10 Weirdest Dollar Store Items!!! | Vivian Tries
you put them in you squeeze them okay hello you guys and welcome to a new
vivian tries! today I’m trying 10 Strangest Dollar Store Items. Yes, you guys know I’ve been a little addicted to the dollar store for
the last couple of weeks and I’ve also been a little addicted to a channel
called Chad wild clay I’m sure you know who he is I just discovered him a couple
of weeks ago and I have fallen in love with his channel I was watching some of
his videos and he does some Dollar Tree product reviews and I thought they were
hilarious so Vivian tries is expanded cuz I’ve collected a lot of junk in the
last couple of weeks that we need to try together now these are not all dollars
free products I went to a couple of different dollar stores so I went to the
99-cent store I went to Dollar Tree and I also went to a Japanese dollar store
and they had just the best stuff crazy stuff that I’ve never seen anywhere else
so we’re going to start off with this guy I’ve walked by a product and I say
what it’s going in the video you better believe alright let’s open
this up or dollars I don’t know how many is in here eight air tightly compressed
what do we have like a little flock of what how do you do it
do I need water is there English instructions there is what what yeah
okay we have to wet it I have to go get some water
I have to wet it I’m just going to say there is no way this thing is coming
apart I’m gonna have to go get some water I’ll be right back water okay
let’s throw it in the water so bye sis stop let’s sing Circle it out okay look how nice that towel is are you
crazy look at that I love it
it’s a compressed towel when you’re traveling and stuff you need a little
towel oh my god I’m gonna buy tons of these I’m gonna put it in my purse look
at this like a real towel genius compact compressed towel from the dollar store
product number one has been spurred it awesome I wonder what it looks like when
it’s dry so I’m going to put it somewhere to dry while we check the
other stuff I’m just going to put it right here on the handle of my chair
we’ll come back to that one to see what it looks like and feels like once it’s
dry product number two how cute is this look they’re little LED interior lights
how cute are those do I need batteries this is 36 to 40 hours to find eight
types of batteries it’s like a watch battery they’re not waterproof
I want expect them to be but then they go it was like okay how great and cuter
these this is also from the Japanese store it’s not from Dollar Tree or we’re
not an option store I mean I guess you get this from the Japanese alright with
all the Japanese writing on it I would say you’re dissing pairs with people who
can happen to comment okay I’ll cuter though I love it look
okay so let’s turn them on ready here’s what the first one on okay now let’s turtle does I get one
ready when is like a little blowing you can’t see it cuz that my windows a
little bright how freaking cute is this little light
look at those how cute it has the on and off switch right there turn them on and
off and on super cute and you can get 36 hours out of these things how freaking
cute are those you can get them in all kinds of colors I want to man paint will
we get well you did have to get a green one and you guys know a green is my
favorite color oh we can see it on this line but you
can guys can see right there what did I learn how cute are these worth a dollar
very cute I want to leave them right there for the rest of the video so far
two out of two have been in it this one what is it I think this is a faithful I
don’t think it is a toy that’s like a bubble grab a bubble storm it’s a bubble
storm toy for your kids and it does it has the bubble inside already okay you
guys are going to have to move back here okay so here it is what now
how do you do it how do you open it you guys know me in my instruction okay so
the bubbles are inside okay we’ve read some instructions okay
okay so we remove the bubbles from the pipe I really did say pipe this is rub
what coat surface up the holes so okay so we close it back up like that it took
the bubbles out and then flip rub the so I have to rub this or not like that like
this I guess to get the liquid onto this little thing like that we can figure
this out it’s just a toy on the dollar store this is really cool what if I get
a thousand a bubble wait what if it spills everywhere oh my I’ll do it down
here okay okay so cool okay so it’s not like
runny like water thought it would be running okay we’re just not upstairs
coated the bottom there so you guys ready let’s see this is so cool like I’m
already impressed nothing’s happened okay we have to prepare oh okay yeah we
went from the kitchen gadgets to this shit I know but it’s so cool right from
the dollar store one two three go did you see that I’ll post my office you guys see all
right shit they’re everywhere the way that I kicked is I can’t remember which
dollar store this is from this is really cool
there’s old oh fuck off their exit I shouldn’t be putting more
up there because it’s a wait wait wait wait this is not like regular bubbles
this is like what it says they feel like you what pisses they’re not like water
bubbles they’re not that kind of bubble guys they’re like they’re everywhere in
my room they’re sticking to everything okay I’m
gonna stop no wonder they’re not running they’re actual bubbles like they’re what
the fuck I gotta catch them all I don’t know how to explain what they are
they’re like you know let’s go pick out of control
cuz there’s bubbles flying everywhere oh my god I gotta catch’em all ah can you
see them I think you do this crazy what did I just do that
I got a grand ball floating on they’re all super right they’re not like regular
bubbles guys they’re like I don’t know explain it you know when you’re grown up
how you had the little straw thing and you can like blow a bubble with like
