24 HOUR TRAIN IN PAKISTAN (Extreme Travel Pakistan)

English, Spanish & French subtitles
available in the CC options So by now… I guess most of you know
how this works. I show you some news clips
about the country in question. Breaking news
out of Pakistan. Mixed messaging
coming from Pakistan… Pakistan settle
your own problems… World leaders are urging Pakistan
and India to take some deep breaths… And then I go there… And see what it’s like behind
the headlines. But wait a second, I think this guy has
some things to say… There’s one place once described
as the world’s most dangerous country that’s offering up
a pleasant surprise… Pakistan. So should we see if we can find that pleasant
surprise this man is talking about? I’m confident we’re going
to find something. ♪♪♪ More of the Pakistan
that I was expecting to see… ♪♪♪ Everyone should
come in Pakistan… There’s nothing
wrong with it! Wonderfully peaceful now… Karachi, Pakistan
Population 25 Million So we’ve just arrived
at the train station here, in Karachi. And we are heading
to Islamabad on a train to be like 22 hours minimum,
I think. We got like business class,
air conditioning… Never heard of business class
on a train before but… Very interested
to see what it’s like and interesting to share
with you guys but… Here again
with Shahbaz, the Karachi local. As you can see, this train station
behind me is in really good condition, beautiful building,
has been recently restored. Are you ready to go to Islamabad
on a 22 hours sleeper train? – Let’s do it. So, as you can see,
our train has arrived. You can see they sell little
treats here on the side. There’s business class… BUSINESS CLASS And that’s what we’re lucky
enough to be taking today, which… I’ll put the price
on the screen. So I thought it was pretty reasonable
for how long the train journey is. But I’m just going to
show you economy first and then I’ll take you
to our cabin and I’ll show you
business. ECONOMY CLASS So, this is economy… So, it’s all just open. And there’s three beds
here in economy. And there’s no AC,
it’s just fans. So, you get the idea
of economy here. I’ll put the price on the screen
of how much an economy seat costs. So this is the toilet… Still squat toilet but
its considerable amount cleaned. And who do we have here? – Hey. So, yeah…
This is the business cabin. So, there are three beds
here as well then. – Yeah.
– Okay. This one goes down
when you are in the nighttime. As you can see,
it’s quite luxury. We’ve got the fan and air conditioning. And we got
charging ports? – Yes, we do.
– Nice. So, yeah…
We’re super early. We’re like
two hours early that’s why
everything’s empty. But at least we got to explore
the different cabins. I think there’s a first class
here as well… But yeah… I’m going to sleep
well tonight. If you didn’t see
the last video, check that out because
we explored Karachi and met some
amazing people, and we saw the chaos of that city
with 20 million people in it. It’s mental.
Anyway, see you soon. THE NEXT DAY Good morning. Pretty good night’s sleep,
like six or so hours. You can see they brought us
breakfast and tea this morning. And… They also give you a little
complimentary little goodie bag, with a toothbrush and shaver,
and everything. Thank you. We got one other guy
in our cabin. An older gentleman,
he’s just chilling at the top sleeping. But yeah, generally… People are very friendly
on this train. So, I just come
to the economy class to walk through
while is people in it, just to have a look. So I guess the difference between
economy and business is, obviously, they get the service, they bring you tea,
breakfast and lunch. And if you want dinner
you have to pay for that. Here I guess they don’t
give you anything. I’m not too sure. And then, obviously,
we’ve got air conditioning. But air conditioned
for 22 hours sometimes
it’s a bit much, so… I don’t know if the economy might be
a bit better in that regard but… These guys are go around
cleaning the train as it goes and making sure
everything’s good. It’s really well maintained
I must say. – How are you?
– Good. How are you? – I’m good.
– What’s happening? – Just traveling.
– Going to Islamabad? – No, I’m going to Khanewal.
– Okay. – Where are you going?
– I’m going to Islamabad. – Okay.
– Are you living there? – No, I’m living in Karachi.
– Okay. – Yeah, I’m just going to my relatives.
– Okay. – Well, nice to meet you sir.
– Thanks. Have a good day. We just stopped
at a station here nice to get some fresh air. We must have been traveling
for maybe 10 hours or so, so far… So another 12,
I think… Hey, how are you? You’re good? So yeah… I better get back
on this train before it leaves
without me. Cool, so we’ve just
had a visitor. And what was your name again? – Harris.
– Harris… – Yes.
– Cool, nice to meet you. What are you doing today? Tell me about your journey
and why you’re going to Islamabad. Well, I’m relocating from
Karachi to Islamabad. – So, you’re moving there.
– Yeah. Is that a big move for you? Is it scary or it’s all good? Well, I’ve been going here
and there since my last 10 years, when I was like
in my teenagers. So, I’ve been doing it. Like, I’ve been to Ukraine, Poland… – Gulf countries…
– Okay. Did you like living
in Poland? I was there for a week…
So, yeah. A week. – But you lived in Ukraine then or…?
– Yeah. – I lived in Ukraine for almost 10 years.
