13200 DOLAR GELİYOR MU? 🔥 BITCOIN’DE YENİ HEDEF NE? (BTC ve Altcoin’lerde Yükseliş Devam Edecek Mi?)

How are we having fun, guys? What is Bitcoin in this episode, how long
can the uptrend continue? Why does Bitcoin need to rise up to $ 13200
and what should we consider when buying altcoin in the environment to earn money? We will analyze Bitcoin and altcoins to the
full extent and put them on the table in all aspects, we will do technical analysis in
the following minutes, and how can the uncertainties brought by England’s final departure from
the European Union affect Bitcoin? All in this section. Let me thank you for getting started. Our new members dear Kadir Koran, Gökalp
Taşçı, Mustafa Sonmez, Bedia Hakenkruger, İbrahim Çelik, Baha Uyar who become financial
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Özal. Now, sit back. Without wasting time, we start with full speed,
bam and bam. Friends, do you remember? Bitcoin started rocketing around $ 7600 one
afternoon 1-2 months ago, and rose to $ 10.4000 at midnight, it was worth it, then it fell. Of course, we watched the duel of the Telegram
group with friends, bulls, bears, big buyers and big sellers, just like a match. Because when it comes to duel, I think one
side wants to show strength by raising Bitcoin, and the other wants to show strength by lowering
it. When it reaches the level, there is no technical
analysis anyway. In the meantime, if you want to participate
in the Ledger raffle and support me for this video, subscribe to my channel immediately,
tap the bell, like the videos and write comments. Sometimes I wanted to remind. Friends, also, England has finally completed
the process of leaving the European Union, which has turned into a snake story for 2-3
years. For the first time in a full 47-year history
of the European Union, a country has left together. British flags were downloaded from European
Union buildings in Brussels. Now there is the next critical 11 months. Britain and the European Union will determine
their future relations and risks. I mean, get an 11-month uncertainty like a
nurtopu. The imbalances and trade troubles on this
side can affect Bitcoin just as in the American Chinese trade wars. Some say uncertainties benefit Bitcoin, Bitcoin
rises in uncertain environment. I disagree very much with this. Because if that were the case, it would have
risen in the last 1-2 years due to the trade wars between America and China that had become
harsh at times. No, in the environment of uncertainty, the
world’s reference currency, dollar and gold, rises. When does Bitcoin become the reference currency
of the world, or it is branded as digital gold because its supply is limited. Then, in uncertainties, it may pop up. Yes, I strongly agree with the digital gold
idea. But we know it. There are many places in the world that Bitcoin
needs to travel and to increase its price as you go. There is a great visual analysis that supports
this topic, but I did not knowingly put it. Because I will share that visual analysis
with you in a video. Keep following, if you haven’t already, subscribe
right away. So you won’t miss any videos. And let’s talk now, guys. In the times of ascension, never mind where
and what you read on the internet. Make the following distinction very clear,
very sharp. Is there news that may have a lasting effect
on the general market for Bitcoin? For example, Trump supports Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies,
and it is tied up by the process of dismissal. When he was acquitted in the American Senate
yesterday, Trump is now paved the way in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and his projects can
be realized. I am not saying that there is now, but such
a scenario is a development that could cause Bitcoin and altcoins to connect to the rocket
and to a rocket that could raise their prices for a long time, but on the other hand, apart
from a few blank news, such as analyst said Two Bitcoins will be $ 15,000, although there
is nothing other than news of this style, Bitcoin is rising solidly. Bingo! here I am talking about right now. In such cases, I have not been in the gas
for a very long time anymore since I have lost and lost a lot of gas in the past. After a quick market scan and technical analysis,
I do not even look at my back if I can. We are very fit now, because can you see such
a solid example like Trump? But of course, all this is never an obstacle
for Bitcoin to rise. It just leans behind us to an important event,
the news, and the purchase of Bitcoin begins in the public and this will be long-lasting. I am saying that we can be more comfortable
in such situations, but if we analyze the behavior of Bitcoin right now, yes the rises
are very promising and especially if we think that there will be a block halfway in Bitcoin
in May, we can have even more active times, sleepless nights. In addition, we were longing for the sleepless
