ACİL! BTC VE ALTCOIN BOĞADA NE OLACAK? 🔥 Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Waves Teknik Analizi!

Ariva! We’re finally holding above $ 10,000. The markets are roasting from the heat, the
flames were burning, but now that period is over, blazing. Cryptocurrencies received hot deals. Today, we will analyze 1- Bitcoin 2- Ethereum
3- XRP 4- Bitcoin Cash and Waves, which increased by about 45% in total today and tomorrow. What happens now, can we enter from here or
do we sell and leave? There are really important news and developments. What are the possible critical levels that
can save us money for trading? When can the altcoin season really start the
rally? And nowadays, we will talk about 3 important
levels that we need to pay attention to in Bitcoin. We put them on the table in a simplicity that
everyone can understand. So I am claiming that after watching this
video to the end, you will be able to make your own predictions in the next few days. So Bitcoin has reached the next level, so
it’s probably like Eren’s next move on the video is Bitcoin’s. Also, what is being talked about on Reddit? I’m sure you are wondering. I will share them with you. Oh, by the way, there is a very new event. It seems that the seeds of an event that could
deeply affect the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum are being planted. Ledger is too little to draw. Subscribe to my channel, tap the bell, like
my videos and write comments. Remember, the more you do these, the better
your chances of winning. I am very excited because of the market situation. What do we say if you are excited too? We start completely without giving investment
advice to anyone. Let’s go to item 1- Bitcoin. If we make a general market analysis in Bitcoin,
American Securities and Exchange Commission came with a very flash offer for those who
want to put new cryptocurrencies from SEC member Hester Peirce. Let’s set a 3-year safe harbor process for
cryptocurrencies that will be launched on the market. Let’s take the process together and decide
whether or not that cryptocurrency is really a security at the end of these 3 years. When you look at it, it looks like a regulation
that regulates the market for the benefit of the user and the investor. So in the year 2020, regulations probably
seem to come slowly. While it may seem like an offer from a member
of the SEC, the SEC may most likely want to seriously see what the market will say to
this offer. I also think that this SEC has officially
dealt with cryptocurrencies, said let’s sit on the table, and this may increase the perception
and enthusiasm of buying cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Another very important effect of this recommendation
of the SEC may want to enter too many projects safely into an American regulated market. This can trigger a new trend of the release
of too many new cryptocurrencies or ICO, ie IEO, which is relatively smooth to the market,
under a certain control. I pass by jet speed. This is one of the most important events that
we must follow in 2020. Another event that could affect Bitcoin deeply
in the future, friends, seems to be throwing seeds right now. Friends, you know JP Morgan, the banking giant
JP Morgan had announced that it would turn 180 degrees and drop its own cryptocurrencies
after throwing mud in Bitcoin in 2017. Now there is a very, very new event. Merger talks are held between JP Morgan and
ConsenSys. More precisely, JP Morgan has a unit called
Quorum, a subsidiary company. This company provides other companies with
an Ethereum-based open source blockchain service. When they look at the business partners on
the site, they are quite solid. JP Morgan is on the left and Microsoft on
the right. This is a consensus agreement with Consensys,
another company called Quorum, which is an Ethereum development company, which identifies
itself on its website, and announced a merger meeting. Well, what do you think Eren will affect this? Once this development shows us, JP Morgan
Blockchain continues to invest in cryptocurrencies, and JP Morgan’s own cryptocurrency working
on Ethereum may be coming soon. Although there are things I will tell you
about JP Morgan’s crypto money in a short time, while JP Morgan reveals his strength,
the fact that his own crypto money will work on Ethereum while hitting his fist on the
table in order to have it in the market can add a great power to Ethereum. But it starts with Ethereum and probably continues
with its own blockchain, as many coins do. It is also completely my prediction that a
company like JP Morgan will not leave it there after making a cryptocurrency. Already on the record, I argue that after
JP Morgan issues his own cryptocurrency, maybe he even sets up his own cryptocurrency exchange
and joins the game simultaneously. By the way, why JP Morgan’s cryptocurrency
has a special place. If you say why it will affect Bitcoin and
important altcoins like XRP, once the name of JP Morgan’s cryptocurrency, it is the first
bank in American history. There will be a supported cryptocurrency. The first stock-market futures Bitcoin transactions
in American history came from CBOE. The first term physical Bitcoin transactions
in American history also came from the Bakkt platform. So long story short, Bitcoin continues to
