$5 Weird Toys R Us Toys 2!!!

yeah I’m just going to scribble all along without them just because I can what about my beautiful mom or the welcome back today I’m doing another five dollars towards the rest all five dollars weird things that you can get at towards arrest I don’t even know what I’m getting today but I’m excited that you guys are here we’ve got some really cool things for you guys let’s just get right into it for the first thing for us I got this bold bag here oh my gosh this whole bag I don’t know if it will see where I got the first one the first item is rainbow crayon one we can the rainbow crayons colored art and creative crayon multi-touch but it looks like stars all things in this video are under $5 million a dollar oh boy it’s nowhere okay feels like they made like a bunch of crayon together and they melted them and music stars this bill for the humic crayon for the chilling reminder what is good so half the paper here I’m going to see what do you look like just out of this one it’s like some my dear clothes like neon either pink there’s yellow there’s green looks really beautiful just trynna here we go Oh what it makes such it instant rings oh because it’s late doesn’t make like a big end right now this is cool it’s like holding a bunch of crayon at one in your hand it looks really fun actually let’s make like NSPS oh my gosh I’m just happy that they’re really talking about the way salad though these rainbow fiancee will try this one this one is a star just try to do this okay here we go it’s like cool things that come out Wow they kind of remind me of this thing I never got one on younger they had these commercials over this like ten I would draw sir really this this is just like that the crayons tormance Parmalee whoa 6h a little Chinese one now we go this one looks like the candy like there’s a sour band candy thing that I eat a lot all the times it’s just like this with now let’s do a combined all them now on one hand no it’s making a we tolerate this piece is it oh I think my favorite one is this one for sure this is my favorite color it’s the brightest beautiful living this is so cool look at that voila my art Wow okay three cool first foots turn on okay well I would give this one I think I stab it in the drawing universe which is really cool this one ting my favorite color because that’s all my favorite colors like super highlighter this one I dipped like alright guys time to see the next one who we show what it seemed like I’m going to have that is 5000 toys like candy all right Trinity factory goes I got Jeffrey’s candy company marshmallow top so this is like the Tourette’s guy repairs every the main and guess is like your books you look tough the other day I think that puzzle you got let’s see I made all I can use economy what if it’s hard it’s a marshmallow like this old horrible all right we’ll just try it absolutely good those kinda like addicting good luck you sweet well I like time wait well it will also like a pretty flavor on the inside of them through what my screen there’s like another tripling like this reminds like some sort of dropping its have it right I’m still gonna get Zoey in there gotta got this will cost love you all the candies at 20 rep and rate them for you you guys do that this is just a teaser just delicious though I did not think this is going to be this good it’s addicting let’s do with my green one boom that’s also like some pink one is going it’s really good I like this one a lot okay I keep it like we’re good set up one five so you can do you like alright leave don’t look you guys want me to do a five dollar clothes dressed candy okay alright moving on to the next thing funky monkey okay let’s see as we can leave the monkeys are my maker watching as long as you can in a barrel fun alright this is like the game this is the classic game but I think you change forms under five dollars I’m entirely here I’m going to here just a few months on you yeah I think I can do it or not I don’t know if I can irritability do all these things I don’t know why they all fit together won’t wake you okay all right don’t take suggest they’re here I’m going to go ahead and put one with your top the red one and the salt all right can be harder than I thought let’s try it again here we go got the red monkey exist and I’ve got the blue somebody another red one like this okay this is really hard it’s not gonna cut here we go monkey I thought the SEMA game is so easy like yeah I’m not sure to do everything okay in the double one right here okay I’m getting better at this young guy I think this is so important the game is to try to leave them okay okay wait I’m going to do this yet undetermined to do this here we go we’re going to accomplish this today uh here we go I’m almost I got four more yet okay Oh we’ll sit there and then you do this one two more guys here we go wait one more final months ago you think I could do it Oh almost drop them off here we go yeah I did it guys like the mochi oh my gosh oh my goodness okay and on the cool part you put them on this barrel if I could open it Oh mr. Barrow open please I just ah sorry okay it’s okay I can put this monkey still in here like this even though they all fell yeah that was good I’m gonna wrap that Bank boy up uh yeah we got a barrel monkeys right here whoa Oh like that these fears related for your pocket I mean I think I’m on the phone you know also a 7.5 all right awesome next to it all right that’s for the next here here we go look what this may be live see movies instant life look I didn’t mean okay thank you or