamming Okay, make sure you write a post and if somebody says yeah I’m interested send them the links and then the URL link and if you have an audience if you’re in these Facebook groups, you have an audience of 34,000 or 41,000 members or 17,000 25,000. I mean some of these groups have tens of thousands of people your bound some Clicks on these links and that’s how you’re gonna start accumulating two dollars of 20 cents for every thousand clicks and all you’ve got to do now is find another niche on YouTube and Rinse and repeat. Okay, so like how to Train your dog or whatever Okay. So look at this two point one nine million views Seven hundred sixteen thousand one point two four points so you can do the same thing You know, I’m just using these as examples right now guys, it could be any niche okay, it could be better YouTube is a great resource and a great source to find the Information you need to get people to click on these links. Alright, so you do the same thing You just basically rinse and repeat Okay, you take the URL of this video you go to copy of your URL You put it in here you go to Facebook you type in, you know dog training. Let’s see. There’s a lot of them Okay, there’s groups are eighty two thousand members a hundred thousand members fifty four thousand members. Eighty one Obviously, I mean that’s a lot you join these groups again. Hey guys. I saw a great new video You guys are interested in checking it out Click on this link boom, you know help me train my dog Whatever, but you guys get the idea of how this works. Ok So really really cool idea to start making two dollars to two dollars and 20 cents plus just Working with these links copying and pasting these links and just repeating the process over and over again Now the only problem with this is that you’re not going to get rich doing this Okay, you’re gonna make $2.00 20 cents every thousand clicks if you get 5,000 clicks a day And you know, you know being generous, you know, you’re gonna you’re gonna make you know, 12 13 bucks Okay a day. That’s not gonna make you rich if you want a serious online business and a true passive income and a sustainable income that can sustain you and your family for years to come an income that is being generated while you sleep or while you’re on the beach enjoying some fun the Sun with your family and friends or if you’re just relaxing on the beach watching the sunset having a nice cold beverage with a loved one or Let’s say you wanted to go off to that Exotic island that you’ve never had the time to do or maybe even even the funds to do it with Wouldn’t it be nice knowing that you’re off on the vacation of your life knowing that you have money coming in every day? While you’re on vacation while you’re asleep while you’re enjoying Time with their loved ones with your family and with your friends. I mean you could be out doing Excursions, you know, you know scuba diving Waterskiing any of these things and you could be earning a passive income while you’re doing these things Or if you are like me you just set up with that Nine-to-five the grind of the nine to five everyday working tan twelve hours a day stressed at work feeling undervalued and underappreciated Making somebody else rich if you’re fed up with that if you want to break free from those handcuffs that have kept you there all these years and all this time and you’re ready to make a change in your life in your Financial life and in your personal life and you’ll have so much more freedom of time Then I’m gonna leave a link down in the description of this video to my number one recommendation Of how you can start earning a full-time passive income online Like I have even doing it part-time or if you’re one of those people that just hate being in traffic Just going to that nine-to-five to make somebody else rich But you got to drive there first thing in the morning get into that bumper-to-bumper traffic how stressful it is So by the time you get to work to work there for ten or twelve hours you are already stressed you work all day and then You got to jump right back into that same traffic just to get home to your family who’s waiting for you If you’re tired of that Then go ahead and click on that link right now but only if you’re prepared and you’re ready to walk through that door of Opportunity that’s in front of you right now a hundred percent commitment is required. This isn’t for freebie seekers This isn’t for tire kickers. This is a serious online business that can change your life Your financial life and your personal life Because of the freedom that it can provide for you, but you have to take the action and get started take those first steps If you’re ready to do that guys click on that link right now it’ll take you to the next step and Remember it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself


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