$5 Weird Internet Car Toy!!!

go you can do it you can do a little kid what about my beautiful mark and welcome back today I’m going to be making a tension cable car recycling I’m using this chance to make this tin can cable car and hopefully give a travel doing really cool thing so let’s get to it all right so I have the tape Jack didn’t go right here I’m going to open it let’s do these sides of an actual box I have all the toys in here really well this is an ad advertisement I don’t want that get out there ting tang cable car contents okay so as we got a wheel supporting a motor housing up stickers [Music] troubleshooting things here there’s a cable that comes with it alright dad so we’re just gonna put this bad boy together what if this thing well it’s like the matrix this is like the matrix we go that’s but it’s like Chinese or something I can’t read any of this this is like other languages they come with their faculty like necessary oh no we have to do with making it so I’m hoping it don’t suck out I need to make this thank you okay whew so this is the motor we got the motor in here I’m going to take this out of here like so nice nice motor great then I have my whisk for all the stuff in here all these wires first step says click the bursting shot or D where’s Part D at Part D Part D along the wheel support okay so you just want to take this thing of all right grant in the picture and you’re going to click it to the wheel support we’re going to hear so you swing on this way I’m going to cook this in so this thing is a very important piece this is the reversing shop because I guess when this being hits this thing it’s going to make the cable car go forward or backwards I’m gonna have to put this in here I need to get this on top of that it is back and forth back and forth like that whew well I’m going to make sure it switch to off where’s the I don’t know we’re going to push the two sides two sides and party on to the axles on the wheel so for okay push the two sides Park you I didn’t label there’s really huge and stuff here if not is going to do the slide visual pictures okay so I have to find this little wheel that look like this and I put them on here it’s this one on here we also have to get this little block you things that look like this right here put that into here there and push those and and then number three is foursome medium will spindle for support through the animal okay so I guess this is the center all right here but there’s like glue right there oh really okay and went through really easy okay cool great there’s like a bath we and our something in here just came out nothing very like lubricated it put like some baffling in there I mean that makes sense to me I guess it’s like constantly able to spend okay great in they’re not assembled housing push the motor spindle and first into the hole using the motor shop apart be motor housing this thing I have a motor right here and I’m going to put it directly this way into my motor housing right here okay so it’s sticking out and so I have the motor cover it here and I’m going to secure it with two screws remove it just the right way okay perfect editor it with invantive thing alright alright so now that I have my screws in here I’m going to go ahead and screw this bad boy up great time in there push the motor pulley will prep P onto the spindle motor curry that is embroidered with your party looks like nicest thing I hear and I want to put it on this side right here so now we have to join the wheel support and the motor housing okay great so this as first up leave the four wires from the wheel support through the small holes so to go into the distal this on there and then yep this is put these two through here come on it’s like this is like sewing and get this through here come on you wash and then they can actually run through there’s like a little plastic there get ahold stores so once you get it to the hole you can actually run it down to here what this is really cool it’s like pretty easy I mean if you fall stuff I started not a hardest thing ever and then I got to stick these two hours this is really cool I really like playing with little thing like this I take apart like my CD player oh okay there cut that in there and now I’m going to go ahead and put this out of this side and then I want to go to the right size take that and then you can actually put the wires your wires through these little these little hooks for your cute just to organize the wires a little bit more okay and I’m filling up – they’re great – I have all my wires through all these different little hooks right here and that that now I’m going to get stuff to push the large pulley wheel part each getting this one I’m going to make sure confirm on this side oh that is not it okay this is the large blue maybe try to connect this No or this one push it so I seal onto the small axle who is not the bunweill supports of K is that – oh that’s this one on to put this part here put this large wheel on there whoo everything has got to lean in it that’s crazy this sounds like a bunch of like lubricant so it’s very very like slippery so and this is M you know directly to the wheel up burn right there now a large on top of the motor housing we’re large ox with the bottom wheel which through this party’s for Oh to lock this all up here it there so far we’re going to something that and this is what this looks like so far like this push the ends of the two yellow bars into the left-hand turn on secure them in place with the terminal cap oh so there’s no like real wiring episod or anything so go to your waters and you do their terminal gotta put the two red ones have a second read wanna make it in they’re kind of hard stuff because like they’re really long so I hit the key bottom really easily but have that in there and you’ll squish that in there apparently that’s where that’s was bit to right over the next terminal so in this one through the two black wires in the next terminal so this one is the two black ones right here for the black wires and here like so you just kind of stuff it in there it holds the wires then base a puffed-up and i’m guessing the last one obviously is the green wire you’re going to put this in sheer limitations here I’m moving on to the on and off switch make sure the reversing side is slid to the and insert your batteries okay consider your memories and make sure come off alright not on my battery I’m going to get my enters these bad boys in here so this will occur in this point then I just need more water cycle where you can move deep the way 8 o’clock come on we go whoo it’s working on mhm it’s off so the on and off switch is right here okay so from there you want to put on the battery cover which is this thing like we’re almost done gather all those there so I’m going to go ahead and take to better cover it I only get away from the wires okay push this one under the bed then have some screw see this upside down might be up to go so I have my ears and there everything looks like them pretty except for the screen get