[2019.06.22] (Eng/sub) Daily Scalping Video

Hi guys it’s Scalper Noh
In this video, let’s see how can we trade
near previous peak when there is low volume
In other words when it tries to break resistance line
with very weak power(=low trading volume)
This video is originally 13 hours long
I made 0.22 BTC profit in the whole video
But this video is short enough
and can help you learn trading, so I edited only this part
Because this video is about 20 min long,
so I will explain while playing it
This is an image captured at start of the video
There is resistance line which is previous highest price
like these red lines
That’s why I keep taking short position
Let’s see trading volume
There is huge gap between two circles
Usually there is comparatively high trading volume
near the previous highest price
because of stop loss orders & new short position takers
But in this chart, there is obviously
too less trading volume
There is high possibility that price falls much
when price goes up without much trading volume near resistance line(=previous peak)
Let’s watch the video
I enter short position again and again because
price goes up without enough trading volume
Trading volume increased but not that big enough
At this moment price goes up but there are no liquidations, no stop losses
If you are not experienced in this scalping point,
please do not use high leverage
I enter 10x leverage with cross leverage,
but I recommend using low leverage
This leverage is too high, so please use low
leverage if you are not experienced
You can raise leverage
after you are experienced enough
In fact there is no need of using high leverage,
so if you are risk averse that leverage is too high
I was so confident that it will fall soon,
that’s why I still take more short
Let’s see 1 hour chart at tradingview
It’s near here
There are too less volume,
about 1/10 than previous peak
That gave me more confidence that it will fall soon
1 min chart is also too odd.
If it skyrockets candles will be a lot bigger
If traders who have big open positions
are liquidated(or stop loss) consecutively
It can go up like hundreds dollars.
So it can get to near your liquidation price
If you don’t want to take high risk, use lower leverage just in case of overshooting
Several seconds ago, it can go up hundreds dollars
if it breaks 1.1k which triggers consecutive stop loss
That’s why I don’t take another position,
then start taking more short after seeing it fails
Short covering at $10938 and $10915,
it seems like stop loss
but considering orders separately it is taking profit and lowering risk because I took short at higher price
Price goes up again as a rebound, but volume is too less
It is usually a sign of fake rebound.
I am taking more short after watching rebound volume
There is only one condition that we should care
You can see support line(=red line). If it supports the red line again and again for more than 10 or 20 minutes
then we should be ready for stop loss
or reduce risk(=lowering leverage) for just in case
I closed positions
Considering risk I had, profit might be not that enough
I am satisfied with making profit somehow
with no stop loss
You should use low leverage as a training
until you get used to this entry points
Taking short position here is due to resistance line
(=near previous peak)
Thanks for watching it!


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