i don’t know,i don’t know what just happened Hey guys it me Sylvia back with another video. Welcome back to my channel so in today’s video we are going to be doing the $100 makeup challenge i saw this being done by a bunch of youtubers that were doing it with clothing spending $100 on more affordable brand vs it $100 on a more high end brand but were doing the same thing with makeup i decided to do half with E.L.F vs the other huda beauty so im gonna take that 100 dollar bill and go to sephora and then cvs and see what that will get me in both brands and create a full face look with it. Before we get started i just wanna make sure subscribed to my channel because i can’t let slide if you’re not subscribed im hurt you know. So hit that subscribe button and u wont miss another video of mine lets adress the elephant in the room aka my lips cuz they’re so massive right now get they’re the elephant ha i know i kinda look like a duck right now ok quack quack. but i wanted to film this video and get it out for you guys right away i am probably just the hate comments that just have some stuff to say about my new luscious lips but jokes on you wait till the next video and they look perfect and beautiful thanks *giggles* the internet these day you kind of have to like add a disclaimer to anything which is kind of annoying but *shrugs* love you guys! So now i am gunna roll the footage of when i went to the store to get these different make up products


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