95% Of Bitcoin Volume Is FAKE?! $10,000 BTC Price?! Ripple XRP News + Cryptocurrency/Bitmex Trading

what’s going on guys Patrick here
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95 percent of bitcoins volume is fake
we’re also be looking at a ten thousand
dollar Bitcoin price prediction as well
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first month now let’s jump right into
this let’s get started with the
technical analysis I don’t want to talk
about this too much I will delete these
lines that we have talked about
previously if you haven’t seen love the
last video make sure you do go ahead and
check that out
when we cover a little bit of what’s
happening in the technical analysis but
I do want to cover this really quick
before we jump into some very big news
we are still trading in this ascending
triangle like I said before the
ascending triangle is a bearish pattern
more often than not when we get to the
top we usually break down to the bearish
side however if you’re looking at the
very short term if you’re looking at the
short term trade opportunity what I see
what I see happening right now what I
see is a very high possibility is
another test of this resistance over
here I see we’re trading sideways
perfectly after this job following this
trendline and to me what looks like what
what it look what looks more likely to
happen in the short term
they shot back up in order to test this
resistance trade a little bit here again
before eventually if we do follow the
trend maybe even test this region that
we talked about previously before coming
back down and testing this support I
think this support is going to be the
key test that we’re gonna have in the
short to mid-term when we do come back
down here if we even do come back down
here I’m going to say if because you
never know if Bitcoin goes to $6,000
first this is a crazy thing right this
mark is absolutely crazy
who knows where Bitcoin would go we have
to take this on the day-to-day and stay
updated with the technical analysis but
I am interested to see what Bitcoin will
do if we come back here to test this
area now the stochastic is low it looks
like we might be having a bearish cross
to continue on its way lower but from
the region it’s at right now it also has
a lot of room to the upside like I said
really simple I’ve given you guys what I
believe we could be seeing if again I’m
not a financial adviser I’m not telling
you guys what to do but if I were to
enter trade right now that would be the
direction I would be looking at that
would be what I would capitalize on
obviously with my life astray with
leverage this could be a very profitable
trade if it plays out correctly but as
of right now I will say disclaimer I am
NOT in any trade I am waiting for the
perfect opportunity now moving on
speaking about speaking of bit mechs the
CEO Arthur Hayes called a ten thousand
dollar Bitcoin price by the end of the
year before we jump into this I do want
to say if you do not have an account
with bit mix yeah I do have a link down
below that saves you on fee so I do
recommend using that link to sign up and
in there you can leverage trade Bitcoin
meaning you can basically trade with
more Bitcoin than you actually have of
course there are risks that come to that
so make sure you do read up on that but
if you know what you’re doing or if you
want to make some profit on the ups and
downs swings the bitcoins you can short
and long again that’s a very very
profitable tool that I’ve been using in
the twenty eighteen bear market to still
come out profitable so if we look over
here like I said the CEO of bit Mex
Arthur Hays he predicted bitcoins price
will reach ten thousand dollars by this
year in a newsletter now obviously he is
one that has come out with several
different theories several different
price predictions for Bitcoin he had
several last year and this seems to be
his first one this year but I’m sure
since it’s only March we’ll probably
still get several
more to come of course as things change
his predictions change and everybody
that we listen to his prediction they
keep changing basically every single
month but I want to ask you guys your
thoughts on a $10,000 per year and
Bitcoin will Bitcoin see $10,000 in 2019
make it even simpler will Bitcoin see
$10,000 in 2019 personally I think it’s
possible if we do hit that bottom but to
me I think 2020 is gonna be the year
where guaranteed at least if I could
guarantee obviously I can’t cuz I’m not
a financial adviser I’m not no position
to guarantee anything but if I had to
bet my money somewhere
I say 2020 for sure we would see $10,000
2019 hopeful to see it but still I think
we have a lot of resistance to hit on
our way there at the price we’re at
right now pretty much just under four
thousand just over four thousand dollars
it’s still if we do it ten thousand
dollars that’d be some fantastic gains
by the end of the year but let me know
your guys’s thoughts in the comments
down below do you think in 2019 we will
see a $10,000 Bitcoin Arthur Hays seems
to think so but I’m more curious as to
what you guys think now let’s jump into
some overall market analysis look at the
news before we jump into the most
important topic that I want to talk to
guys about so make sure you stay all the
way to the end so you can hear about the
95 percent fake volume is if you look at
the market cap again Bitcoin not trading
too much all the bigger crypto
currencies we’re not seeing too much
gain card Donna actually had some very
nice movement in the last few days we
cover that in the last video as well as
to why I think that’s happening we’re at
just over 140 billion dollars in market
cap with a 50.6% Bitcoin dominance we
look at the biggest Gator of the day
maxumcorp Maksim I Quinn I messed that
up last time again I said the same thing
