10 Strange Dollar Store Items!

Matthias: *gasp of disgust* Bryan: Ewhhhww Bryan: That doesn’t look too bad. Matthias: Okay, then try it. Bryan: (hesitant) Eh we don’t have a fork up here Matthias: I do. What’s your excuse now? Brian: Nah, I don’t want to take the….. (nervous) …the spotlight away from your show. Matthias: Hahaaa *Intro Music* What’s going on, guys? I am Matthias and welcome to “10 Strange Things Bryan found at the Dollar Store.” He went to the dollar store all by himself *Degrading clap* And picked out ten things he thought was normal, but they’re most likely strange because he- you know- he’s a little… eh… I’m just kidding. Actually, he picked out nine things, because ONE thing is actually from a viewer from a crazy far-off land and guys make sure if you’re setting any products they got to be strange dollar store products that I can make fun of Don’t worry. I’m not making fun of the person that sent it. I’m making fun of the product anyways before we begin though Make sure you click that bell icon to get notified of our uploads, because I comment back for the next 30 minutes When I upload a video and also, I live stream beforehand, so that’s dope. First product! boom now this first product I- (laughing) I’m actually really curious about what this is this first product was brought to us by carly from Pennsylvania now remember I asked you guys in a video a while back if You were interested in sending me dollar store stuff that was from your dollar store right because my dollar store It’s not even that We’ve even tapped it out right there’s still tons of stuff that we can look at however Dollar stores across the land have various different things as we’re about to see right now So thank you very much carly from Pennsylvania check her out the description below air horn Look at still French dude *badly attempts to read french* So this particular air horn is an air horn that I’ve never seen before it’s a pump air horn It’s a pump air horn. How bizarre oh—-woop *laughs* I don’t think that’s supposed to happen Matthias: What?
Bryan: Now– Byran: Now pull it Matthias: No. Matthias: I don’t think that was supposed to co– to come apart… do I take this off first? Bryan: nahhh No, no, I don’t wanna break it… Uh–I’m not entirely sure what happened I don’t know if that was by design or not, but this particular thing Oh, there’s a spring in there it like locks, so I have to twist it slightly *High pitched loud air horn sound* Matthias: OOHHH!! Bryan: You don’t push a button to make it…? Matthias: No, dude. You pump it. *High pitched loud air horn sound* *High pitched loud air horn sound* Matthias: Oh mah gawsh cover your ears Ready? We’ll see how loud it can go *High pitched loud air horn sound* *throws it onto table, like really what did you expect* *More air horn shenanigans* Wow, that is loud. Why though? is it that m– I mean, it’s a dollar I guess Matthias: It’s way cheaper than uh- *laughs* Bryan: It never runs out of air Matthias: Never runs out of air yeah it’s a perpetual pump *More air horn shenanigans* You know when you want a cat call in, New York *More air horn shenanigans* What’s up, babe? *More air horn shenanigans* And not get any babes *laughs* I’m just kidding that’s despicable also. It won’t work with this. I would say that this is actually a worth it. Oh great job Carly By the way guys if you’re here Enjoying this video because you’re part of that notification squad make sure you could give this video like right now To prove it Because I see that like can rise In the first 30 minutes And I’m like aw yeah people here people here Brian: Ah here,here Matthias:Mm Brian:We actually have ANOTHER one from Carly! (You are so generous :3) Oh, did you just break it?You straight up just broke it *Matthias laughs* *Matthias laughs again* Finally,finally him slamming products on the desk to hurt my ears has come full circle and Made him look bad, and we caught it on camera (Tisk tisk,bad Brian) He destroyed it Carly. It’s his fault. I’m sure it won’t deteriorate the- Brian:It’s a food item Matthias:it’s a food item yeah. Brian:So it doesn’t count. Matthias:I-It counts Matthias:It’s a telling tale of How you should be more cautious and not slam things? Look at this thing though Confetti lollipop. Oh look at the color It looks like it’s supposed to be clear, but it’s really not clear That just doesn’t look right. Here we go. I’m just going to take a sliver. Do you guys can see that it actually kind of looks kind of cool? Oh Brian’s going to try some too,huh?You’re addicted to candy,dude Brian:I hadn’t had candy in eight hours. Matthias:Tastes like grape. Oh my gosh You just took a huge bite dude Carly said this was explicitly for me and [that] you got your grubby hands all over it Brian:What did you just do? Matthias:That’s good. Usually large lollipops like that are not good,even the ones that you get at Disneyland They don’t taste right. They taste all funky like they’re like all about the way it looks,you know and getting chemicals to make it look right take this Take this away before I eat it all,dude. That’s a worth it.A dollar?That’s not bad Brian:She was two for two Matthias:Two for two Carly,not that it’s good or bad to get either one- We want Turd-Its too because they’re the funny ones So this is not from Carly?This is- Brian:This is an hour straight up to what I got Matthias:Back to the dollar store from Brian that Brian picked out This is a knockoff nerf gun I see something immediately strange with these-Uh-these darts.”Push dart into shaft ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) until it clicks,pull trigger to launch dart” I’m going