that plastic stuff I don’t know what that’s called but that’s what this is is
not like soap bubble I guess we just have bubbles floating all over the place
while we finish this video don’t blow them inside you’re going to have a storm
of bubbles for sure it’s a cool profit go buyer beware this is not soaked you
see that it’s not so a problem is not so there’s one I can’t watch look I know
you can see that under here see how it doesn’t pop look okay let’s move on or
I’ll stay on this product like a year alright next product this thing again
the Japanese dollar store this is portable toilet yeah you heard me right
I was thinking it was going to be kind of like a toilet seat cover I don’t
think so I mean if it gets for real like a toilet I mean there’s even like if
that catches whatever oh yeah it says quickly hardens liquid and
trapped in odor what comes with trash bag to hide content oh my god comes with
fasteners to prevent spills opens wide oh my
Jesus Christ what is this okay prep dollar you get a portable toilet 28 one
right and only one in here and see what we get inside did I mess it up I’m
afraid I tore it but I didn’t okay like salt or something
we’re not trying this out today all your friends we’re just checking and you get
a little black baggie to hide the content-specific okay let’s open this guy up because I
need to see what’s happening here look it has a little flat for you and they
know it’s not like anything think it’s like salt or something so good that’s
your portable toilet this is pretty genius I’ve never seen anything like
this have you guys tell me in the comments and then you put it in this bag
here right here so nobody can see your business that’s it
look at that this is perfect for camping I’m just going to say if somebody has a
nasty bathroom but this is nastier something it abetik pertaining values if
I’m going to happen now but if you have an emergency and you’re in the middle of
the fucking woods boom take out your portable toilet how many products are
four one two three four products all been a hit let’s try that this I got
from the Dollar Tree I think and it is a globe love glow-in-the-dark American
flag well that last four hours let’s see what all this is about okay
okay so you get one book this is stupid now this is from the Dollar Tree this is
dumb what I’m telling you to do is pop these two guys here spread the little
liquid all over your hand and then put this guy on top and it closed the
glow-in-the-dark that’s a lot of work why didn’t did you
combine these two things together Sam this is just hand it looks like making
out hands my body off this guy okay nope no what’s on there go there we go there
we go okay there it’s a little liquid all over come Oh there oh whoa
did you guys see that hold cause I got to get it in at the turnoff life if you
can see the full effect look at it you break it because it’s down here this
second camera Oh see it damn it I’ll have to turn off the light you guys I
take back everything I said this is so cool again put the globe on maybe I put
the second glove on top of it that’s stupid
okay I can’t oh no I think you did formally and easily it look like it’s
glowing now okay I’m going to turn off the lights really quickly so we can see
what this looks like how cool is that can you see it I don’t know we’re gonna
do this but it is definitely glowing this is so cool I take back everything
now this side is not going because the liquid is only on this side but it is
pretty cool if you decide is not glowing that sucks
this side is definitely glowing make science how cute is this thing it is a
tiny little table lamp I just had to buy it because it was too cute it’s a cute
little lamb who doesn’t want to tiny little baby Lane everybody should want
that right open man I hope it work the pressures on alright so you can clip it
on to stuff I might want to read the instructions before I tear up the
package how freaking cute is that how cute is this
yeah look like we have a problem with this fucking window behind me but that’s
okay I’ll cuted that little thing right there it’s adorable
now let’s see if it works ready one two three go
okay I think this is the one every guy’s eyes just for kicks
look at that how freakin adorable is this guys I’m gonna show you here ready
look I can’t the cuteness is I can’t deal
with all that look you can even move the little thing are up and down you can
take this off I broke it no I did it because it says you can clip it yeah but
right I saw it in the picture oh yeah yeah so you can put it like on a book
let’s pretend this is a book so you could put it like that if you’re reading
on an airplane and then we and then you’re reading you’re like that
Detective down flip it on here for your book or whatever and then you just turn
it on hey and the life is decent look at that how freaking cute is that thing I
love it I’m going to use it when I’m reading now let’s put it back together
think you just go like this oh oh now they’re done it’s that this here is from
the Dollar Tree I’m pretty sure and it’s a glass eye phone Master Technicians
never heard of flat I usually see the plastic ones and I had to see what this
was it is always plastic it’s not glass dick glass you think with my phone okay
look I still bubble in my hair they’re like crazy like I don’t know
what the fuck did you just fit my phone I think so
it doesn’t fit oh yeah it does okay should we put it on my phone guess we’ll
try to put this on and then we’ll take it off I don’t want to on my phone but
number one peel back okay what let’s read the instructions ooh yeah let’s
start really instruction so that people don’t tell you stuff okay clean screen
I’m going to do that drive the screen dust okay
he’ll film angle and apply okay sounds pretty easy I am going to take it off
immediately after so I’m not on to cleaning all that I don’t think okay I
think it’s on there you just see a couple bubbles there but that’s my fault
because I didn’t clean it well but it doesn’t cover the entire phone though