I’m never gonna learn because I don’t
know what this cryptocurrency is it’s up
just under 15% repo Aurora hyper cast
several crypto currencies are in the
green and in the red a BBC coin we have
ontology in the red data in the red
overall I’m pretty sure there’s more red
maybe yeah just pretty much a 50/50
split in the market in terms of red and
green with the bigger crypto currencies
moving a lot a lot less we’re seeing
some very small losses here you know
0.5% definitely an overall sideways day
in the market but still you can make
profit on that moving on looking at
COCC because he is always in the news he
says that everyone again is some bullish
news to lead into the news that we’re
gonna talk about in a bit he said that
everyone will be in crypto and he calls
it inevitable so pretty good to see cz
mentioned that and the ledger nano X
apparently for those of you guys who
don’t know the legend nano s is most
people’s Hardware wallet of choice I
believe there’s a few options out there
I believe most people are using the
ledger nano s now the ledger nano X is
the one that’s coming out after that and
now I’ve heard it has been delayed in
terms of shipment they found an issue
with it they’re obviously gonna get it
fixed before they ship it out to
everyone so for those of you guys who
did order I would I just want to keep
you guys updated I heard it was being
delayed just a little bit I’m sure
they’ll get to you guys as soon as they
can if those of you guys who have not
ordered it yet there is a link down
below as well for you to go check out
the ledger nano X and order one for
yourself like I said I love the ledger
nano s so to me if the ledger nano X
isn’t no brain upgrade for me now big
news again Amazon partners with WorldPay
is ecommerce is the e-commerce behemoth
so basically the giant getting closer to
ripples so Amazon and world play have
announced their partnership in the
framework of which WorldPay will in a
fully enable Amazon pay for its
merchants obviously Amazon pay is a
popular and widely known payment method
in the sphere of online commerce of
course one of the reasons is that is
that it is the native method of payment
on the leading major e-commerce platform
Amazon so the new partnership again
could mean that we’re gonna see Amazon
getting closer to Ripple I think that’s
a little far-fetched in terms of jumping
into that conclusion already but of
course this article needs to get clicks
so that’s kind of what they went to see
but trust me if this does happen if
Amazon and ripple do get together and
they do form a partnership we are going
to see ripple absolutely explode this is
one of the largest if not the largest
company out there right now I spend
gaining more and more traction as we go
this would be absolutely insane since we
know that world pay is a partner of
ripple Amazon now partnered with world
pay sort of makes them connected in a
very distant way but again we’re gonna
have to wait and see what happens with
that now to the big new
this research came out from bitwise a
new research that was done by them part
of a 226 slide presented to the SEC on
their ETF filing we did a
first-of-its-kind analysis of order book
data from all 81 exchanges that reported
over a million dollars in BTC volume on
coin market cab that’s gonna be a talk
about volume exchanges we’re also going
to talk about coin mark cap so make sure
you guys do stick all the way to this
now on Twitter they did a nineteen part
I think tweet they had 19 different
tweets about the issue we’re gonna go
cover because I want you guys to
understand what’s going on and
understand the difference between the
real trading and also in the real volume
and the fake volume so the first key
takeaways that we have from this number
one straight off the bat ninety-five
percent of reported BTC spot volume is
fake number two likely motive is the
listing fee so they’re saying one of the
likely reasons for this is so the more
exchanges the volume or volume the
exchanges show the more they can charge
a listing fees as several exchanges do
have listing fees and they said they can
range from anywhere to one to three
million dollars that’s pretty insane I’m
thinking maybe I should start an
exchange myself let me know what you
guys think of that but still um just
kidding I’m not actually gonna start a
cryptocurrency exchange that sounds like
a huge huge headache but apparently you
know the more volume they can say that
they have on the platform the more they
can charge the more money they make and
then poor people that paid them because
apparently that’s not the volume that
they have so the real daily volume the
real daily spot volume is around two
hundred and seventy million dollars ten
exchanges make up almost all of the real
trading most of the ten are regulated
and the spreads are actually less than
0.1% so the arbitrary Arthur ARB
arbitrage is super efficient the price
differentials between one exchange and
the other is very very small which again
is something you like to see three links
they have presented down here again if
you guys go to the bitwise Twitter this
tweet is blowing up its take getting a
lot of traction so you guys will see all
this on there if you do want to go and
read more into it read on the different
links now apparently like I said the
reported volume is six billion dollars
right and the total volume apparently is
little is considerably less with two
hundred and seventy
three million the ten exchanges that
actually have volume that actually have
over $1,000,000 in real Bitcoin daily
trading volume like I said a lot of them
reported it but apparently only ten
actually have it that includes the likes
and of course but we see finance on
there we see BitFenix coinbase gemini
bit tricks all those no surprise to some
