$24 Million Bitmex Trading?! Huge Cryptocurrency Adoption News! Ripple XRP + Bitcoin BTC Analysis

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well we don’t have too much new things
to cover from yesterday’s technical
analysis video so if you haven’t checked
it out I would highly recommend you go
check that out as well after you watch
this video because I don’t want to
simply repeat myself for 5 to 10 minutes
but I will say there are a few
interesting things I’ve seen number one
on the daily chart we’ll see we have
some very very large wicks both on the
on the bottom and on top so the candle
bodies are very very small similar to
something that we had seen previously
that led us into bigger moves now this
could be manipulation to either side and
it also could indicate to us that
neither the bulls nor the bears are able
to take command
at this moment they’re both fighting in
either direction no direction has
managed to take to show any form of
strength so for now we are simply
trading in a very small wave in a very
small range now one thing we will see
again on the 4-hour is we are getting
longer and longer
on this bear on this bull flag and that
could indicate again like I said
yesterday that the longer this goes on
the higher the probability that we drop
down and we form a Bart pattern the Bart
Simpson head that we talked about it’s
the longer we trade sideways on this
little higher the possibility of us
dropping down now if we do manage to
break out and right now it looks like we
are struggling to break over the EMAs we
are attempting that if we do manage a
breakout then we could still go up to
this resistance range right here so
basically what we’re looking at is a
break below would take us to support a
break above would take us to resistance
and we’re gonna need that break upwards
to happen pretty soon if we want to see
this before if we want the chance of
going up here the longer we trade
sideways again the weaker in the bulls
look and the higher the probability that
we don’t break upwards but we do come
back down now with technical analysis
you do have to stay up to date with
what’s going on in this moment it is
harder to predict the bias
he’s pretty 50/50 when it comes to me
asking people going around as in the
community what they thinks gonna happen
I’ve seen a lot of people say Bart I’ve
seen a lot of people say a bull flag at
this moment so it is pretty split you’re
gonna have to keep up to date with
what’s going on staying on top of the
charts looking at what’s happening and
be prepared for every move now let’s
move on because something pretty
interesting came to my attention sold a
Bitcoin is the huge Bitcoin short that
we talked about yesterday from crypto
fungus turned out to be fake now I
apologize for bringing that to the
channel I thought I saw it on a ton of
news articles I saw a bunch of people
covering it so I assumed doing my
research that this was real but turns
out apparently the bit Mex thing is fake
and so he didn’t open the short where he
said he did and he didn’t close away I
said he did and he didn’t make 13,000
percent now although that sucks that
this wasn’t correct there are a lot of
people namely marked out four examples
one of them who have closed their shorts
from all the way up top and they’re
sitting in some very very profitable in
they’re sitting in a ton of profit right
now because they closed it at the bottom
when we were at the low three thousands
while they opened it at nearly the tops
although this one was fake there are
countless other people here or countless
other expert traders who have
successfully shorted Bitcoin
the top and one thing I want to note
this is from a bit Mex the leaderboard
in bit Mex now for those of you guys who
don’t know what bit mix is you’re
basically allowed to trade with leverage
so if you haven’t signed up and you want
to sign up use the link down below you
get a discount on your trading fees if
you do use that link if you have some
reasons I will say it is definitely
higher risk than regular exchanges since
you are trading with leverage and if you
want to see if you want to learn more
about it I do have a video up teaching
how to use bit mix but let’s go through
some of the people here heavy autumn
wolf this is the guy I want to talk
about because in the top 25 traders buy
a notional he has six thousand six
hundred and fifty nine point six nine
eight xbt which the equivalent of six
thousand six hundred and fifty nine
point six nine eight Bitcoin and if you
do the math on that he’s up he has
twenty four million dollars in Bitcoin
this amount of Bitcoin would equal
twenty four million dollars roughly at
around the price we are at right now the
crazy thing is is if you take it to the
all-time high it’s worth I think a
hundred and thirty million dollars a
hundred thirty three million dollars if
I’m not if I’m not mistaken of course if
we do take twenty thousand dollars so
this is some insane results you can
guarantee obviously this is not their
real name they don’t show their real
name simply for safety reasons so we
