Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Won’t Accept Bernie Loss, Joe Biden Goes No Malarkey With Worker!

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spat with a potential photo congresswoman Alexandria Acacio Cortes
and her rather desperate excuse as to why Bernie Sanders was thrashed in the
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President Joe Biden not so fondly known as sleepy Joe has been making quite a
splash lately he has swept through the recent Democratic primaries picking up
14 states on Super Tuesday and mini Tuesday this over quashes the hope of
rival and Democratic Socialist comrade Bernie Sanders Biden’s result is
impressive especially given the fact that he is known not just for his
decades in politics and experiences Barack Obama’s right-hand man but for
his hilarious yet somewhat concerning behavior on the campaign trail Joe Biden
has fallen into a number of distinctly foot-in-mouth moments since he announced
himself as a candidate which includes stating that he is running for the
United States Senate my name is Joe Biden I’m a Democratic candidate for the
United States Senate identifying as a Democratic caucus I was a Democratic
caucus and making an interesting value judgment on the issue of poverty race
and intelligence poor kitchen just as brain
talans white kids however what has really pricked up the
ears of the public recently as the TV had with an autoworker while campaigning
in michigan these union workers they have been working countless hours under
the trump administration I’d like you to explain how you plan to not only keep us
working about how you intend on getting the union vote when there is a large
portion of the union workers that are gun enthusiasts and you are actively
trying to diminish our Second Amendment right and take a layer down here for
shush I support the second event the Second Amendment just like right now if
you yell fire that’s not free speech to the very beginning I have a shotgun
language 20-gauge a 12-gauge my son time guess what you’re not allowed to load
any weapon I’m not taking your gun away at all you need a hundred rounds I did
not say that okay so there are an awful lot of things that went on here first
the auto worker is pretty articulate and respectful he doesn’t muscle in and he
has his question written down for the sake of clarity but instead of
responding in kind Biden has the rather disproportionate reaction of hurling and
exploitive shushing a staffer and launching into a rather inarticulate
defense of his second amendment policies although perhaps losing a tiny bit of
credibility by incorrectly labeling ar-15s AR 14s it seems Biden disputes
the workers accusation that he plans to take away people’s guns dismissing the
viral video the worker refers to so what was this viral video well there were a
couple but this seems to be the one that they are talking about okay here’s the thing there have been a
number of perfect checks of that video from noted left-leaning outlets like
PolitiFact who have decreed that this video does not in fact imply that Joe
Biden is coming after American citizens guns according to PolitiFact Biden says
I’m coming for him meaning veto not them meaning guns
PolitiFact also downplays the fact that Joe Biden at a rally in Dallas pulled
Beto onstage and said that if elected he would be using veto to take care of the
gun problem with him this certainly implies that Biden
supports Beto’s rather radical stance on guns whether or not he has given veto a
formal invitation to join his team if elected which Beto claims Biden has not
nevertheless Politico ruled that the assertion that the video of Joe and the
O’Rourke’s reveals Biden supports an australia style gun buyback scheme as
pants on fire now if you feel the PolitiFact’s so-called fact-checking of
the Biden be toe video was a little dubious well you’re not alone for my
money there seems to be just a bit too much reasonable – out there about Biden
potentially supporting Beto s gun confiscation for the claim to be ruled
completely false and for Biden to be taken at face value when he insisted
during his argument with the auto worker that he supports the Second Amendment
sir does Biden support gun buybacks or gun confiscation does he want to get rid
of America’s guns and if so did he therefore openly lie to voters via the
auto worker or at least only tell half the truth well according to Biden’s own
words in the first Democrat debate on November 7th last year he does in fact
support some stringent gun policies stating folks look and I would buyback
assault weapons we already started talking about that we tried to get it
done I think it can be done and it should be demanded that we do it and
that’s a good expenditure of money in addition he had this to say in an
interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in August 2019 so – to gun owners out there
who say well by an administration means they’re gonna come for my guns bingo
you’re right if you have an assault weapon the fact of the matter is they
should be illegal period look the Second Amendment doesn’t
say you can’t restrict the kinds of weapons people can own you can’t buy a
bazooka you can’t have a flamethrower the guys who make these arguments are
the people who say the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots we
need the protection against the government we need an f15 for that you
need something well beyond whether or not you’re going to have an assault
weapon so how would you deal with all these all
weapons are already out there the people what I would do is I would try to I
would Institute a national buyback program and I would movement in the
direction of making sure that that in fact was we tried to do get them off the