the big differentiator you can see is
the trade size histogram for well no
well known exchanges so you can see
everything is pretty similar throughout
these it looks pretty normal for these
exchanges and if you look at the fake
exchanges take a look at that and tell
me this doesn’t look absolutely you know
just very very off the surprising part
here is that it took so long for us to
actually see this for people to actually
but for somebody to actually go out and
research this to find this out cuz just
looking at this you can tell comparing
this and these histograms you can tell
which ones are legit and which ones are
not legit so the second test was that
real exchanges have volume spikes that
align perfectly
literally on the same hour because
they’re all part of the same market so
if you look at where the big spikes are
it is the exact same on every one of the
exchanges to the hour because they’re
all on the same market fake exchanges
don’t have those volumes and you know
they don’t have the resemblance they
don’t correspond with the broader market
looking at it again reported four
hundred eighty million dollars you you
guys to see what’s going on doesn’t
really look like the same as this which
is what you should be looking for and
that’s why it’s important to know which
exchange you’re on and why some
exchanges perform a lot better than
others is because you know some are
legit exchanges and some are line now
moving on talking about why they would
be lying what they’re doing so a wash
trade is a form of market manipulation
in which an investor simultaneously
sells and buys the same financial or
financial instruments in this case
Bitcoin to create misleading artificial
activity in the marketplace first
they’re gonna place a sell order and
then place a buy order to buy from
himself or vice versa
this may be done for a number of reasons
one to artificially increase trading
volume right or number two to generate
commission fees to brokers but again the
number one reason we’re talking about
to artificially increase the volume
which looks like these exchanges might
be doing so it looks like these
exchanges might be wash trade they might
also just be blatantly lying about it
when you when you remove the fake volume
the real bitcoins volume is quite
healthy given its market cap so the good
news is out of all this although the 95%
is you know shocking how miss presume
misrepresented it’s being saying that
it’s six billion when it’s actually like
270 million is a very big deal but if
you compare it to gold for example which
has a six point seven trillion dollar
market cap 37 billion dollars in spot
volume the daily turnover is 0.55
percent with Bitcoin and a seventy
billion dollar market cap with a two
hundred and seventy million dollar spot
volume is at a point three nine percent
daily turnover so this is a lot
healthier than it would be if Bitcoin
was actually you know actually had the
six billion dollar spot volume reported
it would be a lot higher it’d be a lot
less healthy so the good news out of all
this although that although it seems
like we’ve been lied to by specific
exchanges and corn market cap itself to
have reported these numbers it does look
like the real number is a lot healthier
for Bitcoin so good news time arbitrage
between the ten real exchanges has
improved significantly the average price
deviation of any one exchange from the
aggregate price is now less than point
one of a percent which is absolutely
insane and good to see as well if you
look at the top ten exchange exchanges
trade extremely tight look at the graph
and you can see the different exchanges
they’re all pretty much have the same
price at the same time again the
arbitrage between one another is very
very small so that’s again very good
guys are interested in looking more into
this looking more into the research
again I told you guys where you can go
and find it if I remember I’m going to
put a link to it in the description of
the video and in the comment section as
well for you guys to go ahead and check
out just go to the bitwise Twitter and
you can see all this information now
moving on to talk about coin market cap
really quick when mark cap that has
reported these things this is not the
first time that I’ve been saying that
they have been misrepresenting the
number so if you go to Yahoo Finance
which I find to be a lot more accurate
with its numbers number one reason
because they don’t suppress the market
cap of
XRP Kuenn coin market cab does so if you
look at the real market cap for XRP it’s
at 31 billion over double the etherium
market cab but on coin market cap we had
the battle between aetherium and x RP
which just wasn’t the case X RP is a lot
further ahead in terms of market cap so
that was a coin market cap suppressing
the x RP volume and then again these
guys are a lot more accurate in terms
might not be a hundred percent accurate
but it is a lot more accurate in terms
of the volume as well corn market began
reporting six billion even up to nine
billion dollars when in reality it’s up
to two hundred and seventy million that
is a big big big lie and again they
we’re gonna see what happens with corn
market people start losing faith and
then if they start moving on to other
things if it is if they do come out and
say something particularly about it of
course this is more the exchange as
false I believe then corn market but it
does have to play both ways let me know
you guys think about this in the
comments down below sorry if this was a
long ramble about the bitwise research
but I wanted to give you guys the full
information on it to share with you guys
what’s happening but also share with you
guys the good news that came out of it
if you guys did enjoy this don’t forget
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