2020s bring Bitcoin wealth, hope, & abundance! Get out of collapse mode! Bring on opportunity!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to a very special flashback
slash elite bitcoin holder show yes it’s
time for a bonus video that’s conviction
strong hand yeah this is a hybrid type
of show you’re going to get some
classics from 2016 you’ll learn
something you’ll see that I’ve got some
conviction I’ve been saying the same
thing for a while and you’ll get a peek
into my audio podcast only shows the
elite bitcoin holder show maybe some of
you have heard this well now all of you
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enjoy I told you to hold it’s at 680 now
we all know that the majority of people
in the United States are the opposite
they are obsessed with this comedy
politics all on TV and don’t be like
if you’re paying more attention to
Bitcoin look how exciting it is now $680
you already know what you need to know
about Trump and Clinton okay and sex
scandals it’s like don’t waste your time
in the long run this election is going
to pass your wealth is not going to pass
okay you’re going to have to after
November 8 is that the day of the
election yet afternoon if every you’re
still gonna have to manage your wealth
the election will be decided
people like us we have an advantage we
don’t get caught up in the distractions
and we don’t fall behind in life so try
to be that way try not to get caught up
in distractions get it focused on your
should get focused on Bitcoin and just
it simple by an old I am reaching out to
the McDowell’s I have done this before I
will do it again I think the entire
Bitcoin community should graciously
reach out to these guys and to lead that
because a lot of them are wondering
they’re curious group because when you
go through this decision process and
Vinci was kind of talking about this
today how when he became a make town and
realized that he wasn’t gonna get
married there’s a lot of there’s some
frustration there’s some anger there’s
all sorts of emotions and and people can
lose their way and get caught up in
anger they caught up and all sort of get
concocted sadness depression whatever I
want to say to those guys who are
confused about their personal lives and
everything like that that you cannot
lose focus on on your financial life and
bitcoin is just this amazing thing so as
I was seeing in the in the previous
section in this video that I’m not
getting caught up in politics you young
guys out there or middle-aged guys or
whatever don’t get caught up in nonsense
learn about Bitcoin doesn’t know a lot
of people are curious about big a lot of
big towels and the me tell is the
perfect Bitcoin person really a guy
who’s gonna be able to invest in himself
and is independent type of person
doesn’t go with the flow doesn’t need a
wife to feel like he’s normal and so
Bitcoin is right now as an outsider’s
type of thing it is not always gonna be
an outsider type of game though but if
these guys they don’t want to miss out
now we still don’t have that much money
but the only that they do have they have
a little bit of extra cash they put it
in the Bitcoin now they’re gonna be some
happy min towels and you know five or
ten years or by 2020 hopefully
worth more as I always say here’s a
spoiler alert everyone there’s not going
to be World War 3 in the fourth quarter
of 2016 I think he starts to talk about
the fourth quarter 2016 I don’t know if
he predicts that but don’t worry people
don’t get caught up in that there’s
Iovine World War 3 with Russia or China
or anyone in the next few months don’t
worry it’s Bitcoin take care of your
financial south don’t lock yourself in a
bunker hello everyone this is adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister welcome to the elite bitcoin
holder show that is only available in
audio podcast format I want to talk
about a problem on this in on this
planet there’s so many people a lot of
them men that feel hopeless and they are
obsessed with an upcoming collapse of
society and the collapse of the planet
it’s just around the corner and little
do they know that this collapse that
isn’t going to happen has been around
the corner for years and years but now
more than ever people are believing it
and taking their belief in it to the
next level there is no reason to be
hopeless if you’re stuck in collapse
mode then you will be blind to the
golden age that we are entering now that
we’ve already entered in terms of
technology and abundance that’s out
there that you can go in a completely
different direction you don’t need to be
measured in the old standards you don’t
need to find meaning in some corporate
job or government job there is so much
creativity out there
the world needs Bitcoin now ok this
industry cryptocurrency Bitcoin whatever
you want to call it it should be as
unregulated as possible and people
should be able to go their own way in it
there’s so
potential in no matter what even in
countries try to regulate it it is
growing at an incredible rate now we
already know this next decade is going
to be dominated by cryptocurrency this
is going to be something that all the
creative minds of the people that aren’t
into these set paths that were defined
in the 1980s or the 1960s the white
picket fence paths this is where those
type of people are going to be are going
to get into and there are a lot of
creative minds that are stuck in the
doom and hopelessness realm of upcoming
collapse that could much better use
their brains in this amazing new
industry that is just blooming right now
and again we’re talking about the Golden