go through that very strict, prescriptive capitalist system of America. JP Morgan may even move companies of its size
to the Blockchain in the future. Why do you say, there is such a thing as lobbying,
network, friends. As Rippe, you can not convince one side of
XRP, but for example Amazon to use Ripple. Because Amazon is a top company. The revolving looks at Ripple very ultra,
as we mentioned in the video in the previous episode, if you do not have distuptive technology,
that is disruptive, Amazon will not accept you, but JP Morgan knocks, and when we do
it. These things are like that. So tomorrow, one day, JP Morgan, a subsidiary
of JP Consensys, which can merge with this Consensys, would have looked at it, and it
was passing Amazon, Oracle, Starbucks and such big companies to the Blockchain. Bitcoin has already been known, and as I analyzed
in the previous video, people started selling gold and buying Bitcoin for reasons such as
the difficulty of storing gold. This is a scenario. Anyway, not everybody will switch to Blockchain. Companies do not immediately impair their
employee systems. First, they try little, they want to see their
benefits. For example, there is a very new development. The founder of Wikipedia, the world’s largest
online dictionary, made a statement. No, we don’t think about switching to Blockchain,
our existing databases are working fine. Okay, this is acceptable in the first place,
but on the other hand, I think they should try little by little. Anyway let’s come to the price. Bitcoin domination is suppressed. It is now at 62.5%. As the money flows into the market, the lower
the domination season, the more the altcoin season has come, and the more you have the
chance to rise, the altcoins you have, and as I said at the beginning of the video, there
are 3 important levels in Bitcoin. These are the level of $ 10,100, which is
our previous resistance for now, and as time goes on, it can turn from resistance to a
support, where we will get strength. It is too early to say he has just returned. Its support level, which may look more solid,
is $ 9000-9100. We went up, $ 10800. In the meantime, first of all, when we came
to 9800 dollars with a sudden increase in the last day, when we received a lot of requests
from my Telegram channel, we went to live broadcast at 4 o’clock at night. As I said in that broadcast, Bitcoin is now
progressing very loyally to the plan. From my point of view, nemo is problemo. Because before Bitcoin came to $ 10,100 and
fell from there, I explained that $ 10,100 was resistance and I took my positions accordingly,
and I said this in the live broadcast without investment advice. Yes, we cannot say certain things very clearly,
so as not to mislead people. After a point, profit and loss are already
at your own risk. After my Bitcoin Cash video, which I published
in the past weeks, there were people who took their own risk and took $ 380. Those who took that risk won. Now it’s $ 480. $ 100 profit per coin. Anyway, now we are in a rest process with
light attacks in Bitcoin and some movements surprise me. For example, after returning from the $ 10,100
resistance, Bitcoin could technically drop to support 9000-9100, but it did not, even
the opposite was rested in the 9800s and then stood up again to $ 10,300. So the view is positive. Do you know what to expect here to make a
new purchase in Bitcoin? I will see if it can hold over 10.100 or not,
it is obvious to anya or konya in a few days. I’m in no hurry. It may take 3-5 days, but if you want it to
hold voluminously, it will rise slightly, or you know, when you get stuck at the same
level, it can generally decrease. Anyway, we couldn’t hold it at $ 10,100, then
it’s amazing. This means that Bitcoin will drop and we will
buy Bitcoin at a much cheaper price. If Bitcoin is strong enough to hold the $ 10,100
resistance and hold on, then it is likely to go up another $ 10800. Keep this in mind while watching the price
of Bitcoin after watching this video. Bitcoin could not exceed the resistance at
10,100 the other day, its power was not enough. In the second attempt, it exceeded yesterday
and is currently holding on. If it proves itself for a while here, it can
rise to 11,800 regions, where I first said that it was the price gap and expected an
increase in the medium term. You might think that. If the opposite scenario works, that is, Bitcoin
falls, there is a possibility, albeit low. Then, as I said, you may think that it can
hold at $ 9000-9100. I know why there is a possibility, albeit
low, you know? Open Bitcoin for the last 2-3 years. Bitcoin has always acted as follows at 90%. To a level revenue. It sits there. As you sit down and wait, you are more likely
to fall. Think like a thing. We sit on a balloon. If we don’t get up from it, it will come down
as it sits and then it will explode somewhere. Maybe the balloon was not a good example. No, I definitely don’t call Bitcoin a balloon,
I’m just trying to make metaphors. In summary, $ 10,100 is very important to
me. I have two conditions for ascension. The first one will hold on 10,100 and the
second one will try to attack slightly up and down, while keeping it steady, it will
even rise and rise. These are very positive signals for me. Now, if you want, let’s switch to another