to show you why this-this product looks a little strange to me right now. What? This is strange,dude.This may look all normal but The dart itself has the spring inside it (That is freaking revolutionary) What? That’s bizarre usually the gun has this mechanism called a plunger that will then Shoot the dart out because darts,when they’re lighter will go farther They’ll springs in them. They’re all heavy. I don’t know if it’ll go that far. Brian you know, what’s up What did you see how it flung? Watch how it flin- i’ll shoot you in the chest,watch how it flings Brian:Sideways Matthias:Yeah, it flings sideways and not even far at all It doesn’t even fling straight. Aww that’s disappointing (Yes,very ;-;) Interesting,I’ve never seen a dart gun-especially at the dollar store too. Hey, I mean, I’m giving a mad props for Having some ingenuity right? Because I’ve never I’ve never once seen that,however,suction cup is somewhat pointless because when the dart flies it just Does that so it’s you’re never going to actually get it to suction.Oh I say this a- Oh jeez, I thi- I-I thay,I thay Ith a turd it. Next product See how hard he slammed things down? You’re a break this dude.”Soft foam for safe play. Finger shooters, Lance Fusees a doigt” “Pull back and launch” Okay Let’s see if these are any good,dude.Brian’s like getting a ton of projectiles today man Brian:That’s the theme for today Matthias:That’s a theme for the day,you know what’s up now Brian,you know what’s up. No, no! Oh, right in the back at the head! That’s accurate. Brian:Whooooooooa Matthias: Okay here’s-here’s an issue. One shot. Matthias:Oooooh Brian:It doesn’t hurt though,you can feel it but It’s not like- Matthias:It doesn’t hurt Brian:No,It doesn’t hurt Let’s go outside and see how far they can go ’cause I’m actually curious these things have some unf Oow you stepped on my footie! It hurts! Aww I’m gonna make It go higher Oh almost. I still say it’s a worth it. Brian:Worth it? Yeah, you could have some fun with it, as a child, but If you’re an adult like me Naah, next Producto Oh nice much softer Magic towel, so this is minty Expands in water Moana Disney okay, I see it there. I didn’t think it was a Disney product I thought it was just some other person that put that on there. That’s funny Disney selling things of the dollar store now I assume Since you know it’s Moana it has to do with the beach and water it’s going to be a beach towel And then I’m going to impress again always an inherent flaw with this product once you need a beach towel Then you put water on this to expand it But then you don’t have a beef cell anymore because it’s soaking wet since this product is self-defeating in that in that effect Right? It wouldn’t actually be usable if it’s wet we’re going to try and open it up without water without water. Oh, that was actually really easily What? Is barely Gonna cover my derriere what to do? I don’t look at me and my God look? At that guy’s face right now dude. Look at that guy’s face What is wrong with it? This is not right dude. Even with it stretched out properly. It doesn’t look right. He looks like an Angry Rhino. Sorry the rock I love you, and all your other stuff, but that looks wrong. I haven’t seen the movie, sissippi. I’m wrong No, okay, so the difference with this though is that her nose is much thinner It’s much more spin drawn right? You know hand towel they should say yeah they shouldn’t market it as a towel when you think of a towel at least at least It’s like this big I say that’s a turd it. Yeah for sure. Guys if you want to know more stories about my life sometimes I like do like many blogs and stuff like that on Snapchat to go follow me on Snapchat Snapcode right here bada-bing bada-boooooom ♪ next product Diet and Energy zero calories zero sugar Jacker times two extra oh Mamacita I try to not put these kinds of things in my body But today, I will for science. I usually try not to put things in my body that I can’t pronounce Let’s look at the color. Always the yellow color dude. It’s pink That’s pinkish, you’re right thats pinkish. Inside it looks like yellow doesn’t it? Wait biking that up monitor? well its not wet Soaked up still wet dude Give me the whole time for a little second water you got to take a sip of this with me. Home slice giddy sup Giddy sup? Oh I tasted it still. Giddy sup. Did you mean if they giddy up and what else? What’s up? What’s up? I don’t know what I was trying to say Giddy sup *laugh* You know what that tastes like? What was the what did the last one tastes like? pee? Okay, I know what it tastes like. Tell me what you think it tastes like? Strawberry Banana Yogurt. Noo, i don’t really That’s what it tastes like. I will say that’s a turd it. I don’t like energy drinks Especially the tiny ones where it’s all compacted into one juicy tidbit. Race car with launcher. *Matthias talks french* Do you see what that is designed after right now? It [looks] like an iPhone home button, doesn’t it? So weird when you see like little things like steal from here and there and you can recognize it You know what i mean? Actually not anymore, that- that actually stopped like a couple years ago, but you still remember it Oh yeah, you’ll never forget that. I remember the square inside the circle square inside the circle, square inside the circle, press it press it. It was like more possessed way, not- not in a pervy way. Oh geez, wow this is the like cheapest hot wheels knock off, i’ve ever felt in my life Don’t you like it, when the wheels can just like spin either way, so the car never goes straight? Don’t you just love that dude? Oh okay So we have a little mechanism