1,000% Profit In Bear Market! Bitcoin Technical Analysis! Bitmex Trading + Enjin/Cryptocurrency News

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now let’s jump into the technical
analysis because we have a lot to cover
first of all what bitcoin is doing next
I do have the shorts open I do have the
shorts open down here because one thing
I want to highlight and I’m gonna go to
the daily for this is we are at very
very low levels in the shore so let’s
bring out the horizontal line let’s draw
roughly about the last bottom we had
which was over here the lowest point we
went to in this bear market that we’ve
been in so you guys remember up here was
pretty much the top of these cycle then
after that every time we got low and low
and low we saw that Bitcoin had a drop
so again we see the same thing here when
we were low here here when we were low
here you know and it just keeps going
down this time we’re down as well and
then right before we had that huge drop
think of the capitulation drop that we
call it we also were at low levels and
we’ve just got to a point where we are
the lowest in this bear mark it’s
similar to when we were back up here now
why is this important because
historically we have seen every time we
get to the bottom every time we get to
this range every time we get to you know
roughly around I’d say we could draw
like a rectangle right here every time
we get to this range that was terribly
John rectangle forget that but every
time we get to a specific range around
you know this level and we see a drop
come in for Bitcoin so we’re seeing
Bitcoin have a nice little rally again
being able to hit some targets if you
were in a long trade but we are getting
low on those shorts and that has been a
previous indicator which again with
technical analysis we use past trends in
order to predict future future patterns
well because he happened with that said
we do have to keep that in mind but if
we zoom in again more on these
short-term trade or smaller more on the
short-term technical analysis what I’m
looking at right now currently I am in a
long position now the long position has
hit two targets and we are at the point
where the stop-loss is at our break-even
so if we do come back down we will hit
these stop-loss we will and we will get
out of the trade at break-even having
secured two targets already in profit so
that’s nice and to me I’m aiming for to
close the fully close the trade anywhere
in this range right here so anywhere
between here and here between this Green
Line and the top of where we were over
here that to me could be a potential
place we could see Bitcoin reverse from
and that is when I will be exiting the
trade and starting to analyze and look
for another entry if we are going long
again or if we are going short again so
for those of you guys who aren’t in the
group of course you guys know this those
of you guys who are knob just want to
update you guys with what I’m looking at
with what my situation is right now
before the most part again Bitcoin
coming up with a nice little rally again
if we zoom in we can see we had a nice
little rally come in a very big job
Canada we had happen yesterday but then
shortly after that again recovering and
continuing its moved back up for the
most part we do have an upwards
trajectory and we
are gonna have to play this safe the RSI
is again getting up to the high levels
the stochastic is as well and the
Bitcoin shorts like we talked about is
at very low level so all these things
could indicate a reversal coming in soon
if we see another push up to get to the
region that I am aiming for that would
be fantastic but we might not see that
happen so for the most part I’m going to
keep an eye on this again the running
trade is going to close at break even if
um if we do reverse and come back down
so I’m all happy and all set with that
now moving on looking at the overall
market cap just under one hundred thirty
five billion dollars in market cap with
a 51.6% Bitcoin dominance well Bitcoin
is on a slightly upward trajectory even
though it is small gains every single
day it is a point for a percent move for
Bitcoin again if we did is consider if
we did this consistently at the end of
the year it would be fantastic but we
know we know with Bitcoin that
eventually we could see something very
parabolic upwards or very parabolic
downwards we see again some small moves
from the bigger crypto currencies
indicating overall pretty sideways day
following though that upward trajectory
that Bitcoin is having slightly upward
we are seeing that happen with the all
coins as well the biggest gainer for the
day Qyburn network of 53.6% engine coin
up just under 38% was higher I believe
not too long ago Bank or up 24.1% one
chain again up 21.2% several
cryptocurrencies performing very very
well however of course we have the
biggest losses Raven coin ontology
electro neum several cryptocurrencies in
the right as well definitely more green
than red so it is an overall greedy like
I said all coins still follow Bitcoin
for the most part we had some choice
triad II couple the likes of X R P would
probably be the closest one to want to
decouple from Bitcoin but for the most
part obviously by Nance coin performing
incredibly well and ng own as well two
exceptions but for the most part we are
still following Bitcoin trajectory which
means small but still green gains we’re
seeing more green in the market we’re
seeing all coins are to follow the same
trend if you guys can tell a lot of them
majority of them are following a similar
trend to Bitcoin now let’s jump into
engine point I do want to share this and
it’s not of course
I don’t want to brag about this train I
don’t want to say this is one of my
long-term whole it’s not a short-term
trade what I want to share with you guys
with this is the opportunities in a bear
market what I mean is I’ve managed to
pick up I believe it was roughly around
this level where I was trading sideways
was where I picked up engine and where I
stored it as a long-term hold and since
then I’ve seen an engine go up over
1,000 percent that is insane gains for a
cryptocurrency given what Bitcoin has
done and what the cryptocurrency market
has been through in the last year and