topic in full, so what are you talking about Bitcoin on Reddit? It’s very clear, Reddit is also enthusiastic,
with Bitcoin reaching $ 10,000. Fomo has arrived. Bitcoin jet, Balloons, Elon Musks, rainbow
graphics showing the rise of Bitcoin, hodl tshirts, Bitcoin cake, pastry are flying in
the air. In other words, the same brother in psychology
globally is no different from us. So you have to be careful. Now let’s move on to Ethereum if you want. The markets are really hot. There is a hot event that can raise Ethereum’s
brand value even more, and we just talked about it. The fact that JP Morgan will issue cryptocurrencies
on the Ethereum network can also upgrade Ethereum, apart from the current rise in the markets. In other words, even when such events generally
fall, the coin is fortunately Ethereum can raise it in the opposite direction of the
market. In the meantime, let me give some extra information. A user on Twitter has released Ethereum’s
methodology and says that the Ethereum network is even slower than the calculators of the
90s. He says stop Ethereum to make the world compute. I wanted to share this with you. By the way, Ethereum’s appearance in the technique
is positive, let’s talk about where its technical analysis and price can go without giving investment
advice. Friends, Ethereum actually continues to spread. Now, as a new development, Canadian Joint
Venture company launched the first stable coin developed in the Ethereum network and
supported by Canadian dollars. For now, it will be traded on the cryptocurrency
exchanges in Canada. By the way, I think that after the statements
of the World Economic Forum Davos supporting crypto coins in general, and especially stable
coins, these stable coin development events have accelerated. To talk about the price of Etherum, we can
say very clearly that it has completed the mold movement we call formation. Look, there was a cup of handles and finished. We have now risen to the exact area that should
be raised. After that, there may be a withdrawal, which
we call correction, or it can continue from there if there is a large amount of money
in the market as it has been for the last few days. I’ll say that, most likely, Ethereum can move
along with the market. This is also said in the global analysis. It is said to be on the rise, be careful but
on the other hand, it is said that the bull season is not clear at all. I personally love taking my wife out in the
short term. The long term is already separate. Let’s throw it away for 3-5 years, you will
throw it away, saying, 3. Coin, Ripple, XRP. Ripple’s CEO will join a program at CNN. Of course, when the cryptocurrencies increase,
the interest of the mainstream media also increases. Let’s see if they can ask Ripple’s crappy
XRP sale, how Ripple’s public opening could affect them in the entire cryptocurrency market? Or when a full bomb is breaking news when
ready markets are sparkling, investors are ramping up. Meanwhile, there are analysts who say that
if XRP reaches 30 cents, it will start a new rally. Let’s see and follow. Because there is a serious selling pressure
in XRP. When we look at what is written and drawn
on Reddit about XRP, let me tell you that it is not as colorful as Bitcoin, but there
are generally price-related conversations. Here is one, can we get free XRP if asked,
the other asked XRP would be $ 100 this year? It seems that he did not know how many hundred
million X would bring the coin, which was 30 cents, would make the coin 100 dollars. Some say that Ripple will be very visible
now because of the IPO we call IPO, I agree with it, I said it in my video 1-2 weeks ago,
but I think there is no reason to make 100 dollars. Anyway, even though we say Reddit as a result,
I don’t think they are superior to us logically in general. If you say let’s take a look at the technical
analysis of XRP, by the way, they have reported that there are signals that will increase
1000% in XRP and 1000% are very ambitious friends. Yes, I would enter XRP, but then I would not
enter with an absurd target of 1000%. Technical analysis of XRP also looks positive,
except for one point. The cup handle formation also exists here. There may even be two alternatives to the
cup handle. This can be evident by his action in a few
days. If the big cup handle works, let me give you
a good news. It may experience an increase similar to the
analysis in Ethereum and as a final point in total, 46 cent can see t. Parabolic Sar also signaled buy nowadays. However, even though the 50-day and 200-day
moving averages increased by grasping XRP from below, it fell below the 200-day that
was 50 days. Bollinger band does not have a clear contraction. There may not be an explosion these days,
but in general I can of course say without investment advice. Despite all the negativities in XRP, let’s
move on to Bitcoin Cash by saying that the technical analysis seems 60-65% positive. Bitcoin Cash will have an event in Los Angeles
on February 22. Let’s see what they will talk about there. Will they convey their thoughts about the
block halving that we call halving in April. On the other hand, there is an interesting
data about Bitcoin Cash. As you know, most of the sales in the dark
networks we call Darknet were made through Bitcoin and then Monero, which is one of the
