10 Easy Online Jobs That Pay Through Paypal (FAST!) 💰 (2020)

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jobs that pay through PayPal fast let’s get started
okay so the first and probably the easiest one is to do some kind of micro
tasks now here we are at micro workers calm and you can see that at the moment
when I’m recording this video we have 603 jobs available so the first one we
can see here is create a gmail account we can own 8 cents so you can realize
that it’s not a lot of money we’re not going to get rich but there is actually
a lot of jobs and you can do this pretty quick so
you can stay on a pretty good amount of money actually we have anything from
Instagram here follow Plus like comment share for example we have a Facebook
share there is usually YouTube also heroes on paid search and engage so you
can see that there is tons of easy online jobs here actually and here is
actually another pretty similar site which is rapid workers calm you can see
here you vote for a video for example you’re on ten cents you follow someone
on Twitter twelve cents create a gmail account thirteen cents and so on there
so definitely a great way to get started to some easy PayPal money actually here
is another site that do have a lot of data entry jobs also but they do have
some micro tasks and that is clickworker calm so you can see here that I say that
they always look for Internet users worldwide who can for example create or
correct text participate in surveys or search and categorize data for us and if
I scroll down here you can see that they have text creation and categorization
copy editing we have proofreading research surveys mister revisit app
testing so a lot of opportunities here it’s not only about micro tasks go to
clickworker comm have a look at the details sign up and get stored if you’d
like to write then writing articles press releases and other stuff could be
a great way to earn some money online one of the sites here is text broker
calm you can see here that if we go to the section where it says I write
content and we have a closer look at the payment section you can see that if you
are getting stored there for example as a to store writer you earn zero point
seven cents per word but if you become a free store writer you start to earn one
cents per word and of course four and five stores you earn even more so if you
write thousand words here and you’re a three-stall writer you
can see that you can earn $10 if you are a four-star $14 but if you are an expert
in your field and you are a five-star writer you can actually earn $50 per
thousand word article you’re right here here’s another site that is pretty
similar I’m very popular also and that is a writer comm so go and check out
these two sites if you like writing let’s go to something totally different
and if you go to humanity comm I did a video about this also you can check it
out on my channel here where you get paid to review calls actually you listen
to a recorded phone call you answer a simple question with a click of a bottom
and you earn real money and exactly as it says here so I’m not going to go
through the details you see that they do payout via PayPal also there is a
frequently asked questions but as I said if you’re interested you can also check
out my other video that I have about this or just go straight to human attic
sign up and get started with it here are something else that I consider is also
an easy online job and that is actually transcribing audio audio and video video
from of course the audio section so we have scree be here for example and if we
scroll down here to the section which interests us is that we want to go to
the transcribers and you can see here that you can earn five up to twenty-five
dollars per audio over here for transcribing audio and it is really
super easy to do you just need a good pair of headphones and of course be good
at typing so this is a great opportunity and here is an alternative which is also
a very popular site which is rave calm if I scroll down to the section here
where it says freelancers they do have also opportunities about captioning so
you can see here that if they have actually from 30 cents up to one dollar
and 10 cents per audio and video minute and if you want to become a captioner
which is pretty similar there is a difference that you need of course to
sync the audio with the video there you can earn of course up to one dollar and
ten cents also and there you have also a section where if you happen to know a
foreign language you can earn anywhere from one dollar and fifty cents and up
to three dollars per audio and video minutes alright here is mine swarms comm
and it actually is about taking surveys you can see here but there is a
different twist here and basically they do ask questions but they want to have
video answers from you so they want you to record video actually could be a
quite different way to respond now if you don’t like it there is of course
other sites but I think that this is a great alternative version actually to
earn some easy PayPal money here is surveys on the go it is actually an app
and of course we have survey junkie which is also one of the most popular
sites recording taking surveys let’s move on to another opportunity and that
is to become a tester this is also an easy online job you get paid to test
website and apps I am at the user latex calm here and you can see that you get
paid via PayPal once your test results have been
approved depending upon the user test project you can be paid five ten fifteen
twenty dollars or other amounts some of a project pay as much as 90 dollars for