just a few months over a year what we
see it happen we still have
opportunities to find gems to find
hidden gems to find good all coins with
actual value that could perform well in
the market due to things like engine so
again its source seventy percent in just
a day after the crypto project says it’s
a partner with Samsung’s partnering with
Samsung now they couldn’t go into too
much detail but they did contact the VP
of Marketing from engine and he told
coin desk that while I can confirm that
we have an official partnership with
Samsung I’m not at liberty to disclose
any other information at this point so
all he can say is that they are an
official partner and that was kind of
confirmation enough to get I believe it
was Korea at first to jump in the market
again pushing engine to all-time highs
in Bitcoin valuation is not at the
all-time highs in terms of dollar
valuations but it is at the all-time
high in terms of Bitcoin value which as
you guys can see zooming out again
it went up to 3400 Satoshi’s or 3,000
yeah three thousand four hundred and
forty satoshis and now we are up way
higher than that with a high of six
thousand three hundred and ten and like
I said now it’s not I personally I
wouldn’t be able to jump into a
cryptocurrency that’s just performed you
know a thousand percent in a bear market
even if you zoom out into just you know
just recently it’s up 750 700 66 percent
I wouldn’t be able to jump into it so if
you missed the boat on that you will
have to you know it’s at your own risk
if you are going to jump in at this type
of parabolic move but again the
opportunities in the bear market are
still there so while overall our
portfolio could be hurting we can still
find the opportunity to either you know
swing trade or also just get in
the right moment in order to see success
with some good all coins price will
reflect what they are able to do and I
say this with you know XRP with Tron
price will eventually reflected and with
a huge partnership like we saw engine
have we’re seeing price reflect what
we’re seeing price reflect what it’s
been able to do it’s been under the
radar for a very long time and just
recently just over here we are starting
to get you know just over at this area
are we starting to get people talk about
engine but there have been there has
been a community there’s been people who
have seen this project and have seen the
potential in this project for a very
long time so I do highly recommend you
guys check out engine if you haven’t go
to the website see what they’re trying
to do I believe it still has room to go
up in terms of the long and in the long
term but I will not say that if you
enter right now you will make gains in
the next week at this point it’s two
parabolic for me to predict now good
news is well is that the crypto powered
brave browser starts paying users basic
attention tokens to see add so this is
something people have been investing in
for some time number one the basic
attention token which is I believe a
very good crypto currency because of the
use case of it again if it has use case
if it has actual utility it’s going to
perform well rather than just hype so
break browser a lot of people have
downloaded it it does block ads
automatically you don’t see ads then the
plan was that they were going to pay you
basic attention token in order if you
accept seeing ads so that way you get
paid to see ads not just the people
showing the ads on their website they
get they get paid for it now you get
paid to see the ads as well so if you
for some reason have not downloaded
brave browser yet I’m going to leave a
link down below in the description to
brave browser there’s a hundred percent
free to download and you will start
being able to receive free basic
attention token in order to see ad I
believe it’s not of course at the final
level where it’s going to be at now you
can see what they said phase two
provides token rewards to users for
their attention and introduces Braves
anonymous but accountable campaign
reporting for Brant so again make sure
you guys do go check that out just a
little bit of a heads up to earn some
free crypto to see ads doesn’t really
hurt I know a lot of people have
downloaded brave browser and they have
really enjoyed what it’s had to offer
it’s not again a lot of people have
started using brave instead of chrome
instead of so
sorry because again you get paid so it
doesn’t hurt to do that last up XRP yes
we got XRP in the news again this is
confirmed 19 companies using x RP not
just x rap and not just x RP to power
cross-border payments a lot of people
were saying again that’s one of the
things you hear a lot about ripple is
number one they hold a lot of their own
cryptocurrency then they hold other they
own a lot of the XRP supply that’s one
of things you see said this said and
again there’s been reason there’s been
explanation all that come out for this
as well but again people still hold it
against as against the the
cryptocurrency but we also heard people
say that they don’t need to use x RP or
x RP and ripple are different so we can
still have ripple succeed while x RP
does not well people are actually using
x RP in that again does give the
credible case 2x RP and show that it is
here to stay so a total of 19 companies
i don’t believe this is new information
but again for all of you who are holding
and who do want to see what’s going on
you guys can pause and take a look at
the list of companies that are using x
RP to power cross-border payments I
expect this to continue to go up as we
move forward again this was published on
March 9th but I believe I’ve seen an
article very similar that listed them
before but again if you guys want to
take it out if you guys want if you guys
want to stop check it out we talked
about Mercury just the other day where
you know they managed to send money to
the Philippines which was you know the
first time they did that so that was
insane and again more and more some more
and more companies more and more people
seem to be joining on the boat as we
move for but that’s gonna be for this
video guys hopefully you guys did enjoy
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for to the video


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