agadmator Excellently Pronouncing Names of Pieces and Phrases in Croatian

Hello everyone and welcome to a video that’s gonna be a bit different than all of my other videos It comes as a suggestion from Pierre GRU sock He said I should do a video where I named some moves some pieces Well all of the pieces and some phrases regarding chess But that I should do it in Croatian since Croatia did reach the finals of the FIFA World Cup I thought yeah, okay. It’s it’s definitely a nice idea So I thought I’d just start by, you know, explaining the names of the pieces then maybe you know a couple of phrases and then as I already have a chess game loaded from my previous video I’m gonna use the one you remember when working H, it was played and then knife captures on d5, of course well Bishop captures and then black resigned because after Queen captures in 97 wins the Queen and it’s game over So this is the game I’ll be using as a template to kind of Explain it how it’s all done in Croatian So in Croatian pretty much everything is the same you have these guys here These are the pawns in Croatian upon we call it p1 p1 It’s basically just a translation from pawn. But we also call it a beer shock a pea shock Would literally translate to a pedestrian A plural of bones would be Bunin or pia Schatzi Then you have the rook rook we would call either a top which would translate to a cannon Or we would call it Kula which would translate to a tower. So either top or cool Then we have the knight Knight. We sometimes we call it just like The jumper like in Croatian it would be scotch Or we would call it You know just a horse or in creation it would be coin Kon J. Then we have the bishop the bishop is We only have one term for it in Croatian And that’s Louis and Louis basically means a hunter So it really doesn’t have anything to do with a bishop in Croatian in in crow. I I’m pretty sure No dialects in Croatian or like I don’t think anyone calls it anything other than the hunter Then we have the Queen the queen is pretty much the same We call her credits ax which basically means the Queen But sometimes we also call her the lady which in Croatian translates to dama and then we have the King I’m pretty sure the king is like the king in every language In in Croatian, that’s cry. We don’t have any other Terms for the king He’s the big boss. And you know, he’s the king. I’m pretty sure in every language But if I’m wrong, I’m sure you will correct me in the comments section. So That’s it for the pieces now, let’s check out the game We already checked out in my previous video only this time we’ll check out a couple of terms in creation So we have D for D for this square in creation will be the cherry a Knight to f6 scar Tkachev chest say a tree which is basically c4 then e six we have a wrist Knight to c3 that’s scotch the tree Bishop to b4 robots H a tree as is the hunter that we have the names of Indian defense or in Croatian we would call it names of India or I think I think everyone calls the new Zoe Nika. I don’t think anyone calls it like Names are in Disco Burana, but you know, I would have to check then g3 get three And then we have castles a castles in croatian is either ricotta or raja dub? I’m pretty sure both terms are used. I have no idea why someone uses one way someone uses the other I prefer I Have no idea which one I prefer but I’m pretty sure you can if you play chess in crazy you can use both of these terms and There it’s I don’t know how to actually translate this word Raja de Oro cada Could be something like something like a switcher room maybe But you know when you switch places Push up the G 2. So this is basically en carrying the bishop In Croatian is pretty much the same. We say the MKT rattle off. That’s the infinitive form D5 we have in Croatian their pet Knight to f3 Scotch f3d captures on c4p chakras Demon, etcetera tree. We have castles again. Ricotta, or Rashad ah a knight to c6 Cocotte chest a3 Attacking the bishop boishakh r3 nevada lotsa Bushra back to e7 a lot simple watchin a poll a cedam we have E for You know nice nice control in the center Ble dobro controller at Santa Ana Paula Oh Knight to a5 scratch up it and now Bishop to e3 a lot say three We have a six Boishakh are stressed or you don’t have to say the pawn like in English Its you can just say ah stressed and everyone will know it’s a pawn move Quincy – dammit said Wow or or Christ said well pretty much most people we will use the lady in Croatian rather than the Queen We have h6 Rook 81 top and a Adam or you know an informal Chess terminology equation, you will say top. Yeah, you know, very rarely you will hear Kula like the tower C6z rest we have Knight to e5 sky catch a pet and Quintus e7 dumbass s-salam F4 this comes like a shock knife charity or just F F chatter Eb-5 or bear pit we have G for get you three c5 say pit g5 get H capture son g5 house. He managed a pit. We have F of Z manage a pit and Night to h7 or scar Koch has set on and now g6 I like we said in the previous video Of course Knight captures and f7 is a possibility or in creation. We would say Billy Tacoma Georgia was a disco cartoon knife 7, and then the the variation we’ve already explained in the previous video follows But okay in the game we had g6 that’s gate rest F capture some g 6f was a man a guest rest Knight captures in g6 culture Ximena gaseous was put in a palette open I for Sammi lost and I said um and now