12 BTC Project just in 2 months?!!?? (PEBBLES FUND)

Hello guys and welcome back again to my channel
I have been using Coins.ph for so long
maybe it has been 2 years
and you
have you tried
to have 1 Bitcoin, 2 Bitcoin
4 Bitcoin, or 10 Bitcoin
Because I have not
But here in
my new video
We will try
to have 12 BTC
or 4 million Pesos just in 2 months
Can I do it?
Can you do it?
or Can we do it?
Of course, we will try do it

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Introducing guys
Pebbles Fund
Who is Pebbles Fund
or What is Pebbles Fund
Pebbles Fund is a Bitcoin Crowd Funding
or Donation Program
the system is working on the donations of
our invitees
it’s like
table of exits
the concept is like that
So, you will invite
and the donation of the person you invited
will be yours
Pebbles Fund is of course
Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology
It’s not in Peso of course
we will use BTC
and now its becoming popular
in the Multi-level Marketing world
or M.L.M World
It means that there is left and right
Have you heard of M.L.M
its a structure
binary structure
Left and right and
so on, there is a cycle
Pebbles Fund guys is a website
So in few weeks or few months
we can get 12 Bitcoin
and that is with the help of
our unity or cooperation
of all of us
by building of course of their own structure
and here, it is not allowed to be with yourselves here
but helping others
Take note guys
Pebbles Fund is not Ponzi Scheme
2. Pebbles Fund is NOT an online
meaning its NOT an invest, wait and earn
Pebbles Fund is NOT a scam site
Do you want to know why?
Your not actually paying for the Pebbles Fund
the most great here
every donations that are from your members or your new invites
will be directly paid to
your Blockchain Wallet
there will be no scam happening here
Because every invites or every upgrades
will be in your Blockchain Wallet
Pebbles Fund is
only a medium platform
maybe we will get formality on the
process and donation
so that it will be faster and easier
to donate
in this part
you continued the video
meaning you are interested
So what is the requirements to join Pebbles Fund
1. Of course you need to have Coins.ph,
or Blockchain or any Bitcoin Platform
paying ins guys
ok take note Coins.ph or any BTC platform
is for pay ins only
ok there
we have one time payment
Which is 0.005 Bitcoin

It is what we will be used for
the one that invited us
or presented this video to you
and there
you will need a Blockchain Wallet for
or for your new invites
if they donate to you
it will be sent directly to your Blockchain Wallet
Blockchain Wallet is
what Pebbles Fund recommnends
Because the transaction hash ID
will be seen
and lastly
is that you only need 2 invites
the rest will follow
and the rest will be spilled over
How does it work?
This is how guys
it has per level
Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
So Level 1 you will contribute
0.005 to your patron
or to your sponsor
and if it is you that invited
atleast 2
their payment
will be yours
if you go to Level 3
your 8 sponsor’s
donation will be yours
and in Level 4
all the 60 sponsors
of your 8 sponsors on Level 3
will be paid to you
and here lastly, Level 5
you need 32 sponsors
so that all their invites will go to you
and you will graduate here in
Pebbles Fund
somewhat you are still confused
but here guys
here is my illustration on how
Level 1 up to Level 5
So here
Your not only interested to join Pebbles Fund
and you want to start your earnings here
all you have to do is of course
you will donate

the person that taught you about Pebbles Fund
or the person that shared this video to you
or your sponsor
If you did that
you are automatically
on Level 1
so your are Level 1
and of course you now want to start your earnings
of course
you will invite 2
atleast 2 invites
like what I said a while ago
and the rest will follow
and the 2 of these will pay you 0.005
and this other one
It will be go automatically to your
Blockchain Wallet
and there you will immediately have
and you are now ready
to upgrade into Level 2
Ok now in Level 2
If you want to upgrade to Level 3
You need this
and this
upgrade into Level 2
Which means this has to have an invite
and this
and this
and this
Because if they upgrade into Level 2
the 0.0075
of these 4
will be given to you
its yours all
which you will get
and there if your now Level 3
we’re now here
and the concept is also the same on how to
upgrade into
Level 4
and it is essential that
the invite
of the invite
of your invite
needs to be also Level 3
which means this have
and so on..
and the payment of this
will be yours
hopefully you understood my
here it is
because every Level 3 upgrade
they can donate
0.02 BTC
ok how many are these
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8
multiply it by 8
you will get
ok guys you need to be upgraded

It is not allowed that your downlines are first
than you
that’s why helping each other is necessary
and all
of your invites
and spill overs
of course will go to you
that’s what nice in
all that we invite
we will be giving to the spill overs
ok there guys
if your also ready
to Level 4
and to
Level 5
you also need these
4 downlines of yours
is also possible to
Level 4
How much will they donate from Level 4 into Level 5?
You will donate
0.1 Bitcoin
to your sponsors
and if you also want to Level 5
you need the invites of your invites
to be atleast Level 4
How much is the donation?
0.1 Bitcoin
To just say thank you to these 16

So you will have
1.6 BTC
from the donation of
your referrals
So if you want
to Level 5
Because you have donated
0.1 Bitcoin
These 32
also needs to be ready
for Level 5
so their payment will be yours
will be yours
will be yours
How much
the donation to graduate here in Pebbles Fund?
ok you will donate
0.4 Bitcoin
to your sponsor
and all these 32
will go to you
Because they will upgrade
into Level 5
you multipy that to 32
ok you will get a donation of
12.8 Bitcoin

so there
our cycle is now finished
because this is only until Level 5
If you still want to continue in Pebbles Fund
You can re-entry
and there is still a fee
of course
if you still want to join again
or not
ok guys
ok congratulations you have successfully earned your
first 12 Bitcoin
just in 2 months
or if not only in 2 months
if you are very dilligent in inviting
and also the invites of your invites
the more faster you graduate
and there
once you all have graduated
its just a cycle
there’s no need to invite more
because you and you alone
are in the structure
so there guys
Thank you for watching
Pebbles Fund presentation that I made
and if you want to join us
You can catch us on Facebook
I will link it below
on where our Pebbles Fund inquires
and there take note all our spill overs
will be yours
that’s why you only need 2 invites
Because the more invites
we get
the faster we will be able to
Level up
Here in Pebbles Fund
Thank you guys for watching
and have a great day!

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