Age it’s beyond Bitcoin – its
nanotechnology there’s a space
exploration health new health
discoveries longevity I mean what a time
to be alive but we have people that have
lost all meaning in life and are willing
to take incredibly desperate actions and
insane actions so I just want to say
they’re gonna be people to say well
there’s so many scams in the crypto
industry people will be let down if they
get into it well let me let’s put in
perspective here would you rather people
coming up with you know scam coins if
you want to call matter or big connect
Ponzi’s or or would you rather people be
so depressed and down they go on these
shooting sprees okay there’s no question
about it in in the free market of ideas
there going to be some wacky ideas that
are totally scams but the people are
going to survive those wacky ideas and
some of them I’m gonna have a fun time
gambling on them and learning lessons
from them
that’s that’s supposed to and they’re in
motion when they’re getting into these
these things but people are not in
motion when they are in Douma panic mode
obsessed over the collapse that is
around the corner and when you become
when you get into that and do mine
of upcoming collapse into semi collapse
that world word is used in so many
different ways today they’re the economy
is about to collapse the job market is
about to collapse the the environment is
about to collect these things aren’t
have no they’re not happening people
been saying this for years technology
cancels this type of stuff out
innovation don’t you want to be involved
on in the innovation side of things
instead of worrying about the collapse
side of things there’s no there’s no
progress in being obsessed with collapse
there is so much progress in this
innovation and and again bitcoin is at
the tip of the spear in innovation and
it is the future of the world and you
should find hope in this next decade of
changes that’s exciting that’s exciting
stuff we’re not doomed and again it’s
the total opposite it’s a golden age but
so many people don’t realize that they
don’t and because it does take some work
cut now sadly to realize that wait a
second with the government’s been
preaching what the stare mongers on TV
have been preaching that everything’s
about to fall apart and that you need to
panic and then you need to worry and you
need to get a government job and you
need to depend on the government that
that’s not true that isn’t true and
that’s just the way of the 80 percenter
depended class and and that’s you know
it’s easy to hope to be a collectivist
like that that’s the default to be an
individual you have to opt out of the
collectivist mindset it is an
so the collectivist mainstream concept
break the mainstream paradigm right now
is its doom and gloom we need leaders to
fix everything the collapse is imminent
you I have no control over my life but
the Golden Age that we’re in is way
second you’re getting more and more
control over your life because of this
technology because of all the options
out there you don’t have to live
traditional lifestyles anymore and at
Bitcoin embodies all of this
so I say you know you could you can be
in the collapse mode or you can be in
compete slash creative mode okay and I
got to tell you I love being creative
there’s so many different ways you can
go with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and
there’s there’s much competition to be
to get the most Bitcoin to save the most
there’s a lot of self-discipline in
there and so again why are people in
this day and age of technology they
become more and more worried about who
their political leaders are why I mean
putting voting on a pedestal think think
logically about it why do you do that
there is so little influence over the
so-called greater good that you that you
have by voting okay and people are
obsessed with it they’re up spend so
much time worrying about their little
teeny bit of so-called influence over
the greater good compare that to the
personal responsibility culture and you
have a hundred percent control over your
own life with personal responsibility
okay as opposed to voting which is this
your little sliver of hope that you have
well I’m going to make a difference in
the greater good of society no control
take control over your own life with
personal responsibility and you will
thrive in whatever society will be out
there and you will be in an overlay
where you don’t have to worry about
these 100% control freak politicians you
are not worthless and again in this DNA
soar so many men that feel they are
worthless and then they go on these
rampages because they think this is the
only way they can make a statement the
only way they can make a change always
be learning learning and you’ll be able
to do anything you’ll be able to pivot
change your life create a system a new a
new system that you define you don’t
choosing there’s no reason to obsess
over people getting government jobs
because they check they check some box
they have no real qualifications stop
valuing traditional job stop valuing
corporate jobs and government jobs and
in traditional standards okay you there
are a lot of people that are angry or
wydad why did this person get that
government job and I didn’t why are all
these people getting government jobs
getting government handouts and I’m not
don’t worry about that stuff it’s it’s
it’s worthless to you don’t have envy
don’t be envious there’s so much
opportunity that that’s out there now
that you you can change yourself for the
better and you don’t have to worry about
collective groups which one’s going to
