ALTCOIN’DE PARA KAZAN! (1 Dolar Altı Ucuz Coin’lerde Trade Nasıl Yapılır? Bitcoin, X10 Token)

In this section, when you buy and sell very
cheap coins under $ 1, what is the best trade namely buy and sell tactics? How to choose good and cheap coins under $ 1,
and if we want to invest and chase them, what should we do or not to do if we want to make
money quickly. In which cheap coins can you apply these tactics. All in this video (with x10 token review) Friends, the higher a coin, the more it is
adopted and the more money it enters, the lower the mathematical maneuverability. Bitcoin is $ 16,000 when it is worth $ 8400
and it won’t save you 2 times, but in Binance, the cheap coins below $ 1 listed here can
make you 2 times 3 times more money with the help of luck if you buy and sell correctly. Here in this video, we will minimize the factors
other than luck in our journey today and pursue the maximum profit together. But every coin under $ 1 is also good, so
it doesn’t make you money. I will tell you my experiences as sponsored
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​​extra discount + tax by entering the code I gave to Ledger’s site from that link. Now let’s move on to tactics. Our first tactic is; you went for cheap coin
hunting. You are looking for exchanges, the coin you
will find must be high volume while being cheap. To do this, open and sort
the full 5000 coins, which are good and bad in the market, by their volume in the last
24 hours. Remember, volume means interest, volume means
popularity. If there is a lot of interest in a coin, that
coin will be garbage and less likely to harm you. Here, of course, new friends may not know,
when researching both cheap and high-volume coins from coinmarketcap, bypass coins that
have a fixed value of $ 1, such as Tether, Paxos Standard, or USD coin, because their
aim is not to rise, but to be fixed for $ 1. Now we have listed the most voluminous, most
popular coins in coinmarketcap. We pass the most known and over $ 1 coins. XRP, Stellar, Tron or something here are the
most bulky coins under $ 1, but since they are well known coins, they are a bit less
risky and their return is likely to be less in the short term. Let’s keep looking. Coins such as Dogecoin, Ontology, Vechain,
Bittorent, Omisego, which are the first ones we encounter are friends. In addition, you can look at ZB tokens, Basic
Attention tokens, Algorands and NEMs, but there are numbers next to each coin, like
29 or 35, and those numbers show how many are in all cryptocurrencies. The lower the number, the less risky, so we
can say better. Of course, the more you go down, the more
coins you can earn, but the higher your risk. Our concern is to choose the most optimal,
best price performance coins. If we click on the volume tab again in coinmarketcap,
this time we can see the coins with the least volume, the least interest in the last 24
hours. For example, you can see the state of Bytecoin,
which once rose instantly to 2000 satoshi in Binance, right? These are of course showing the last 24 hours
as of the moment I look, guys, it is not a problem to have a coin here one day, there
is no such thing as every coin will receive a lot of volume every day, but if you have
any coins here, I think my friends, I think Check from time to time from coinmarketcap
and if its volume is constantly falling, interest is not shown, it may mean that something may
be wrong with the coin. Also, you shouldn’t be tied to these coins,
buy a hammer, go up and sell. While even the top 10 cryptocurrencies today
are unknown, it makes no sense to connect to these coins. If we look at the X10 token, for example,
it does not exist in coinmarketcap. Is Coinmarketcap everything, absolutely not,
but a reference for the cryptocurrency market. There have been many claims about coinmarketcap,
especially in the past 1-2 years ago that it manipulated the market through South Korean
exchanges, but it’s still partly important to get in here. We look at the coingecko for the X10 token,
and not in the coinlib. Yobit’s own token, either an aimless coin
or a new coin, has not been able to enter here yet. There’s a link below, yourself if you want
to look at the trail. Now, for example, we have been looking at
0.74 Bitcoin transactions in the last 24 hours. Even though there are coins with a volume
lower than 0.74, the volume of 0.74 Bitcoin is also low friends. This means that it is very risky that it has
been sold from 7-8 satoshi for the last 7 days, and now it has fallen to 1-2 satoshi
that an order of 6.5 Bitcoin has been entered as an order in the purchase section, but I
think there are two problems here. Keep watching, I will explain these two troubles
that may occur in all coins on X10 tokens, in the second article. To summarize the first tactic, we will look
for the most optimal, most price performance coin. The lowest price and the highest volume. So we will try to stay in balance between
the two. I have already given sample coins, you can
aim to earn more money by going further down, but this will also increase your risk. Now let’s move on to the second tactic. The second tactic is not actually our tactic,
it is the tactic of professional investors. I will tell you how we do not hunt here, we
do not hunt when hunting. Now, we will act by thinking that the high
number of orders that most people are deceived can be the dust cloud of the trading order
walls. What did we say? We gave the X10 token as an example. While the X10 token is being sold from 7-8
satoshi, it has now fallen to 1-2 satoshi, and if you notice, they just entered this
order from 1 satoshi, so they want to get the lowest price possible, and these orders
can fly at once. The man cancels, you stay with what you have
calculated. For example, they usually raise the coin with
a wind and then perform coin locking operations to the incoming novices. Friends, we call the high orders placed on
