10 Interesting Facts on BITCOINS!

Hello and welcome to flickinfacts! Did you know just in the last two years more
millionaires have surfaced all around the world than ever in the recent times! What made so many millionaires? You guessed it right…BITCOINS! From Bill Gates to the Sheikhs in the Middle
East, everybody is talking about Bitcoins or blockchain technology. Do you know Blockchain is considered to be
the biggest invention after Internet in the last 50 years which will change our lives
for good! Here are 10 mind blowing facts on Bitcoins: On May 22, 2010, a developer from Florida
bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins, which was around $25 at that time. A guy from the UK made the order to the developer’s
home address and took the crypto-funds. Today, 10,000 would be be worth around $83
million – this could buy so many pizzas. A Norwegian student bought $27 worth of Bitcoin
and forgot about the transaction. After a few years, he found that his Bitcoins
were worth $886,000. 90% of the Bitcoin addresses hold less than
0.7% (not even 1%) of all Bitcoins.2 Bitcoin addresses hold 1.65% of all Bitcoins, which
are worth over $2 billion. James Howells, who works in IT, created 7500
Bitcoins in 2009 without so much effort. However, he didn’t realize the importance
of that wallet, and threw away the hard drive. The hard from his Dell laptop should be somewhere
in the trash in a Wales landfill. 7500 Bitcoins are worth over $60 million today. Around 1800 Bitcoins are generated from mining
every day. The top 5 Bitcoin miners hold around 70% of
the total hash power. The last Bitcoins will be supposedly mined
in 2140. It seems that James Howells is not alone. Of the total Bitcoin supply of over 16 million
coins, around 25% are totally lost for good and will never be used. For the first time, Bitcoin reached parity
with the US dollar on February 9, 2011.Some experts expect Bitcoin to reach $100,000 and
even go beyond. Under such conditions, the total market cap
of BTC will be measured in trillions. There are 5 coins derived from Bitcoin forks:
Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold. SegWit2x was recently cancelled.


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