most popular coins focused on privacy. Here, last month, Bitcoin Cash made 10% of
these sales. I’m not saying this is a good thing. I’m just saying that Bitcoin Cash may have
entered the sales cycle in darts, which is a criticized aspect of Bitcoin. We can say that Bitcoin Cash has entered an
upward position by entering the block half-process, which we call halving. Looking at it from a good point, its rise
may continue until the block half in April. When we look at it from the bad point, there
is actually nothing very bad about it. Were 360 ​​dollars when we made the video
what now came to 480 dollars. He put $ 100 per piece, put 600 pounds on
it, but in a bad scenario, it may necessarily be corrected somewhere, that is, the decline. As I explained in my Bitcoin Cash video again,
the reason why this increase is so severe is that Bitcoin 5 generally increases and
Bitcoin Cash 15 increases. Bitcoin drops 5, Bitcoin Cash drops 15. The opposite example of this is maybe 2 in
the last 3 years, 3 is for me. Anyway, whether Bitcoin Cash continues to
rise or fall or not, without analyzing investment advice, although it seems to be giving a parabolic
wrap signal, it still looks good on the 50-day and 200-day moving averages, but it is supposed
to support the price from below. rose. Of course you are trading at your own risk,
but the Bollinger band has narrowed and did not boom, and since January 18, we have entered
a rising wedge path with these rises. It may even be a little more, but we are approaching
the end of the road as if there is a decline from here, but of course no, Eren Bitcoin
Cash has a special situation, until April, that is, I will wait until the time of halving. you know. In the meantime, I would like to share an
insight about the technical analysis I have done in the last 1 month, guys. In my analysis of many coins, I feel and see
that golden crosses, in other words, worked very well during this period. Here, for example, on January 2, when Bitcoin
Cash is $ 200, you can see the golden cross. Then it went up from $ 200 to $ 481. For this reason, I am for simplicity with
certain indicators in technical analysis, I am not in favor of mixed analysis, to be
simple, to be understood by everyone, I think the main skill is friends. I’m also trying for it. And guys, let’s move on to the 6th coin and
talk about Waves. Waves, who signed with Russia’s electricity
power company and tried to increase its efficiency by transferring the electricity of the huge
country to its own blockchain, went up to $ 3 in its rally in the previous altcoin season. Then the season is over, falling to 65 cents. Waves, as it is a coin that I actively buy
and sell, so I followed it one to one. I say the numbers but in general. It has now risen roughly 50% from $ 1 to $ 1.45. The same thing is said in the news. Waves are said to have risen 3 times in the
last 3 months. When we look at the drawings written in Reddit,
the most important thing is that Waves founded his own foundation in Frankfurt Germany. The purpose of this foundation of Waves explains
the web3.0 paradigms as implementing decentralized technologies and says that in the future,
decentralized autonomous organizations that we call DAO will establish a similar structure. This is what we call DAO, meanwhile, to say
that the devices connected to the internet can work by talking to each other, in the
simplest terms. For example, driverless devices in traffic
need to work in a coordinated manner with each other, right? DAO technology does this. I find it logical to establish this foundation
in Germany. Waves, you know, is a project from Russia. With this move, he can get a little closer
to Europe. Who knows, maybe they can even partner with
IOTA in the future. There are also members who join the foundation
from Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. When we look at the technical analysis of
Waves, we immediately encounter a golden cross formation. It has risen after a golden cross in 4 hours
but when we look at it in the diary it seems to have happened after this rise. But still it has risen a lot. The correction, that is, can fall into the
air of decline. I am saying that it has risen very hard and
it is necessary to see the movement it will do a bit before calling a form now. Although it has a correction, its first future
level may be $ 1.26. But despite everything so high, parabolic
sar still gives a buy signal. This is also interesting. Now, my friends, if we talked about all these
5 coins, I will get your comments on this video and I will also wait for your likes. Let’s go to today’s bonus information if you
want. Friends, India has done something which should
be complete in Turkey. In Mumbai, drivers placed sound meters in
the traffic lights so that the horn did not unnecessarily horn in traffic, and when the
horn sounds exceeded 85 decibels, the time they waited was reset and they started to
wait. He says play more horns and wait more. I think number 10 has become a 5 star business. My friends, I hope you liked this episode. If you want to join my Ledger raffle and thank
me for this video, subscribe to my channel, touch the bell, like my videos and write comments. Bam bam bam.

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