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have I want to say a speaking of on
confiscated by linked to the Twitter account again I mentioned yesterday they
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straight up like that all right now a lot of people are asking me about the
MWC crypto dividend the exchange is down hop it is down guys I can’t if you want
to buy it or whatever good go talk to Andy Hoffman alright
he’s ot’s OTC whatever you want to call him Andy Hoffman is linked to below if
you would I mean if you want to sell MWC excuse me huh god forbid buy it but I
got the bid god forbid you don’t buy it you don’t you turn your crypto dividend
into Bitcoin I hope I didn’t but yeah if you want to sell you you can’t sell your
MWC on the exchange for some reason um it’s hot bit and so you can go to Andy
Hoffman he all happens link to below I do want to say about MWC this crypto
dividend that we got for free they still have 500,000 of it left air drop that
stuff to the big coin holders guys don’t keep it in your family don’t do one of
those yeah all the MWC holders are gonna get more and them you see there’s only
one MWC holder it’s the guy who’s buying it all up for God’s sakes why reward him
why keep it in your fat you need to market that thing
so hey Bitcoin family is the best Bitcoin family to market to give out and
you know you did a successful crypto dividend air-dropped beforehand why not
just repeat the whole thing again of course I’m biased I want to get three
MWC if you turn into Bitcoin and that this silly guy will buy from me okay
that’s great so moving on and here’s a related tweet
well question mark is this a related tweet the only thing Gary this is from
Nick Carter the only thing guaranteeing your deposit
is the integrity of all of offshore exchange operators expect an insolvency
okay if the only thing guarantee you’re changing your deposits is the integrity
of offshore exchange operators expecting an insolvency in other words you’re
dealing with unregulated exchanges mysterious exchanges and you’re keeping
your you’re keeping your precious Bitcoin or altcoin or whatever there and
hey the only thing guaranteeing that the deposit is going to be there is the
integrity of the the operation yeah you better expect an insolvency and control
your own private key all right so Matt Odell has a tweet an inspirational tweet
I’d say and something that should keep you in motion and shouldn’t make you
obsessed with the government there has never been a government that didn’t
sooner or later try to reduce the freedom of its
subjects instead of trying to convince our current government to try to not try
we’ll develop the technology that will make it impossible for the government to
succeed that is a quote from Wade a some old-school privacy guy now let’s analyze
that for a second yeah governments as they evolved devolve they they try to
reduce the freedom of the site it’s just the natural way of governments to reduce
the freedom of its subjects now we can scream here and complain and say oh if
you vote for this person we’re gonna have more freedom if you don’t go for
this person’s gonna be less freedom Oh government please don’t do this
please don’t ban this please don’t Bitcoin is beyond all that okay bitcoin
is the technology that makes it impossible for the government to succeed
but of course most people don’t opt into the Bitcoin overlay they stick with the
Fiat they value their wealth in dollars and they just go with the slow flow of
the gut of losing freedom vert and with Bitcoin no you’re
out of it so don’t waste your time saying government don’t take away my
freedom be efficient by the Bitcoin and the government isn’t taking away your
financial freedom with that okay you’re not ending up in the matrix of the Fed
coin you’re in the Bitcoin overlay and you’ve got you can get out of Dodge
whenever you want to move to a new country with all your wealth they’re not
gonna stop it so you can complain about financial freedom and say this was a
socialist this was a communist ones whatever
oh he’s gonna make such a big difference or you act you do you’re in motion with
Bitcoin and that that quote is a sums it all up
alright now a 21st May 21st tel aviv i link to it below in like 3 different
places check it all out there promoting it the having party the best freaking
having party on earth i will be there i will dance with you if you’re there okay
I’ll get down you’ll see how the Meister used to get down in Baltimore at the
club and everything all right I’m gonna be cutting the rug in Tel Aviv on the
21st May May 21st May 21st that’ll be after the actual having event I believe
but they’re partying there and they have the best parties Bitcoin parties in Tel
Aviv it will be the biggest and most awesome Bitcoin part Bitcoin having 2020
party on the planet Earth check it out lots of information about
that below alright all current on all coins do not hurt
Bitcoin people you shouldn’t feel threatened by all coins so many people
have to have an enemy you don’t have to have an enemy in Bitcoin you don’t have
to have an enemy you can just enjoy the ride you don’t have to scapegoat and get
distracted there’s no reason to blame anyone for anything and when your
Bitcoin you control your destiny you’ve got freedom why don’t default to the way