what this is all about guys to do the hot sauce very fascinating way up okay it’s like a magnifying glass and there’s this like thing right here I want to excuse horror I don’t know what these are but I’ve always kind of wanted them so I’m kind of tired right now I come with all this stuff right here this little thing I don’t think it’s a part of it that is easy add water and then acting so epic they’re feeding on the fifth big alright precise need a cup the first steps is the water purifier so yes I just put this in here that purifies the water you know makes it clean for my new if you perform on peas okay it smells kind of weird okay great I’ll mix that around with like that that’s you as instant tea multi eggs I don’t if you guys can see that instant SEMA be Iraq must be instant so let’s get happen okay this is hatchet I’m going to hex these magical eggs and how do we go now we’ll make sure this purify because kind of dissolving out we’re actually my water is like purified and create for my monkey okay we jump yeah that’s why I to me okay okay ladies month of this will be instantly hatching hello mister monkey I’m waiting for you guys I have to come out and play so the you guys will do that and come play with me system again hello you know it’s a 1 T next up stuff that I don’t have to feed it for 5 days so I don’t need this yet and I five more days but let’s just look whoa okay there exactly something moving in there guys there’s something moving so it is little black things are moving so brown things that kind of like flying all over the place what the heck kind of escalating the monkey but I’m going to get to see cuz good news your max I got oh this village in here got it pretty cool and it would be living here what there’s like a bunch of little like things under that kind of clear the kind of black but they’re like definitely swimming around whoa it hatched instantly and they’ve been flown in outer space what sea monkeys have been to outer space before because they want to see what happens to animal born and gravity-free environment this is a new sumo whoa can I drink it okay I would take something love to do that bad if you drink lucky they pick it up okay way oh my god it’s crazy okay well I was raised like a seven because it’s not as interactive you can’t really like play with I can put my hands in there or drink it and that’s what I really want to do but you know Bobby I like monkeys a lot of us pretty dope and they’re both looking live for two years so this is a cool but pretty hitler’s been less than five dollars you’re tailing old lady hit a pet cat or goldfish – definitely cool little skin working better soon oh hi mr. C monkey okay I’ll be nice Oh the next thing or the next week feels skus lose oh my god this is a five dollar no way this is not my god she’s so cool okay gold did extraction which it learn about all right oh my gosh so clearly I can find like golden here so let’s do it we’re open this up the compliment bobbled that might not fit me but you know it’s okay okay so we go to this and then we also got so many Wow right here oh my god gold is a precious metal above our blood the Egyptians use gold let’s get back to me okay and open the well there’s even a code on this one this is like kiichi I don’t know this is but apparently I’m supposed to use this to find the ball okay and which was the excavated I might need something goggles so don’t worry and get those on right now and recover great here we’ll leave though cookies with up and shake his awesome take anything up okay here we go so yes I could go over say I am I’m going to go down a citizen answer heaven let’s take more with I thought what just the more I feel like an explorer whoa feelin Michelangelo right now out out I can t my fingers desires but yeah so you know the price of time gold okay here we go to go so I’m actually going to use a little bit of a big boy right now here we go you a big boy hammer in here and then see what happens whoa this thing is way stronger look at this each day is like gold Wow my big bill appear for now see here we got me hit it here oh my gosh I broke your eye to the center guys still no gold wait wait I think I’m about to go legit again see that right there I’m about to x-ray some gold up here we go I’m hitting some sort ofwell right here I’m going to go yellow alright I’ve found the first kill to go over here she was like go ahead and she’d chiseling it actually don’t know the goal that’s shiny but I don’t know if this is the actual gold piece yet so we might have to keep looking that I don’t think about this this is a shiny as a picture and the picture they’re like really shiny look how shiny they are right there I’ll because of this thing we actually moving all this books Pistone just might be a piece of gold right here it’s very very shiny I wonder if I can wash and polish off later something to me to leave a tiny baby I see like glisten looks really nice feet up just pop them I’m going to use the big-boy hand rad yeah okay guys so a half piece here I’m going to house if I take a big boy hammering flap is just put oh my gosh this is a fast flip side a direct hit I’m scared impression is moving at one Bingham okay bobasa you’re just a little kid British it it’s okay to go oh so much shinier game what is this Russian is they’re really shiny little piece of James the real gold I think I think I found it that what it take if you compare it together on the DS or so Charlie oh my goodness oh because I want this figure on the shiny ones are these are so beautiful up in a table a big juicy chocolate