street but that’s not confiscating people know that that’s not walking into
their homes knocking on the doors going through their gun cabinets etcetera so
people would be allowed to keep the weapons they already have right now
there’s no legal way that I’m aware of you could deny them the right if it had
purchased legally purchased them but we can in fact make a major effort to get
them off the street and out of the possession of people so although Joe
Biden may have got defensive in that confrontation with the auto worker and
he may have denied the workers allegation that he and Beto were going
to take away the public’s guns it turns out that given Biden’s previous comments
he does in fact support a veto style buyback scheme at least when it comes to
ar-15s joe biden lied outright to the auto
worker and to the American public and whatever agenda PolitiFact and other
outlets may have in fact checking the claims made about the altercation has
become painfully transparent in short it’s Biden who is full of exploitive not
the auto worker massive social justice failed to sleepy Joe Biden on this one speaking of Democratic presidential
candidates Bernie Sanders supporter in chief Alexandria Acacio Cortes is
understandably a little bit morose at Bernie’s sweeping failure during the
Super Tuesday and many Tuesday Democratic primaries much of this loss
is being attributed to a surprising lack of turnout by young voters aged 18 to 29
who overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders
anyway true to form for those on the progressive left red Cortes has already
started blaming everything except for Bernie’s campaign for the less than
pleasing result the most recent scapegoat is of all things voter
suppression and you did a campaign event at the University of Michigan had 10,000
people was like a rock star status but those kids did not show up at least if
you look at the numbers I mean just over all this with this race so so how can
you say progressive position is still prevailing
nationwide when Joe Biden is winning so much well I think one thing that we that
isn’t being talked about is the rampant voter suppression in this country right
there in Ann Arbor where we had that rally those kids were waiting three
hours in line to vote in Michigan and so when we talk about who’s turning out and
who’s not turning out we absolutely just to be clear you’re saying that you think
voters didn’t get to vote they wanted to vote in Michigan absolutely you know
obviously there’s also more that we need to do in terms of turning out youth
voters it’s we need to make sure that we’re inspiring young people to turn out
but when you do turn out you should not be waiting three four seven hours in
order to vote now the reason I am both astounded and amused at this allegation
is because read Cortes and those like her have relentlessly blamed voter
suppression among other things for pretty much every Democratic defeat at
the hands of Republicans over the past several years the fact she is now
blaming her own party for the same alleged offense indicates that this is
simply one of her go-to deflections rather than a genuine concern or
critique of the American voting system but look is she correct should we give
her the benefit of the doubt I mean after all since voting days in the USA
seem to be midweek usually rather than on weekends or public holidays it seems
already unnecessarily difficult for people to get to the polls but look at
the raw numbers Bernie Sanders didn’t lose in Michigan by a few hundred or
even a few thousand votes he lost by about two hundred and sixty thousand
votes triple digits now I don’t know about you but it seems to me highly
unlikely that a two hundred and sixty thousand vote loss could be caused by
voter suppression particularly since this so-called
voter suppression she is describing is simply people having to wait in line for
a few hours and giving up the cause evidently other things are more
important to them than risking life limb and whatever job they have to get to
than voting for Bernie Sanders particularly since in 2016 voters of the
same demographic didn’t seem to have that problem calling that verda
suppression is during a very very long Bo I would have thought rather than
voter suppression being responsible for the
lack of turnout from young voters could it be maybe that in 2016 when more young
people turned up they just really hated Hillary Clinton so much that they would
have done anything to get rid of her whereas they’re just kind of meh about
Joe Biden could it be that since the 18 to 29 year old bracket now consists of
four years worth of generations eddore Zuma’s rather than just Millennials
could have something to do with it considering that Jen’s ed on average
tend to be less ragingly left-wing the Millennials aside from a few noisy
social justice warriors that suck up all the attention I mean who knows either
way blaming the Sanders loss on voter
suppression would seem a desperate attempt to hide the fact that America at
large is simply not interested in democratic socialism or any kind of
socialism for that matter and since Alexandria Acacio Cortes and
her supporters invest so much of their emotional selves into their politics and
identify in a core level with their political beliefs rather than remaining
detached as a lot of conservatives tend to be admitting to themselves that maybe
they’re off the pulse some what would be a giant stab in the heart and undermine
their entire identity massive massive social justice failed to Alexandria
Acacio Cortez on this one unfortunately I’ve talked so long about
the first two topics that we’ve run out of time for a bonus topic but tune in
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