you used to be scapegoating and blaming ignore if you don’t like always ignore
them ignore them totally northern people do you know what’s going on in a ripple
No who cares let him let the rip lers ripple let them do what they’re gonna do
let it what’s what’s going on in a big old down who knows let them do what
they’re gonna do that jimmy song though has a tweet out there and nobody
comments on this tweet I’m gonna share it with he was I like Jimmy song also I
like oh D Jimmy he he mentions like it would be nice at the altcoins crash 70%
and aoudi says the following which I mostly agree with he says I like Jimmy I
agree with that but I disagree here I do not wish losses
upon anyone and don’t need to see all scratch to feel better I agree with them
I think morally it is only okay to hope for a crash if you put your money where
your mouth is in short it ok I’m not into shorting and all that stuff so
whatever otherwise you’re wishing ill on others for no reason so yeah in the long
run in the long term guys if you’re wishing Mike oh let’s see the aqua he’s
crashed 70% so all these all corners lose everything oh they’ll learn a
lesson that takes that’s one step back ok that Nate’s because big point is
connected to the entire cryptocurrency space people don’t realize that big
Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin ok many people don’t realize that so they got a
big connection between the altcoins of Bitcoin so something happens bad with
all coins is gonna turn people off to cryptocurrency mainstream people media
people will get confused and say it was Bitcoin that crashed 70% it will slow
down the progression of Bitcoin slug that all coins crash you will slow down
the progression of Bitcoin in terms of people getting into the Bitcoin overlay
will scare people away from Bitcoin so it’s you know when negativity is
something to avoid and I don’t want to see I don’t get off by all coins
crashing people will learn their lessons ok but listen I Buddha says it’s a bad
look for for Jimmy yeah I think that’s a good way of phrasing now I like this
reply in the thread and all this is linked to
you can read it yourselves I don’t see the harm in both existing Bitcoin in
Auckland’s it’s not like all coins detract from the value of Bitcoin in any
way no they really don’t they don’t in a true value Bitcoin what bitcoin does
it’s it’s a security truth machine who cares what beat gold does who cares it
ripples data doesn’t change that bitcoin is a security truth machine so so so
people get distracted by all points okay they’re distractions people get
distracted by a lot of things out there we can we can’t we can’t be Bitcoin
mommies let the person response Mia is a new counterculture isn’t it a good thing
that others want to explore the technology and build on it yeah it is a
good thing that people want to explore the the underlying technology of Bitcoin
they’re good they’re doing it in all coins whatever and build on it fine some
of them will come back the Bitcoin that’s fine so I I’m a guy that I just
look to all coins be I don’t need to see the end of the world in all coins and I
don’t need to see Bitcoin dominance increase it’s a ludicrous I talked about
when Bitcoin dominance increases I mean if newsworthy but it’s mostly little
Chris and let aetherium be next aetherium what’s it what’s it mean to me
we’re going to talk about the decentralization and some honest
speakers well we’re gonna talk about it right now
Jimmy Sun I do agree with him with this Bitcoin anti fragile low time preference
decentralized D Phi D Phi is fragile high time preference and centralized
these two shouldn’t be in the same universe let alone the same category
okay they’re not in the same category for people who understand they’re not in
the same category so I mean these you’re absolutely right the deep the people are
getting in deeper I needed interest on my cryptocurrency now now now I need
interest this year can’t wait for my Bitcoin to go up in value I need it now
deep let’s try this D fee it’s supposedly decentralized and it’s not
decentralized and we’re gonna talk about why it’s not too centralized but do I do
I want D Phi to disappear off the face of the planet now let let people they’re
doing things over there i mainstream financial people like that kind of stuff
it’s name doesn’t say what it really is okay
it is not decentralized finance I don’t see how it will ever be decentralized
okay it is centralized it is a way for people
to get interest on their crypto currencies okay and trust and trust
people to pay them that interest but guess what
there are billionaires millionaires out there that won’t come into the space
until they can do insane things like that they don’t understand that holding
your big coin you get crypto dividends you get interest on it they don’t want
to learn they don’t they don’t want the insider information that you get here
okay and that’s awesome for you because that just makes you wealthier okay that
you’ve already got the insiders you already profited off the MWC instead of
giving away your your private keys to these centralized these defy people are
roaming chew says have you confirmed next week’s guests for this week in
Bitcoin no the with this Fridays no not at all I haven’t even asked anyone yet