rule I like I feel like so realistic and all talking the coming up they did they go up and down whoo all right I’m gonna take these and cream it consume that gold action looks like 1 to 10 taking them I’ve cleaned up this goal if you guys want to look at it right now it looked nothing like the picture this looks pretty close actually this one it’s pretty close to that one but none of these look anything like this one does not look like that one that was it not only that one but this one we got one piece of gold that looks like what it should look like kind of fit this pie right pyrite okay so I’m going to get bit boiling I said what if I’m awesome okay it’s pretty fun but not like the most fun and it’s pretty fun we should compete hammer Jenny’s a little rare cakes are advert a fireball oh I wanted like I did read your speech click screams but look at it now I’m awesome that’s my favorite one right that other piece that’s what it looks like to me right there the next thing we have is their kid I haven’t happened a little but this thing’s called rapid apparently it’s a candy then it turns it’s a girl I don’t really know let’s find out it kinda cool cool the cute packaging hello mr. Ravel okay how do you open this bag do like this we should cut it oh I can open it so I’m really doing this well dad got it oh my gosh I’m so just bolt right here we go I got my rattle they look like this let’s try ribs make be reformed by later whoa precious candy okay wait I don’t think I’ve ever had with you I feel like that’s what I’m saying over this is cool we gonna try this would perform now interesting it’s weird but brace your mouth into this powder and then it forms into a gum like right away whoa all right let’s see if I can fall a bubble of the so-called bubble bail let’s see who scroll rattles come on maybe you cannot go both browsers for the hip delicious for photos Allah give this probably a seven in terms of case it tastes really good but I can’t blow a bubble guys I just want to blow a bubble all right the last thing we have is what back called crayons okay I don’t know works but not all crayons about them okay apparently these are specifically made for being in the bathtub so let’s go check these back without first if you want on paper we don’t work on paper we got to go crazy out here let me just write it right here we go whoa there like extra light like wow they feel nice my favorite they’re extra light blue the barracks move baby sloop oh I broke that one it’s easy I look like extra smooth oh wow wow you just another from a college dorm and everything Hot Cheetos here we go wow it feels like now I can go found feels more like a lipstick I don’t know how to know that but yeah feels like a lipstick or like a pastel if you would say but this is awesome this is really cool I like this okay alright well so test this out and Rebecca I got soap here and I got bathtub crayons I’ve never put them you guys might have had these before but you guys I mean I’m going to test you sure you’re going to find out I’m going to experience this and I never and play with got some crayons are crazy to me okay so let me just reach out in the bathtub oh that’s cool okay okay wait coming up more water okay in theory I’ll just here I’m thinking about getting clean now okay so the bathroom yeah I’m going to close this out so think about clothes now let’s see so purely to draw with it on the wall I don’t know if you have to get a black like I’m going to be wrong I’m going to see to comes off oh yeah is that he comes off it comes off okay again we try it in here you can tell me exactly what happened to the cool is over for coming I thought I was going to lose my cool wow this is a good ever a certificate give me more [Applause] wow I’m really never ate before it’s cool to the heavens eliciting this is cream beauty because the template is actually real way at was it doesn’t come off this is the trick yeah I’m just going to scribble all along the bathtub just because I can that may turn on and they’re people and I like Linda to mentally let me try to color right now so we’re what it works wait let me try you don’t my stuff right here yeah I looked at hey back Wow grounds are like lipstick guys I mean not bad know what lipstick does but like wow this is cool wow the German beautiful check how does look at my awesome bathtub with my new Medusa’s over here we put some yellow like scoot over here just red highlights wait how do I look good all right [Music] Oh [Music] all right because they can color and do a cool stuff in here actually did this one in a big whopping 8 Clint that hood a because it is really fun and to do in the bathtub and just making art the whole times I guess he’s crammed in her under five dollars and eight from so it’s not bad a lot of fun with cement and washes red objects that William is very is gone we do that it’s all about picking cool colors too mom’s going to be so happy how easy it is to Queen figure that like magic it’s gone all right all right thank you guys so much for watching today’s video which is crazy monkeys as gold the crayons all the stuff I didn’t we have so much fun finding five other things from Toys R Us let me know in the comments below if you guys want to see me do more things like this broken toys retches I had so much fun I’ll see Jess tomorrow for another new video remember food contributing today’s your life I’m having a blast doing it make sure it’s that Bell icon make sure you subscribe to us see you tomorrow for another new video [Music]


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