it’s like not the right size or something
I’m going to take it off because I don’t want it on my father I don’t get it if
it really off feels like plastic I want to break it you’re gonna break it
can you guys see him I break it can you guys Cena did you hear I’m sure
you heard that it’s really glass I don’t know if you guys can see so what why on
my table always will use this watch thing you guys see that better look it
is glass look at all the little pieces of glass that are falling onto this
black back it was a piece of glass oh my god I thought it was plastic impressive
you guys can see that there’s tons of little pieces of glass and you guys get
probably seeing things here there next item is from the Japanese dollar store I
was there for a couple of hours I bought a lot of shit okay let’s see what this
is let’s read it it says head what
headphone cable holder oh it’s okay I thought it was a headphone it’s like two
little cookies and they hold your earphone cable how cute is this stuff is
just so cute like I can’t get enough of it do you need two or one they are like
the texture of an eraser how cute are those things look at them hold on put
them here right now here in here this may be the stupid what they’re not they
don’t stay sorry about it but it’s not working I guess it’s kind of cute
okay look wait there no I’m going to show you what I’m doing down here see
how it has this little hole there and then you just see one of these tours but
let me read the instructions just in case
oh oh wait a second I think I did it wrong I think you’re just supposed to
wind it up like this so you don’t have this long-ass cable everywhere gotcha
yeah I almost said this was a fail but it’s not a fail I get it so that your
string is not too long so you’re hiding and the cookie the thing is you can’t
wind it up too much so the cord is in there round you just
wind it up like this it you’re hiding it in the biscuit see so now you can plug
this one into your phone and then you can put this one in your ears and then
boom you have yourself a shorter cord and a cute little biscuit holding it all
together how cute is this I almost deserve the fail and I was to fail
because I’m the one that did it wrong this is very cute next thing which is
instant boobs I don’t know I can put really sure but we’re going to try who
buys this is it has to be like a gag gift right nobody really buys
Institute’s from the Japanese dollar store maybe there is some people let’s
see what comes in to innocent people crazy what is this this is a joke but you put
them in you squeeze them and then they inflate I’m going to do is I shouldn’t
weren’t a loose shirt it pumps up by breaking the water bag inside okay so
I’m going to squeeze this one here first pop it’s a boob it’s inflating it’s it’s
literally inflating it’s a boob it’s the perfect I’m skinnier do people really
put in insta boobs I don’t know how this is gonna work
writing and we’re going to try to pop this witty one okthis I’ll just pick it
oh here we go let go oh it’s going oh it’s good hey that’s a handful right
there I think it’s not going as fast because my shirts a little tight but
okay good like it okay this is the craziest thing I’ve seen ever at the
dollar store I have to take it out because it’s not inflating because my
shirts too tight totally mess this one up
look I’d be lopsided I have lopsided boobs I shake it no that’s what it looks
like so I don’t know about that that’s kind of weird
but whatever dude do you do I mean there’s a bitch out of my way I got this
at the dollar store it wasn’t a dollar what the 99-cent store does is sometimes
I have stuff that is more than a dollar this was $4.99 it is virtual reality
headset I was like what $4.99 we are going to have to try it out if it would
have been a dollar then that was really been amazing but I guess before 99 is
not going to work probably give me a headache
okay what do we get – 1099 from the dollar store virtual reality there they
are whoa I was not expecting this at all
like legit construction where it is you’re – that is so you put your phone
in there what are we watching because it just
shows me how to put the carefully pull tab the tab is right here we can cut out
put that in there yes like that okay phone is in and hey I took it back out a
dad install the free virtual reality app maybe I’ll get the Google one install
hurry up yeah it did oh here we go oh it’s gonna come off my head what the
fuck this is not very cute he’ll all hear what’s happening here actually like what kind of event I guess
I want to be a part of I want to do can I do that let’s see what that looks like
my crazy hair guys blue look okay got it yes you can again I’m gonna have to hold
that because I can’t oh okay I don’t know about this kind of studio I
just don’t get the whole virtual reality thing yet
oh my hair so I don’t know I don’t hope this book where I think some of the
total fail so here we’re done because I’m about to frickin ruin my phone here
I guess what do you want to nine-nine it’s a risk because there should have
been a dollar alright guys that is it for another vivian tries, we went through ten things
from the dollar store let me know what you think if you want to see more videos
like this tell me that in the comments down below and I’ll give this video big
fat thumbs up so I know that you guys want me to continue making these types
of videos I had so much fun finding to stuff and try and get out I do have two
stores Walmart and Target that I have already recorded for you so you’ll see
those videos coming up in the next couple of weeks if you’re new to the
channel subscribe I’m putting out one to two videos every week for your
entertainment that is all that I have for you guys today I’ll see you guys in
the next one bye I didn’t forget my cow completely worth the dollar and you get
eight of them yes yes girl yes 10 Strangest Dollar Store Items!!


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