if you were in Vegas have you thought about doing this show with three live
guests well I get out Friday I will still be a I will still be here in Los
Angeles okay I am taking a bus at nighttime to Las Vegas and I am I am
like arriving at Las Vegas at the D Hotel probably a 3 in the morning on
Saturday okay and I’ll be there and then I’m leaving there Saturday and I come
back to Los Angeles so could I do a live show from the D there there they’ve got
sketchy uh I doubt the public Wi-Fi yeah I think it’s sketchy there I want people
to depend on it I I got a plan my Saturday show it’s probably gonna be
taped beforehand maybe I’ll do some interviews there but yeah I could do if
this weekend Vic if I was actually at the at the d4 tones event on confiscate
on Friday yeah I could do a live show with three guests sitting there with me
in theory if the internet work if I was there on Friday but I’m not gonna be
there until very late until three in the morning on Saturday so there Friday
night whatever you want to classify that as Craig ship set and Craig ship up I
haven’t seen you for a while man at your undisclosed location near Camp David
Maryland my home state good news Briana host of
dance calm that’s a bright bride fit dance calm has strong hands and says she
will never sell her Bitcoin also she will dance for Bitcoin your Craig the
ship constant five bucks to say that thank you
that’s for you guys who value your wealth in women she’s hot
she’ll jump around for you I mean she likes Bitcoin and everything apparently
so bright bright fit dance calm and Craig knows hot women it’s a long story
but anyway I value my wealth and Bitcoin no doubt some of you guys watching this
will be interested in that and Craig sent the five dollar super chat so he
got his his friend Breanna who’s hot a nice uh plug there okay okay so bride
fit dance calm or just follow Craig ship Craig ship calm that’s with two peas and
he is awesome he’s a great photographer great with video and everything and he
takes pictures of these ladies also for them I’m sure they enjoy me add to their
portfolios okay so they’re well he helps add to their uh finance report folio
through if they take his financial advice of the Bitcoin but they’re a
pictorial all right what do we have here Jimmy we talked about what is this Jimmy
I said I talk about the okay Chris so let’s talk about thief by Chris black
Chris Black has been on the show before he’s like the most honest dude in defy
okay he does not get emotional he is unemotional about this defy stuff he is
trying to give it a legitimate critique okay and this dude to Shire Jane has
this tweet that says the majority of defy projects have admin
which enables the centralized team to upgrade the contract this means they can
upgrade the contract to a version where they could take your funds and he says
credit on the research to Chris black and that is straight that is straight up
from first black we talked about that I think last week how Chris been right
black is doing an analysis of all these new pi
platforms and he talks about thee in Minty’s and that their centralized and
another guy said Hammond Hammond Gould says more guys like Chris black are
needed in a defy space less emotional a chat attachment chilling BS more
constructive criticism and level-headed thinking to enable defy to flourish so I
agree what when looking at the defy space from afar there are a lot of guys
that think it is the best thing since Swiss cheese if you if you insult it
you’re you’re horrible you get emotional he’s trying to bottle down to the very
bottom and get it to be to be really decentralized now will will they be able
to get something like that to be evidence decentralized truly it’s up to
your interpretation of what the word decentralized means I think right it’s
like a Bill Clinton ISM what was his thing what does is mean or something
like that I forgot what his insanity was lawyerly stop there all right crypto
mania said but Chris is of all the dudes in the D Phi space Chris black baby
crate if you want if you if you dare want to get into that stop go to Chris
black I link to him below he is he’s linked to blow and the tweets about it
is linked to below a good guy and so crypto mania sent two euros
greetings some dirty Fiat for you thank you man thank you Cass eight says
bitcoinmeister what kind of business did you start after you got tired of working
for other people I was called contact Meister calm I did
a marketing research for software companies I
I would make them they needed to sell their software platforms to various like
c-level people and all I would do was figure out the email addresses of
c-level people and they would pay me money for it thus that was contact
maestro comm yes yeah I mean so yeah that’s except that’s what I did that’s
something I did you probably could still do that it got boring after right it
should be automated by now but I was I was good at tracking down the email
addresses of us c-level people and software companies
would pay me money for that all right so uh that that’s a good question good
question and you and four men four men on I’ve only been working for myself
since the contact moisture calm days and I and as I’ve said before thank God
thank God when my relatives came to America that they got the last name