see capture sandy for Bravo Bashar could say was he managed a chair through? Nebraska cotton etc. He walked on i-35 Now opening up a discovered attack from the bishop on g2 towards the rock on a8 But also threatening some ideas here from the Queen on the Kings side and Here, we already explained in the previous video that the straightforward first rook captures here and then the following variation would you know? Really helped black out but here black plays a complete blunder. We have d3 or in creation We would say of the semi gravity scope honesty would be part two. I I have to say that, you know, it’s much easier for me to you know Commentate on a chess game in English. I rarely do it really rarely do it in creation But okay. Yeah, we have d3 the movie already said that loses the game and now Here you have to find the winning move or in creation. Not just a post-coital beaver party wasabi alga or Find a winning move move for white like we said in in the previous game we have night 2d files Kakashi tape it he said there were a couple of possibilities the way we already explained that D captures and c2 would be the best so Peer shock was him. Adama not said wa doko ni Bollea Madhu team Oh party a grand lost a bet in the game Bishop to c5 was played So we have Queen to d2 are probably the move black mist while this was played Or as we would say in creation, you know Sonny Anthony progress EO a well, we wouldn’t say that we would probably use another word but you know a Creation is a very rich language like that But okay, so like in that game we have a Queen to d8 Dama de awesome and now comes bunch of characters on c5 law That was a man at a pet rock captures an f1 would check tapas amana a feelin sasha home Rock characters on f1 top lucemon. I have hidden and now he captors and e5p aku Zima another pet here We have worship capture Sundy five. This comes with check law – Ximena de pet Alma Sascha home I Would posit see sandy Prader party or in this position black resigned the game So yeah, that’s basically the game How would I put that yeah. Oh Oh btw the particle show negro lien. Adam said, uh still jubilee That’s basically I do. Hope you enjoyed it and you know as usual you can check to my previous videos here cow in a chair of the most probability mod pls la vida aqua some Post are gonna soy canal he You know, I hope I’ll see you soon. In another said that was not a schmuck or immediately So that’s basically it regarding this game and there are some, you know a couple of you know things regarding Terminology, you know, I might admit but it’s heart, you know if I go to broad then it’s gonna be like a to long video if I you know, Like shorten it too much then so we basically explained every piece like the general moves the the fianchetto Bianca tyranny the castle in grow hotter ashada Capturing on Poisson You know capturing campus on we also We also seen in creation who city and Poisson. Yeah, there’s a really know we also used the French French term Which is which is funny because tomorrow creation plays against the French. So yeah, I think I’m Poisson in French is like passing, you know doing something while passing by or or it means like it while passing by not really sure but regardless so Yeah, that’s pretty much it if I missed like if I missed like something which I’m pretty sure I did, you know There are a lot of things I could have mentioned Feel free to you know, ask in the comments like right just write your question and use hashtag Croatia or something So I can search it later and then in my next video I will I will Pronounced anything you you might have missed in creation, you know If you’re if you’re interested, so yeah, that’s basically the game you’ve already seen this game So this is just basically a video that you know, hopefully you’ve learned some creation terms Yeah, okay. One thing I might have missed we have the you know at the files and the squares so ABCD EFG H. That’s basically our bets the AF gay Aha, but that’s you know, pretty much the same in any language and the numbers of course are yeah Um dois 3 chad repaired tryst said i’m awesome so yeah, I mean I I could like talk about so many things but I’m sure that if you’re like really interested You will just ask me in the comment section use hash tag creation or croatia or just hash tag cro hash tag crow And then, you know i’m just gonna answer it in my next video. So yeah, that’s it I do Hope you enjoyed it or as we would say in Croatian and Adam celestial g-value Oviedo. Oh Yeah, before I forget I would like to thank Luca SR for contribution to my channel. I think a lot I really appreciate it. Luca is struggling for the past six months with the chronic fatigue syndrome so I look I wish you all the best and I wish you recover as quickly as possible and Although I I mean I’ve read what what chronic fatigue syndrome is but you know I I can’t really fully understand it, but I know it’s From what I’ve read. I know it’s a terrible thing. So I really do hope you recover as soon as possible So thank you once again, and yeah, I will see you soon as usual you can check to my previous videos here. Thank you all for watching and We’ll see if I will be making any videos today tomorrow or we’ll just you know Probably I will make one as preparation preparations for the photo game in the final Cup Thank you all and I will see you soon


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