5 Common Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets! (Vietsub, Engsub, Japansub)

5 common types of cryptocurrency wallets.
First, we should distinguish the two main categories
which are hot and cold wallets.
‘Hot’ wallets are those connected to the Internet.
We can use our devices to access our funds
at anytime that we want.
On the other hand, ‘cold’ wallets are not connected to the Internet.
We can store our funds offline, so basically
this method is considerable more secure than ‘hot’ wallet.
Let’s talk about five types of wallets!
First, Desktop Wallet
This is the most commonly used type of wallet.
They can be online or offline.
They are easy to use.
However, our computers or laptops can be manipulated by hackers.
Or there are viruses and malwares can infect our computers.
Second, Mobile Wallet
They are software programs
that can be installed on our phones.
Those allow us to send, receive and transact crypto on the go.
This is convenient, and the easiest way to store crypto.
And there is a chance to regain our authority over our assets
in case we lose our phones.
Third, Website Wallet
We can also access our wallets over a web browser.
This is a quite risky method, although
we can complete a transaction very quickly.
One of the reasons is that we can be hacked
while using web browsers.
Or those websites can be hacked. It happened before.
Fourth, Hardware Wallet
Hardware wallets are physical devices
used for storing and transacting cryptocurrencies.
They have special physical security features
such as need to physically click on buttons
to authorize a transaction.
They are quite reliable to store
a large amount of cryptocurrency.
However, it is not cheap to get one of those devices.
Fifth, Paper Wallet
Paper wallets are physical documents
that carry all the necessary data needed
to generate private keys of a given cryptocurrency.
This is the least common wallet,
because our documents can be damaged or lost through time.
Those are 05 common types of cryptocurrency wallets!
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