24 Hour Box Fort In The Woods 📦 Dollar Store Survival Challenge (Part 1)

I’m on the way secured the package
they’re chasing me though I’m almost there hold on
blink you need to hurry ya hear you loud and clear I’m almost at the drop-off
point package is secure but they’re gaining on me Logan I pulled up to the
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have ever launched Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and today
guys we are doing something super awesome we’re doing a survival challenge
that’s right we’re going into the cold dark woods where there are bears there
is maybe Bigfoot there is other creepy stuff in there I don’t know what lives
in the woods guys but we’re doing another survival challenge welcome back
and today’s survival challenge is gonna be a little bit different because we are
doing the $40 dollar store survival challenge Oh me is Logan we only get 40
dollars to spend at the dollar store and we have to use all of those items to
survive overnight you guys like these and want us to do more of them smash
that like button down below let’s try and crush 40,000 lights upon this video
for our next survival town I was really hoping we could go
dogsledding Oh that’d be cool I like winter camping but yeah guys let us know
what you think down below and let us know about some other survival
challenges we can dog sledding winter camping guys let us know down below
would be really cute to see all the dogs that would be nice but anyway guys of
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of Jake video but before we head on over to the dollar store
we need to gear up with a few essential items that we’re bringing with us now
we’re not including the cardboard we’re not including the tape and we’re not
including flashlights because well we need those to film and obviously to
build and can’t buy those at the dollar store but we’re also gonna be bringing
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these you would pick but Logan we’ve got to go we’ve got to grab our money which
I have here $20 and $20 and we need to head to the dollar store and start
buying some essential items and then head to the woods because this survival
challenge is just getting started let’s go guys we only have 40 dollars to spend
but we’re gonna need of course blankets and water food $4 our budget man also
need some stuff to like entertain ourselves because we’re gonna be there
all night so we’ve got to manage this budget as best as we can all Logan it’s
the toy section definitely get some of these for the trip because I want to do
something at night we don’t have the money for toys well this is four bucks
so these are 26 plus we need something to defend ourselves against the Coyotes
so I’ve got a bunch of stuff so far we’ll do a summary after the fact what
kind of show you guys everything that we got with our 20 bucks each but I found
the snack out so I think it’s time we got some snacks because we need dinner
snacks and breakfast so we’re gonna need a lot you just got out of the dollar
store and we have all of our items they’re all in the back
right now we’re heading down to the forest so we’re ready to start the
challenge the Sun is kind of going down looking we’re a bit late on the Sun here
but we underestimated how fast the Sun Goes Down yeah we’re gonna need to start
filling this thing quick but before we do start building it / maybe after we
build it we’re gonna show off all the items I think want to show you guys
everything we got cuz it’s gonna be a little bit of a surprise I think you
guys are gonna think it’s really funny I love this challenge so far so if you
guys like it slap a like on this video like I said cuz I’d love to do another
one of these but hopefully we can survive me and Logan didn’t show each
other what we got so I’m really hoping Logan got a lot of food Logan okay we
just made it back to the forest as you can see it is actually extremely cold
it’s like cold October weather it’s the kind of weather you want to be inside
drinking some nice hot chocolates some nice warm soup but I know we’re we’re
out here in the middle of the forest going to go survive on $40.00 of dollars
store items but anyway so we’re heading this way into the woods we’ve got a
little bit farther down to go before we spend finding clearing there’s kind of
like a creek here that we can follow dollars supplies so we’ll update you
guys when we get there and then we got to start building because it’s getting
dark it’s getting frigid and I really hope we don’t freeze I did not expect
the cold would be this big of a factor in this challenge I’ve got a bit of a
creek to follow we’re carrying all of our supplies here kind of difficult
look at how you holding up in the front it’s getting really cold fast dude it is in terms of light we are losing
visibility so at this point I think our number-one priority is just getting this
thing built and getting inside it’s gotta use Alma balance pop Jake crossing
the creek Logan is extremely good on rocks
he is like a mountain goat I’m not good on rock I feel like I’m gonna fall in
well and there she is guys home sweet home for the next 24 hours got our nice
clear in here a rock looking out onto the creek buggy we shoulda brought a
fishing rod because we could fish Jake did you not learn from last time that
there are no fish in this Creek that’s true there’s like nothing in here I
don’t know what lives in here I’ve seen a few frogs and stuff like that
luckily guys it’s so cool that I don’t think there’s gonna be any issues with
the bugs tonight so I don’t think we’re not like that many mosquitoes or stuff
like that but like I said I think this cold is gonna be our number one enemy
tonight there is something in these woods that we found out about there is
something called kayo Wolf’s and these Chi wolves are coyotes mixed with wolves
from you you’re taking two things that are scary to see at night and putting
them together and then you get a massive wolf coyote
thing it’s werewolf well hopefully we don’t run into any of those tonight and
I mean I did bring a good amount of supplies so hopefully there’s something
in there we can use I don’t know what Logan brought yet but we’re gonna get
the rest of the supplies over and then we’re gonna start building up our base
for the night I’m thinking for this build we go for like a 4×4 also like I
said guys we started this challenge a little bit later in the day so we’re
gonna be surviving most of tomorrow during the daylight hours which is nice
but yeah I think we’ll build it here close to the creek and we’ll go for a
4×4 all right guys so check this out we’ve been working on the floor for a
little while now it’s looking pretty good it’s actually in massive form which