these purchases and sales as walls. So, for example, I’m throwing the man does
not want any coins to fall below 50 cents or want to mislead other investors by giving
such a perception, after all, this is a buy and sell war, I remember these walls in Vechain,
there were so many before the devaluation. What walls were from $ 6 and $ 5 were called
indestructible, but I have never traded on these very high orders. I do not recommend that you take action taking
these into account. Or you can come up with a very bad fishing
rod. Anyway, there is an order in 1 satoshi in
the X10 token, Because you take it and take a look that the
purchase order of 6.5 Bitcoin volume of 1 satoshi has been canceled, withdrawn or someone
else has sold it. Anyway, the most logical move to be made in
these kinds of coins is either to skip, never to be smeared or it is 1-2 satoshi now, it
was 7-8 satoshi 1 week ago, that is 3-4 times. Let me take a look at $ 5-10, and it will
go back to 5-6 satoshi 3-4 days after you take it. You make a profit, but it says that there
are very high risks of dealing strongly and vigorously, and I strongly do not recommend
investing large sums of money. You don’t know how to do it. There is also the following, if you buy this
type of coins in small numbers and follow them for a few months, if this coin gains
you enough confidence, if your purchase orders do not fly at one time and do not harm you
in these 3-4 dollar purchase rounds, one click is larger. you can think about if you succeed. It’s a little bit about this investment strategy,
a little about trusting you, but I definitely don’t want you to invest big money from the
start. You look after yourself and decide. Of course, do not ignore the possibility of
harm. Yes, we take some risk, but money is not made
without taking any risk. The important thing here is to take the most
reasonable risk and not to rush. Especially what I said may be valid for those
who buy and sell coins that are not useful in the Bittrex exchange, which we call shitcoin,
but are short-term constantly falling and rising. Our third tactic is because the volume is
much lower in cheap coins compared to Bitcoin. Therefore, in the coins you are looking at
increased 3000%, I wish I had previously bought the market cap before you regret it, look
at the market cap, and the tactic is, especially in these coins, use stop loss, stop loss,
on the stock markets. Stop loss is also important in Bitcoin, but
believe me in cheap coins. If someone comes in and collectively sells,
and that coin will drop by 50%, you will not know it, at least you will lose 5%, you will
lose 60%. This means that you will profit from 55% loss. By the way, guys, we just talked about the
X10 token. Since the X10 token is listed on the Yobit
exchange, let me share my thoughts about this exchange as well, you can decide whether you
should use it or not. We used this exchange in the bull season of
2017. It may have never even stopped in 2018-2019. What we were doing, especially a coin that
I was going to buy I turned the plot and bought it from Yobit, and in Bitcoin, Ethereum, this
stock market was making forks My story of seeing the coins produced by coming
near the Bitcoin name has already started from here. Anyway, by the way, we call Yobit these things,
but for how many years it has been working We did not hear news of exploding style like
cryptopia, at least I did not hear it, but I think it would be better not to keep a long
term coin in this stock market. And this X10 token has two main points. The first one is the token itself, and the
second one has an airdrop called YODA token on this Yobit exchange where the X10 token
is bought and sold. You know, also in airdrops, do the following,
in return there is an offer to earn free coins. This is something like this. Yobit designed a Telegram boat. If I forget that I will add the link below,
named Fastexbot. Write me in the comment if I forget. This bot manages this YODA token airdrop and
the purpose of this bot is that it allows you to switch from crypto money to traditional
money using Telegram directly. For example, you are in a restaurant and you
want to pay using your crypto money. Here you can exchange and pay directly with
this Telegram bot. As part of Airdrop, you get 700 Yoda tokens
and they are used in stock commissions, and they say 400 Yoda tokens are earned at every
reference. Guys, in this video, what tactics should be
to make money on cheap coins with you, how to choose good and cheap coins, I tried to
explain them. In addition to all these, if you also research
the project of the coin you will choose, you can examine the website and give good ideas. I always say, the website is the showcase
of the work. It is very difficult to get a good project
behind a bad website, almost a 90s website that does not fit the trends, after all, it
shows the importance that men give to this job. There is no guarantee that a good job will
follow a good website. Because the guy prints the money, he makes
the website, we don’t know it, what’s going on at the back or it’s a really nice coin,
the guy has taken care of it. Anyway, let’s move on to the bonus information
of this video. In each episode, I give you extra mini mini
bonus information. Our bonus information today is very special
and it’s about a person I love so much. Children like me, 90s, will remember Barış
Manço with longing. The first person the first name of peace in
Turkey Baris Manco Did you know? It emerged from the longing for peace after
the wars. When Barış Manço is mentioned, for some
reason, Barış Akarsu, which we always lost very timelessly, comes to my mind. I loved him too. Anyway, if you would like to participate in
the Ledger raffle and thank me for this video and watch it as soon as it is broadcast on
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