– 10 years? Yes. – In Kiev, right?
– Exactly. What about in terms of people comparison
to Pakistani people and Ukrainian? What’s the difference? – In your eyes.
– I should be honest here… – If I compare, there’s one mutual…
– Similarity? Yeah, similarity between
these two… Both are
welcoming people. I’ve been very warmly
welcomed by Ukraine comparing to going more
to the west. – Really?
– Yes. So you felt more welcome
in Ukraine than in UK? – For example, in the European Union countries…
– Okay. Can you give some examples?
Maybe, what… France or…? – Compared to Polish.
– Polish? Okay. But they were still… Well, another reason is because
I was speaking their language in Ukraine. – Right. You speak Ukrainian?
– Yeah. – I’ve been married there.
– Right. I speak Ukrainian,
I speak Russian… Any foreigners thinking
about coming to Pakistan… Do you recommend
they do? Do you think
it’s a safe country? Well, even when you will, like,
completing your visit, you would understand
how comfortable this country is, how welcoming
the people are here… And you will find different cultures,
from south to the north, you will see a different culture,
different climate in the north. You will see a different culture,
different climate in the south. Right. – So it’s very diverse, right?
– Yeah, diverse cultures you’ll see. It’s a great experience. – Thank you sir.
– Thank you man. Cheers. ♪♪♪ So 14 hours
in at this point. And the guy that works on the train
is just brought us some lunch. What do we have here, Shahbaz? That is a lot for one person. We have Biryani, that’s like
a chicken biryani in here. Then we have some
chicken with gravy in it. Yeah… And that’s Daal Lentil… And there’s some
sweet as well, it’s called Halwa. With some Naan. – So it’s like a classic Pakistani lunch.
– Yeah. Yes, this is all included
in the price as well, so… Pretty good, so yeah…
You get breakfast and lunch. With some Daal maybe. I like the taste. Pizza sir, Pizza? No pizza, thank you. So we just arrived
at Lahore train station. We’re going to be here
like 20 minutes, so… I thought i’d stretch
the legs a bit. You’ve probably
heard of… Man, there’s so much
going on here, it’s amazing. You’ve probably heard
of Bollywood, in India. Well, they actually have something
here called Lollywood and that’s originated
here in Lahore. So it’s kind of
the Hollywood of Pakistan. I’ve heard that things are slowly
moving down to Karachi but… This is the origin,
I believe. Guys jumping on the train
before trying to sell pizza and french fries,
and everything. So, they must come in
here to the caterers, jump on the train… Then jump on the train and try to sell
everybody pizza and burgers, and things. It’s good service. So, it’s still another
6 hours from here until we get to
Islamabad. It’s been a long journey
but comfortable. We’re very lucky. Our cabin can fit six but there’s only
three in there. So, it’s quite nice. This is where all the food’s prepared
for the people in business class. Got tea and all the supplies,
and water, and everything. Wow… ♪♪♪ Made it to Islamabad. What a journey. – I recognize you!
– Hey, you do? Hello… – Yeah. I watch your YouTube videos…
– Really? – But I don’t know your name.
– Nick. – Nick?
– Yeah. – Yeah. I recognize you.
– Well, you’re on here on… – You’re on here on the channel now.
– Oh! Subscribe to Nick’s channel – and watch his videos.
– What’s your name? – Wakas.
– Wakas… – Yes. I’m from Karachi.
– Okay. – Yeah. I’m just on official purpose.
– Okay. Well, nice to meet you, aye. – Nice to meet you too.
– I’ll see you around. – How was the journey?
– Hey… – Really comfortable.
– Yeah. – What about you? Did you…? – Yeah, I think we were very lucky…
– We had really interesting conversation with different people on our way to Islamabad… Yeah, nice people. // Native language // Hello, how are you? – Hello, I think you have
a booking.com booking, yeah? – Yeah, Nicholas…
– Yes. No issue… – And my friend is coming.
– Yeah, two rooms, yeah? – Yeah, two rooms, yeah… Made it to our hotel here
in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. We just zipped across
the road to a shopping mall, grabbed some food… It’s now like 11:00 p.m. or so… I figured out before that
I’d left my hotel about 38 hours ago… So, I’m so ready
for this bed. If you want to know
the information for the trains. If you want to know
how you can book them… I’ll leave all the links down below
for the train booking website. It’s a little confusing to use
but I’m sure you get the hang of it. Not at all sponsored but… I’m sure some of you guys
watching this video will want to experience
the beauty of travelling in this subcontinent on train because it’s one of
the best ways to get around. I mean, worldwide really but… Here it’s got kind
of a special touch to it. Anyway, basically falling
asleep at this point. In the next video we’re going to be
exploring the capital city here. And then
the following days we will be heading into
some more wilderness kind of areas, more rural areas, try to get a grasp
of the whole country. Huge thank you to Shahbaz for showing me
around here. Check out his Instagram. He does photos around
Karachi and things, so… Check him out and give him
some support, and… In case I don’t see you… good afternoon,
good evening and good night.

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