win is your tribe going to win beat the
other tribe then never ends that never
that that type of and you go down a
spiral of very unproductive thinking and
unproductive actions actually so yeah
you again you are not worthless you’ve
got a brain you can exercise that brain
by learning and one can find meaning in
Bitcoin accumulation okay you can be
proud of the self discipline and proud
that you are acquiring real assets again
there’s so many people everything is so
fake today everything’s no there’s
there’s a lot of things stuff out there
there’s a lot of stuff out there there’s
a lot of people that only care about
appearances doesn’t mean you have to you
can acquire real assets and be proud of
them be proud that you of your wealth
you are not a victim again today we have
it’s its wealth shaming and victim
priding you don’t have to be part of
that you can be pride in being up
wealthy and just ignore the victims and
and again bitcoin helps you acquire real
new skills also that you can find
meaning in those new skills and there’s
so few people that are getting off their
butts you know willing to learn any new
skill I mean it immediately makes you a
twenty percent so remember you 2020s it
is the decade of the double 20% of 2020
there are so many so many opportunities
for 20 percenters out there if you have
a 20% or mindset if you
care about fitting in but again there we
have seen lately that people have become
so obsessed with fitting in and feel
like they have no meaning in life that
they’ll never have a job that they’ll
never have a fancy cars and everything
that they go they go wacko and they get
into panic mode and are just totally
hopeless and are sure that everything is
going to collapse so why don’t they take
their own lives and bring a lot of other
people down with them this is an era of
transition set yourself up for the
automatic nation decade or whatever you
want to call it be a twenty percent IRR
you I mean you again you don’t have to a
lot of people like Mike Mike town my
city my state’s becoming such a breeding
ground of of incompetence and in looser
think and just meaninglessness well okay
maybe if you feel that way you can move
to up they are plenty of cities where if
you’re if you’re worried about
immigrants if you’re worried about
someone taking your job if you really
blown that then move away from them move
the Boise okay
again there’s it’s a lot different in
that part of the country and there’s a
lot of a lot of people moving their move
to these exciting new places and you had
Boise that sounds boring it’s an Idaho
have you ever been there
have you actually have ever traveled
around be in motion don’t get stuck in
the mentality that oh it’s a it’s all
it’s all going to end there’s no need to
explore the world and maybe again maybe
your town does look down and out there
are if you’re in America you need to
move anywhere you don’t have to be a
tree you can move out of the country but
I’d say you know check out Boise check
out the Boise Jersey check out Spokane I
have been I had been there before and
spending plenty of time there and
there’s no reason to be hopeless there
there probably are some people but you
will see the ways I get the collapse of
my own city I don’t have to be I don’t
have to go down with the ship
in Baltimore I can go to a city that’s
that’s up and coming in the United
States so
again it’s not that it’s not everything
is going to come to you easily okay if
you just sit there it’s it’s not gonna
necessarily come to you might have to
travel around to get into a new system
to be inspired you always have to look
for inspiration out there I think and
moving around and thinking and reading
that that conjures up all sorts of
Awesome inspiration and makes you a
stronger person and gets you out of
collapse mode so I think I’ll leave it
on that note i’m adam meister because
this is such a positive era we are in
right now and i I think we should all
spread the word of Bitcoin and the
potential of this 20 20 decade this 20%
or decade that there’s some easy ways
out for the people who think they are
worthless that are that are stuck in
collapse mode it is again there are so
many videos out there by so and and some
people are so-called you know positive
people saying well yeah we’ve got a
feeder automatic your this there’s
nothing to fear there’s nothing to fear
there is no collapse and we people have
been waiting for the so-called collapse
for so long and life just keeps on
getting better in the United States
abundance keeps on growing and bitcoin
is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is this
wild wild west land of opportunity that
everyone should know about and that the
government should to keep their hands
off of and we should and that’s and to
bring this to spin it this way to
government officials like hey dudes
let this be a free free market promote
this let people print their own money
and you won’t have people shooting up
shooting up Walmart’s and shooting up
bars and anymore if you give people this
hope that that getting rid of you know
allowing hopelessness to go away and to
get people out of this collapse
mentality will be very good for society
as a whole state positive people i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister please follow me on
Tec HP alt email me at Adam at Tresor
help calm and you can send me DMS also
if you like these these type of shows if
I should go more on these beyond Bitcoin
type of a direction and tell me if
you’re excited about the 2020s like I am
I will see you later


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