here you push the little wiener thing back And then it links up and then when you let go, it should do it. Pull little wiener thing back *launches the car* Oh geez. It scared me dude *launches the car again* There’s no traction. There’s no traction whatsoever on on the car itself. So what ends up happening You saw it do this Because there’s no traction dude. We don’t add traction control, anti-lock brakes and stuff like that No, it just make rubber tires, and I would have fixed it, but no, too cheap they said, too expensive they said, not enough funny they said That actually looks straight through so maybe it’s more about technique There you go. It’s a technique. Maybe I was just like no what why did it do like a tenth in a row? at some Voodoo Mama Juju Now it’s doing it again *tries to launch the car at the camera, but falls on table* How does this have so many scuff marks and stuff? Why there are so many scuff marks, when I just opened it up? All I did was move it around, doesn’t even touch that part. Naah, its a turd it. Oh, that’s one that I got. I didn’t get the casino royale edition, but I got one .99 cents I actually had rubber tires when i was a kid I remember I went to CVS, and I look daddy daddy, please and guess what happened next? You broke it? No, Joey did He’s like I’m gonna take it outside. He just like wrote it off a wall doing just got all banged and scratched So i remember that day, don’t ya? I remember that day like it was yesterday, Jeff Red why jeff red Aww, I thought it was snacks for a second. It is a snack. I know what it is dude What is it? Fish. Fillets of Herring? Don’t know about dollar store. Fish if I was starving I wouldn’t turn it down oh I Cannot do it. I’m not manimal. Did you wanna talk? Hey multi-purpose Like that okay then try it. We’re on a spark up this I do. What’s your excuse now I don’t [want] [to] take the the spotlight away. I would gladly Rescind my spotlight to you my friend. Maybe connor will you’ll see if anyone wants to try this I don’t think You think you think you think it yak yak? Yeah? haha What is that? his Harrington Herring you want to try it or what not at all what do I get if I try it you get a kiss? Only if it’s from you from Mike no Khanna’s not here connors offices absence. No way yeah, I smelled that boy in here ah Don’t worry herring good. What is it a little hairy harry? No, I can’t I cannot know I think we struck out with us guys This is a perfect before the next couple of dollar store I was make sure you subscribe here if you’re enjoying this thus far with that big old subscribe button down below next product oh Sweet Mama juju this is how [cell] [phone] noon. It’s just add water water game Oh, it’s not a cell phone. It’s a fake cell phone press to launch range ah I see I think I remember playing with these when I was a kid Did you you did there’s like water in here? And then there’s like a little pump where it would like move the rings around What’s the point of it looking like a phone though? All right you ready to put some water in give me someone that wawa Brian Ouch oh, bit me dude. Yeah I’m doing it I Think that’s it although now. There’s a big puddle mommy. So here’s the real test. What’s that one ring is floating up there? That’s unusual. Well, it just blew a bubble aah What just blown bubbles the water just disappeared is now floating oh? You got one I got one dude. Do you see it? There’s no skill at all. Oh, I got to what Aiming it doesn’t seem to do much. Oh, it actually does no see I spend it, and there’s one on there Three no wait for is one on the bottom side of that one why do you profess to death dude? What five six? look at Three up look how many I have in there right now, dude. I just dominating this game right now ah so close and then They all just came out this could definitely Take some time but once you get it. I mean, I [don’t] know you’re getting bored pretty quick Oh, it’s leaking all over me all the buttons. Oh What the heck I say that the whip it was it yeah, I mean you are d, Mr.. Generous lately next product Boom baby xylophone ooh, I like xylophone. I like making music dude. I love it to pluck Oh, no, dude. I think a two year old can play with this well. There’s a lot of small parts this Particular piece right here shove that in their mouth will show yeah Did I don’t know about a [two-year-old] let’s see what it sounds like though guys. I’m a professional xylose that is that Now I’m going to take me seriously after I give that word up Definitely, not supposed to sound like that these are supposed to be raised That’s not how supposed to sound this is how it’s supposed to sound Yeah, two year old kids not going to be that but net well a little parenting tip to try not to get your kids things That make noise It’s hard it’s possible. You can find toys that they really like that don’t make noise when they’re a young age and that way is not always pretty good a Big noise like it got lunar little drums that dude biggest mistake my life although. She was super cute using. It’s just like pop Aah Pop Aah pop aah pop craziest thing is even if you move that thing away she still like The only for note not even [into] [work] these barely work I’ll talk to your old go there. Oh my God. I’m ah That’s a good kid say I go oh, ma. I now I’ma hurried [in] [box], Ma ah do believe me these Guys make sure you cook this video right there that is 10 strange things we found on Amazon It is pretty funny as you can see I got those giant ears and on my actual ears You’ll actually see go check it out. I’ll meet you over there right now high five


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