$100 Hong Kong Dollar Store Haul

(upbeat music) – So last week, I was
back home in Hong Kong, and I spent a hundred
bucks at a dollar store. (upbeat music) Now that I’m back here, I
thought it would be a lot more fun if I did a haul
video with one of my closest friends, Mnenna! – Yay! (laughing) – What do you think of dollar stores? – I mean, I’ve gone to the dollar store to get really cheap gifts
for my friends and family. – So your expectation
for today is kind of low? – Very, very low. – I spent a hundred dollars. – I don’t know why you do that. – Ready for this? – Whoa, okay. (birds chirping) – I divided them up into five categories. First category, cutsie stuff. – Oh my god, these dinosaurs are so cute. Isn’t this a little, ch-ch-ch-chia. Eraser pandas. I love pandas, they’re so cute. Do you guys see how cute these are? It does work! – This, you would not be able
to find at Family Dollar. – So I would definitely go
all the way to Hong Kong just for these. The cutest thing. – It looks just like you. – Is that a compliment? – She just goes like, ja jang! – I would totally want this in my house. – Oh, I thought this was candy. – You can eat it and choke. – This is false advertising. – Biscuit apple jam sandwich biscuit. Do not buy this for the little kids, because they will eat it. Dangerous. This is some really quality
stuff from the Hong Kong dollar store. – That’s what I’m talking about. (upbeat music) – You know, Hong Kong
just makes some very fine quality stuff. The squiggly lines, how perfect they are. The canvas is just exquisite. They get it, you know. It says U.S. nine, but I feel like– – This is like an eight. Solid one dollar slipper. I went a little crazy with slippers, but these are foldable slippers. You just put them in like that. Pull the draw string,
and there you have it. Moving on, third pair of– (laughs) – Clean the floor just by walking with– Oh my god, I would pay
ten bucks for these guys. All that gunk on the bottom there. – I just got these to go cause
I thought they were cute. – Makes you actually want
to clean some dishes. – You can just hang this on your sink. The little hole at the bottom
kinda helps drain it out. – Cotton buds, let me see. What the heck is that? – It’s like, if that was a tooth brush. Shampoo visor. – I don’t get it. – Keeps the shampoo above your hairline. – Who would know that this exists? (upbeat music) I love this right here. You know I have so many different wigs. (laughs) This is perfect. You just think of me all the time, you’re such a thoughtful
friend, I appreciate you. – Okay, anyways. – You find this bizarre? This is super cute. I would totally love to have this. – Okay, great. – What are these? (laughs) beep, beep, bop boop. I come in peace. (laughs) – Banana pencil case. – Oh, it’s a pencil case. – What did you think it was? – Where do these come into play? This does not fit on my ass. Oh wow, it does fit you. That’s why they’re disposable. Ladies’ only detergent. Only for blood and vaginal discharge. Oh, oh, oh, on your
underwear, okay, sorry, I thought you were gonna doosh with this. Genius. (upbeat music) – Look at the animals on this. – Oh my god. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. Should give this to Tasty. I love Hello Kitty. Can’t wait to eat these. – There are these two sauces. This is microwavable rice. – Why is it kinda scary to me? – We’re gonna try the pasta and the curry. – The curry’s really good. – For microwavable rice,
this is pretty good. – For a dollar packet, this is– Mmmm, whoa. This is so good. Oh my gosh. – It’s really good for a
dollar, that much I will say. – Whoa, I’d pay 30 bucks for this. This cuts the bread, boom. – And just go, shoop, and there you go. – They’re so cute. Oh, this comes with stickers. – It’s to like press faces
onto the little sausages. If I made a lunchbox for
this, how cute would that be? – That would be the cutest thing ever. I wish you made me one. (instrumental music) It’s really hard. – Oh, that’s hard. – I know BB creams, and
I’ve never used this. – Super liquidy. Is this supposed to happen? You’re wiping it off. It works. – I wouldn’t use it, but yeah. It smells like chemicals. – Blended. – I give it a B plus. Actually no, a B minus. Nose shadow. – Like it’s a contour. – I’m scared to try this on my face. – Do I look like a Greek sculpture? Do I have the nose shadow going? – I see a tiny bit of something. – You want to try them? – No. Cutest thing ever. I would love to put that on my vanity set. – Right. – Can I keep that? – Do you have white hair? I mean you don’t, because you have a wig. If you have a single strand
or two, kind of go like this. – Oh. – Cat’s eyeline tape. So I’m trying to put it on. – It looks like a sticker. – It feels like a sticker. It’s not for us. That was it, that was all the stuff. – They’ve got some pretty
phenomenal stuff over there. The makeup was okay, but
everything else was– – Does this make you
want to go to Hong Kong? – I’ve always wanted
to go there, honestly, but now I definitely want to go. – Just for the dollar store. – Just for the dollar store. – That’s a wrap! – Yeah, so can I get my goodies now? Cause I gotta go. (upbeat music)


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