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hello guys and welcome back to bittruth
with your host mark Luther this video
I’m making a new series called the
beginner’s guide so here I’m going to
teach you things that are beginners they
don’t know so I want to teach some of
the beginners or the amateur people who
are joining crypto currencies so they
know how to actually set up their wallet
you know start mining and different
stuff so firstly I’m going to make this
first episode about coinbase how to set
up coinbase the tutorial on coinbase
wallet and how to make money with coin
base okay as a wallet of course you can
manage your portfolio recurring PI’s you
can vault protection mobile apps now I’m
not a big support to our coinbase but I
think that it is like really good and
easy I mean it is simple and I think you
are going to enjoy at least the first
few months in cryptocurrency with it so
yeah let’s start the tutorial firstly
you need to go to sign up just like any
website okay you will be granted this
page now there is a business and there
is individual with businesses you have
institutional investing game merchant
services but as a new amateur investor I
suggest you start a new account like
this ok individual you don’t want to run
into much things ok so this is my
certify as 18 year old now you can use
if you’re under 18 but if you use under
18 you will be just granted to use their
wallet and not the actual you know
cashing out system I don’t cash up
through coinbase I have more better ways
more less fees ways and it’s much better
so after you sign up with a strong
password guys what you have to do is you
have to verify your email we send a
verification email to Bitcoin test five
five five five a gmail.com click the
send here so you go to your gmail
account or like yahoo account that you
go here and all you have to do is verify
this account okay and then you will be
redirected to coinbase itself ok
coinbase and here i need to put mine
them after you verified your account you
have to put your number in here now I’m
in Canada for a few days okay 2 to 3
days so I will not put some numbers I’ll
log in into my own account so what you
have to do is you sign up you put the
password ok you want to sign up with
individual you go ok you will be granted
verification to go back to your email
and then you will be redirected to this
page where you need to add your number
and it is really good to add your number
because in fact you get 2fa
authentication so two-factor
authentication will help you out a lot
on this one so let’s go to the other
step so after signing up guys here is my
portfolio I have 82 cents in my coin
base ok I don’t use my coin base anyways
you can go in here I’m buying sell okay
you can buy and sell you’re almost ready
to sell just you need to enter
withdrawal method anyways I have 82
cents in my my bitcoin wallet let me
just see from where oh that’s an
old-time when I got that bitcoin anyways
so there are a few things to mention
before we continue if we go here on the
dashboard can we go down here as you can
see you have the charts you have Bitcoin
Bitcoin cash aetherium white coin this
can be beneficial if you are holding
your Bitcoin and the great thing that
shows you the percentages which is also
another great thing
of course here it will show you complete
your account you can complete your
account but here I don’t use coinbase so
it is up to your own use you have your
portfolio I have 0.0001 Bitcoin that’s
it you do since you have taken cash
aetherium quite coin so you have
different coins
here’s your portfolio value these are
new tools at least this one this wasn’t
here like a month ago here you can buy
and sell as we said if you want to send
or receive Bitcoin what you have to
click is here send Bitcoin well you will
get here either you send through an
email address or sell through a wallet
of course most people will send through
a while because that’s the the way
people send Bitcoin all the time you put
your wallet address here or the
recipient and here it will show the max
that you can put in Bitcoin in dollars
and you can write a like an optional
message with this bitcoin sending of
course the miner fee will be added for
the cents to Bitcoin addresses minor
fees do not go to coin base to avoid
minor fees sent to an email address of
course this is through sending if you
receive as you can see only send Bitcoin
to this address you need to know that
you can’t send anything else you just
need to send Bitcoin okay if you show
the address this is your address what
you do is you copy and then you give it
your recipient through an email or
something else
of course you have things like USD
wallet and you have the vault that you
can use these are new features you can
invite your friends to earn ten dollars
if one of your friends invests hundred
dollars you get one time ten dollars of
course here are the tools each account
on coin base is a collection of
addresses new addresses so here you will
get new addresses for example you create
new address and you get a new Bitcoin
address so they have ton of addresses ok
I have one from 6 months ago
a Bitcoin wallet and you can create
addresses for example for Bitcoin cash
you can create a new address LTC create
a new address so you can create a few
addresses here and there of course what
you do here is as follows once you sign
up to the dashboard you can verify to
withdraw your money you can deposits and
receive it’s really great and the next
episode I’ll show you how to set up your
own exoddus wallet so that will be for
the next episode this is just for
amateur people for people who aren’t you
so thank you guys for watching this
video and hopefully you enjoyed this
video guys and see you guys on the next


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