can’t find out more about this person
and I can’t guarantee the hundred
percent that this is correct this is
just going off the bit mix leaderboard
but I would not be surprised given the
fact you could trade with leverage given
the fact how it was that for
cryptocurrency is very very volatile and
there are some people who are some very
good traders out there they could
definitely time the market better than
the average person and therefore see
some crazy results even if you go to the
top twenty-five traders by ro II three
hundred and eighty two thousand and
sixty one percent sign at number one you
guys can see all the other ones as well
this is just absolutely insane and if
you think about it with the volatility
it’s definitely possible so although
that trade was not correct we have some
crazy crazy people out there who are
making some crazy crazy trades and crazy
money and overall just a very very
profitable time in this market if it
goes up or down if you know how to trade
if you’re using you know the ability to
short and long
you can make money on either side of the
swing now good adoption news for
cryptocurrency cuz we’ve got a lot
coming up crypto adoption ahead Nasdaq –
add new Bitcoin and etherium indices so
this goes on top of the 40,000 indices
that I believe Nasdaq already has
they’re now going to add the Bitcoin
liquid index the BL X and V etherium
liquid index the e L X so that’s pretty
cool news now let’s go onto the market
before we dive into some specific all
coins we have a pretty sideways day the
last one for hours bitcoins down 0.4% so
again waiting for a bigger move we’ve
seen some larger wicks like I showed you
guys in the trading view chart we’ve
seen some large weeks on the daily but
overall the candle bodies are very very
small compared to the wakes indicating
we’re opening and closing pretty much at
the same price with very small
differences every single day we are just
over 120 billion dollars in market cap
with a 52.7% Bitcoin dominance biggest
Gator of the day
mo AC maker Komodos going up Arcas of
repos up a on this up and several others
are in the green while roughly half way
we’re gonna see the ones in the red so
like I said pretty much a 50-50 split
Aurora’s down Gemini dollar is down who
ob token is down but again not too much
going on over there as these are stable
coins this is a stable coin as well
plenty X’s down dent is down so for bits
a 50-50 split looking like we have
another sideways day in the market them
you know the chart indicated that pretty
well aetherium is up less than 1% XR
piece of less than 1% yo ass is down you
know 0.22% nothing’s happened since
yesterday in the markets but that
doesn’t mean good news doesn’t continue
to come out because police pension backs
Morgan creeks 40 million dollar
blockchain venture capital fund or the
cool part about this is because for the
most part we’ve seen institutions you
know hesitate to come in to the mark as
it is so new and there’s still so much
that has to come to it we need to have
regulations just a lot of things that
need to come in before institutions get
more comfortable joining the market but
we can see piece by piece more and more
are jumping in so this is just a
representation that a lot of
institutions have been looking and some
are now starting to take the leap and I
think several more are going to continue
to jump in simply because it’s an
opportunity that if they miss and it
does go the way that a lot of the a lot
of the community expects and you know
companies and people don’t adapt to that
they’re going to be left behind so this
was pretty cool to see in my opinion
some good news not individually but in
general for institutions showing that a
lot of institutions are looking in but
they are now starting to take the leap
as well that’s pretty cool now big news
for Ripple Western Union is piloting a
settlement test with ripple again a big
name being tied with ripples showing
potentially showcasing what ripple can
actually do and bring some good adoption
to them not to mention XR pcz surprises
users by allowing purchase of token
directly through credit cards via buying
it so again I say all the time I’m sorry
to have to constantly bring XRP and
ripple news into the video but for the
most part they have the most news out
there compared to any other
cryptocurrency of course not counting
Bitcoin Bitcoin cash I don’t know what
Bitcoin cash is doing apparently it’s
talked about a lot on Twitter I saw in a
poll done personally I haven’t heard
anything so it’s a good chance that a
lot of that is just BOTS but for the
most part XRP has a ton of news coming
all the time Bitcoin has a ton of news
coming out all the time and the fact
that they are on top obviously that does
indicate to us that the market will tend
to follow what Bitcoin does and what the
higher the top all coins are doing but
guys that’s gonna be for this video if
you guys did enjoy don’t forget to leave
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for another video


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