nights that we made incessantly. And for example I persistently express my
expectation of $ 11,800 increase. In fact, $ 11800 should not be too far for
you. Because when it has fallen to $ 3000, when
everyone is down, I remember those 12,000 dollars that will come here. After that, we went up to $ 13800. Therefore, it is not investment advice, nothing,
but in the not-distant future, we can increase to $ 11800 and then to $ 13200. The $ 13200 level is a new emerging level. Don’t worry I’ll tell. Keep watching full throttle. Now you know my $ 11800 claim. I am trying to come to you with six full claims,
not six empty claims. There are two analyzes that have undermined
Bitcoin’s possible rise to $ 11800. First, you know, there is a price gap of $ 11800,
and Bitcoin will eventually come back and fill the price gaps, like the furry shop where
the fox will roam around. Second, when Bitcoin is around $ 8600-8700,
look at it, there may be $ 9150-9200 dollars because we talked about the need to complete
the cup handle formation, and then Bitcoin has risen within a short time, the handle
of the fian has been completed as we expected and even went beyond. Although we cannot say that it will be 100%
from now on, technical analysis says that looking at us with the naked eye, Bitcoin
can increase as much as the depth of this cup. He points out $ 1,800. Nevertheless, I never give it as investment
advice. Friends, of course there is this. I try to share possible scenarios with you. There is also the possibility that it has
not been out of the cup yet. Bitcoin’s movement and the starting point
of the cup are in line with this scenario right now, but don’t worry. This is a much better thing. Because in such a case, the cup gets deeper
and at the end it can raise us to $ 13200. As a result, there are good possibilities. One says we can go up to $ 11800 and the other
to $ 13200. But if we go back to today, we have already
entered a formation that may have fallen to a wedge as of the beginning of January. At the moment, the indicators are very positive,
this formation can only bring a correction in the end, in terms of structure, but whether
or not it already is? Corrections are very important for the health
of the market otherwise balloons can occur with very high rises, just like in 2017. Then it explodes badly. But now to start talking about the decline
that should drop below the $ 9300-9200 levels. Otherwise, the bollinger band is wide. He says there is no hard move, parabolis signaled
take a turn. This is also very positive. The 50-day and 200-day moving averages are
also fine. And let’s switch to altcoins, for example. In Altcoins, you also ask me which coin to
buy. Friends, the formula is simple. In cases where the market is collectively
rising, the project is not taken into consideration to make short-term trades and earn money. You can open the coinmarketcap or whatever
stock market you are using, you may consider buying coins that have not yet been raised
or slightly raised, provided that you do not choose a very low volume and bad coin. Because the turn rises. However, there is an important point here. I said that the order rises, if a coin has
risen nicely in the previous bullish period, it would not make sense to expect an increase
in this period immediately. Of course, it varies depending on the market,
but if a coin usually rises and completes its cycle, it can enter a new bullish cycle
after 1-3 months. Now I will make an analysis with the general
market volume of altcoins, the market cap. This chart is the chart of
all coins, ie altcoins, except Bitcoin. Currently, the market cap of altcoins is $ 94
billion. Friends, of course, though there are coins
with little or no rising in between, there are generally sharp rises. And here, as if there is a cup handle formation,
guys. It has started to rise sharply since 15 December. It will surely have a correction somewhere,
but again no investment advice, but it looks positive afterwards. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s dominance dropped to
65 in the meantime. Falling alone does not mean negative. You can see that from Bitcoin’s price rise. It just means that. There is fresh money entry into the crypto
money market. This money inflow is mostly to altcoins than
Bitcoin. The upsurge in Bitcoin Cash is an example. By the way, you know, every Monday, Wednesday
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and questions from you shortly. Friends, a total of 112 different animal meat such as dogs,
foxes, peacocks, ostriches, koala, bats and donkeys were sold at the Fish Market in Wuhan,
China, where this Coronavirus originated. It’s really not a stomach up when you think about it province. Now, if you want, let’s read the ones from
you quickly.


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