having fun expressing opinions while navigating a web so you can see here
that become a tester could give you a great opportunity to earn some money
online now of course you need to go to more than just one site you can’t rely
on just user latex to earn money online there so another alternative could be
for example try MIUI dot-com here
you just go to the section where it says get paid the test so if I open this up
here here is the section where you need to fill in all the details your paypal
email address your password and you can see that you get paid ten dollars for
each test you take so it all really depends on the company but these two
were just examples that there is of course more sites if you want to focus
on the testing become a tester for testing websites and apps of course
become a tutor is something I did a video recently about and Tudors comm
could be one of the sites that you can go to and have a look at how you can
become a tutor teaching English or whatever it is that you’re going to that
you want to focus on of course here is another site I also have shared in the
past which is Sheng calm but do your own research about to the ring this is
something that you can get started with from the comfort of your home it’s
pretty easy to get started with this I did a video as I said you can also check
that out because I share I think it’s around 9 or 10 different tutor sites
actually you can teach English you can teach different languages so have a look
at that video as well to get more information regarding a tutoring alright
let’s move on to something else and that is to go to the so called GPT sites
which stands for get paid to click now get paid to click sites you can see here
feature points is one example you get rewarded by taking surveys you can see
here on cashback downloading apps of course their referral program is also
something that is very interested and you get you can to redeem your points of
course if you don’t want PayPal you can actually pick for Amazon gift course X
store whatever is available but I think that most of us are probably interested
in PayPal money here here swagbucks one of the most popular sites you can see
that they have paid out well over 400 and 440 million dollars till this day
when I’m recording this video and there you have a lot of opportunities also so
you can see our by shopping online answering surveys watching videos is
covering office such the web play games and a lot more here is also side grab
points comm I did a video about this also you can check out that video if you
are interested in the details but they do have anything from offer Vols taking
surveys watching videos and of course the referral program you can see here
that the top user has earned up to seven hundred and fifty eight dollars and it
is a pretty good amount actually so have a look at it if you are interested also
in earning some easy PayPal money I think that grab points could be a great
alternative also and then there is also pay a price rebel I’m sorry
price rebel this is how it looks inside the members area when you come here you
need to fill in the details but you can see inside the members area it looks
pretty similar they do have the offer votes the rewards you can play like in
numbers for example here to win and invite with a referral program now I
would actually focused mostly on the referral program because you get
actually money you get paid as much as the other ones that you have referred
they are active so it is more or less to earn on autopilot also so I would like
to focus on this keep that in mind on all of this get paid to click sites
alright let’s move on to something else and that is to become a freelancer now
become a freelancer it depends of course a little bit on your knowledge but if
you don’t have any experience in anything at all I’m going to give you an
alternative here also so use your imagination here if you are good at
graphics logo design would definitely be it a video editor or whatever now if you
feel that also that Fiverr is a competitive site then you have to serve
for alternatives so here is one for example gig box.com which is a great
alternative to Fiverr so don’t limit yourself that it’s only five other I
mean we have guru.com for example up work freelancer here is people per our
comm and we have also SEO Clark’s comm they do have a lot of small it’s not
only about SEO here actually so there you have some other things that you can
do and the cool thing that I wanted to mention earlier here was actually that
let’s say for example that you you can offer this on Fiverr okay and let’s say
that instead of $12 you can offer it for $20 or 19 or something that means that
you earn $7 or $8 actually 7 to 8 dollars without doing anything at all
why not just set up a profile on Fiverr for example and offer the exact same
thing here try to be a little bit unique all this is a gig for example and sell
it on a higher price okay so you can be just a middleman here and earn money
without doing anything at all so you don’t need any experience to do this so
use your imagination do your research see if this is something that is
available here and don’t exist so much on Fiverr
well go ahead and create that if you can of course sell it a bit lower than your
competitor which means that you’re probably going to get that gig so there
you have it on 10 plus easy online jobs that pay through PayPal money now as I
said in the beginning if you are interested in making a full time passive
income online will the real long-term sustainable online business
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