cool that I’m gonna go ahead take this put this in here the touch we’re pretty much almost done with it we have completed it looks like this when you’re done it’s pretty pretty but there’s a few more things I need with this actually now I know exactly what these are for we’re actually done this is the finished product of this this is the whole thing so now we just have to decorate the cat okay so that’s the next day I’m going to do it’s like create my campus so for this part is a daiquiri and epithelia you can figures so a stickers right here I have these cool with window stickers you just decorate your can like however you like there’s a window there’s a door so imagine if it’s looking like this you can actually put things on it like right here this could be like my door right there it’s like if they’re cannons like an empty gallon I don’t know where they bought like a like a clear aluminum camp but I set this whole group your one that we have from some from like some root beer before so I’m just going to use this in here is thick great so now I have my subway cars I’d like to ended in two things I picked we drove in for today finishing oh you’re Arab and yep actually connect the wheel go stretch an elastic bed around the motor pulley wheel so I have my last defender right here then you put this road man right here onto my jack we will once is here okay so I’m up there and then I’m playing this on top of this one it just did if you’re stuck okay right then I guess that’s gonna battlespace back alright so now we just have to attach our camp and you can just put it on the lip off here and you have this little like spike thing it goes right here you get it under your king very hard to get James in the mic and there’s nothing down out but it’s okay we could leave this this is our little art announce we have the actual string that comes with the bottom which is pretty long actually well this is a really long way okay so hop the string it here I’m going to do is take the string put it under here like so crossed over to the other side wait get on there cross over and then we cross this one over to the edge don’t they get it on it okay so now that we have it on this I’m going to demonstrate it once I get it going okay I’m going to turn it on oh [Laughter] here we go oh my gosh alright guys so now I’m gonna see if I can do this on a larger scale let’s do my kit snack there I want to see all the different capabilities you can do with this thing alright so first off and let’s start by modifying my can alright I’m going to make my cancer can actually hold things so I’m going to cut it open right here if I can I’m just using a small box cutter right here to just cut up a nice little cut into it to make like an actual egg door for the little school a little bit on the top right here almost fully – I can’t have this modified section right here so you can put all sorts of things from like snacks to note so everything in here so let’s test it see if it actually works so I’m going to go ahead and try to come to Mac’s in here first and see what happens first I’m going to fill this thing with hot cheetos okay I’m just going to take it in here and feel like a bunch of it directly into my can I don’t want to make it too long because I don’t know I feel like actually this is pretty good still in it yeah looks something like that alright so now let’s put it on the string and see if I can send it from this either that that’s either alright so I have this string right here I’m going to go ahead put it around and then grab up this year I’m gonna attach it to something like this light poster here okay yes it is that there I’m really glad this race you tie this up interesting now I’m going to turn it on and send my food across the way here we go oh no no come back to it I can still put this off okay is it too heavy I hope it’s not too heavy okay we put this on right here okay all right you’re gonna work mister come on yeah it’s not on the season it’s there yeah now go over here – swipers back over here still blaring up hopefully I get there and it’s my friend on the other side okay pitch so I’m over here Wow made it all over here okay so if I was over here heads for yes Vicki Marlin alright Jesus put pinion right here Wow let’s see if I get some snacks snacks right here now you see all right the next thing I’m going to transplant are some gummy let’s see what usual send okay put these in here okay so my gummy worms in here it was cool about this thing I have two Stoppers here now that’ll actually make it come back to me so I’m going to send it and see if it comes back now you might tell me more okay here we go so we put this on here like this yes let it rip okay so have it there okay gummy worms are so happy these Stoppers right it’s supposed to send it whew okay so I’m going to send it to the other side of room and I see if it comes back we’ll wait here I’ll see you later girl you are see you later I’m going to do it on this beanbag come on [Music] really different like movie really it has this huffing epidote the state of the world is coming for the inform oh come on come on come on ah the antidote these secret antidote yes yes okay there yeah okay see it going burn success I got the antidote and I was going back oh that’s right off alright guys I’m going to see if I can do one more trick the duration alright dancing now I have a ton of trash here I want to see if I can take my car and take it to the trash can yeah that’s working good morning all right come on Josh you gotta get to the trash can come on go do it away throw it away keep going keep going keep going I controlled it it recycle it to five I going to crazy you know okay alright come on Josh 10 keep going alright here we go let’s get it into the trash can yeah back to me so it’s coming to me right now guys rubberband technology pretty stick right here there we go so coming up oh yeah all right here we go hello mr. Kidd nice to meet you all right so now I’m going to do one more set up so now I’m going to light this channel fire because I want to see if they’ll go a little bit faster with it being on fire here we go okay it’s going push in through a little kid I think it’s going faster guys I honestly think is going a little bit faster good you can do it you can do it little kid whoa it’s super literary now guys so oh I think I think oh no it’s built on heart oh my gosh there’s Megan affair okay the way it looks looks a lot better to me all right guys they get so much for watching today’s video and it’s an awesome thing look you put this mini Saxon it still worked it’s so cool it goes back and forth like this bull okay well thank you guys so much for watching today’s videos don’t forget i’m in posting two videos a day in july so there might be another video after this or there might have been another one before this but i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video because this thing is really awesome and I’ll see you guys later for another new video [Music] ah


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