I’m pretty hyped about but the sun’s going down it’s getting cold so yeah we
gotta get this thing to fully operational and quick and then I pretty
much just want to get inside bring all of our gear in here and kind of spend
most of the night here we definitely didn’t come early enough we’re gonna get
this roof on and it will update you guys when we’re inside all right guys so
we’ve just finished building the box for it as you can see it’s all here it’s
nice and built and I think it’s pretty sturdy for the night so I think right
now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna head inside the fort and bring all of
our bags from the dollar store inside and see what we brought for this
challenge and see what we can use to deck out this fort and survive the night
all right bag number one bank number two do check this place out it’s actually
pretty sweet and I’m already feeling extremely cozy here and it’s a lot
warmer than outside I know we say this a lot guys but Fox Sports are so warm
freezing out there but I’m already ready to take off my hoodie and get back on
the Papa Jake we even added you know send some funky tape to the coloring
here to make you even look more homey but look my you coming shot let’s close
the door here because we don’t know what’s outside and I want to stay nice
and safe inside this box or but let’s dive into all of our dollars to our
items and show you guys what we got we actually go out a tonne of items I’m
surprised at how much we could get I think you guys gonna be surprised I got
some funky stuff in here Logan you want to take out the first
item first item I have is a blanket okay all right definitely smart idea because
we are gonna be here all night oh that’s one of my items guys check
this out you’re gonna love this little gift
this looks disgusting it’s not disgusting okay it is a beautiful ham
dinner for us in the fire because you know you’re gonna buy Doritos you’re
gonna buy chocolate why not have a hand down I don’t know if I’m gonna eat this
I might just stick to Doritos perfectly healthy look I’ll be having this for
dinner guys all right you got a teddy bear this is no because you know I knew
they were Keio wolves I knew there was the r8 guys put a hashtag mr. fluffy
down below he’s awesome Laki streamers yeah dude I
thought I could proceed in the night okay so on a survival night you thought
you’d prank me but but but what if what if just what if a bear bust through that
door and you’re in the corner they’re all like oh I got a bear and I break
this out BAM whack Easter everyone knows bears are scared of wacky streamers I
have a few luxury I’ve got a head pillow over here I found
a yoga man are you guys popping popping are you doing yoga while on survival
challenge no I’m not doing yoga boy I’m going to use this fork is to sleep on it
because ass right now we don’t have our survival mats that we normally bring so
we’re gonna be sleeping on cold hard ground but not with this
I got a disco ball Moston glad you’re gonna disco ball you’re making fun of me
for getting silly string when are we gonna use a disco ball I’m you know at
least it wasn’t a prank it was just for aesthetic decoration this useful thing
we could have gotten and what if a bear comes in we’re gonna say hey bear start
dancing talk about real survival gear I got us a bow and arrow set that’s right
so now when we go out if there is something we can use these to take him
down I was also thinking tomorrow we could have some fun target practice to
this because yeah they might be from the dollar store but it looks like a real
bow and arrow oh and check this out guys I got a full-on drum set no no no good
thing but if a bear comes at you you gotta make as much noise as possible
right so what’s more noise than Papa Jake’s epic drum solo on his drum set in
a box for surviving in the woods well it looks like this is my dinner all
right I got some orange juice for breakfast okay
I got a Frappuccino for breakfast you know coffee and orange juice
I got period water Logan we’re surviving in the woods not going to a five-star
restaurant I was thinking you know big sound
airhorn to scare bears all right last but not least I got my fruit loops for
breakfast get this comfy blanket I got an awesome nerf gun and I got a dice
just in case we want to roll this dice I don’t know okay as in Logan if we hear a
noise at night are you going out or me crazy oh okay oh and I got a slinky okay
why would you get a sleep we don’t you have stairs in here Logan I want the
slinky okay you know what fine all right I agree it’s like it was a good idea
that’s pretty cool we’re gonna take all of our gear we’re gonna deck out this
box fork on the inside to make it as little curious as possible because it’s
pitch black it’s freezing cold out but that doesn’t mean we can’t
a nice luxurious box for it it’s kind of funny once you’re in here and all the
lights are on you honestly forget that you’re in the middle if you forget that
just outside here is pitch-black and the woods so let’s set everything up and
we’ll see you guys in a second all right guys and just like that we have decked
out our forest dollar box for its survival
guys look at how sick this is I can’t believe oh yeah actually Optimus made
this like a billionaire box fort with just 40 bucks I’ve got a nice mattress
pad here I’ve got my blanket pillow and okay check out my drum set for the Papa
Jake solo when the bear comes a hand with one of these all right over on my
side I mean I actually got more for us in terms of food and drinks I didn’t
really splurge on the toys but over here I got my nerf gun I got my fruit loops
snacks drinks and just in case I have my bear horn thing but yeah hopefully no
bears come oh well guys I think it is time for Logan to enjoy his dinner ruffles for dinner I’m having a nice ham
dinner when I actually decide is because we’re surviving anymore but we also have
to survive for most of the day I pretty much made me breakfast so I’m gonna save
my beans for tomorrow’s breakfast and look it over a nice fire make them nice
and warm tonight guys all we have for dinner is Russell cheek what were you
thinking thank real late no mr. fluffy you can’t
eat them wait okay yes did you hear I don’t know
if you guys for that on the GoPro did you hear that dude yeah that sounded
like wolves uh okay I mean down here is more likely a chi
wolves yeah that’s true guys there could be KY wolves before is
kind of joking now there might actually be some outside okay all right I
remember the box for they’re not gonna come in the box for the the ham
Boggan Duke I will small ham guys are no missing few different goobers


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