Meister that they they change it from master oh boy to Meister because that
that helped with that business to sports Meister calm contact Meister calm this
rob Meister calm Pam that like button in motion in motion and I could and that
was when I got used to like working any time of day and night and I could have
had a lot of leeway back then I would every Thursday Friday and Saturday night
I’d be partying then value your wealth and Bitcoin but I used to value it in
some other crazy stuff and lack a we talked about Chris he was awesome Nick
Carter who’s also awesome he talks about this earth coin insolvency F coin is
some exchange I’ve never heard of before because of course I don’t trade Bitcoin
and I don’t deal with ridiculous exchanges but it it’s insolvent now it
didn’t get hacked though he says the F point insolvency is more evidence for my
pet theory that many unregulated changes are thick or fractional-reserve
willingly by default no one cares to ask so why bother being
fully preserved great point it’s a great point man if no one’s gonna check up all
these exchanges why not just not really have the Bitcoin there and then at the
end of the day have an exit scam why not but hey some of you use love all coins
so much and don’t value would love fiat so much you’re willing to deal with
these people but prefer reserves proof of reserves is great it would be
great for the industry if you’re gonna deal with an exchange let let them show
you the proof of reserves show the heat show the address world the bitcoin is
that but of course some some some operation in China will never do
that well I’ve never seen ever never said never again
ding-ding-ding-ding ding-ding-ding-ding okay uh yeah but why should easy no
one’s calling him out all the 80 percenters are like trade trade trade
that’s what I heard on YouTube better trade that line look looked a certain
way today that little chart II better trade on the time using shape oh hey
Brad away throw my Bitcoin hoe who was it worth it no okay
but her shorts mostly is a new counterculture alright alright so and
and with that in mind let’s talk about a guy named Alex Jones who for years has
been telling his doom audience you know bitcoin is controlled by the government
bla bla and meanwhile all these years Alex Jones had the chance to buy Bitcoin
for very very cheap in fact Alex Jones could be retired by now wait it could be
a multi I don’t know what his finances are now I’m assuming they they’ve taken
a hit since he’s been kicked off of he’s been the platform by everyone and he
could be so rich so rich by now he knew about it so early but he kept up his
dude character you know he was a short-term thinker you know why not say
bitcoins a conspiracy so I get all these people happy that watch my show and
they’ll buy my products i he didn’t think long term that you know this this
is a real thing I really should buy it but now now there’s an article here
American radio star host of the info wars and far-right conspiracy theorist
Alex Jones you know combat ever gonna calm but met with pro Bitcoin champion
Max Keiser and call him whatever you gonna call him – cuz I’m no fan of his
he admits he admits you’re right I should have gotten involved in Bitcoin
a long time ago so I assume that alex is up since his listeners have been cut
down on and he knows that the bitcoiners that they’d probably be a pretty good
Ally to have at this point why not say something good about Bitcoin change your
mind now and get some get some Bitcoin people back on board so all of his so
many dimmers that blindly worshipped him they missed out a lot
on Bitcoin but is it his fault no it’s their fault that he blindly worship the
guy first responsibility is a new counterculture so at but meanwhile Alex
in the long run Alex Jones didn’t get super rich from Bitcoin but he need to
get rich from Zoomers meanwhile the dimmers that never did anything and
bought his pills they didn’t get anything I mean I didn’t get Bitcoin
they got his pills or whatever so yeah Alex Jones has changed his mind
oh great don’t put him on a pass though don’t end up like those dimmers that are
like oh my he’s changed his mind now what the FBI doesn’t control to see how
the NSA does it could do a bit cord oh my god my worldview is destroyed Alex
all okay row and Chu says but it’s news great
Alex changed go go buy some Bitcoin Alex okay do that if you were to start this
is Roma Q if you were starting another business in the future what kind of
business would would interest you well obviously something to the Bitcoin
Bitcoin in marketing something to do with mark marketing Bitcoin but that’s
that stuff that’s what would interest me but I mean I think if you’re asking like
outside of the cryptocurrency space what would each I have no idea I don’t even
if cryptocurrency disses disappeared from the face of the earth something
technological internet-based it maybe has some real estate stuff again – I
mean I know about that kind of stuff but that would have to be like that’s not
gonna happen because cryptocurrency Bitcoin is not disappearing for the
world but I think you just spent a general question what type of business
if I want to start a business in the future
well maybe YouTube stuff – I mean I’m good with that yeah so forget real
estate YouTube YouTube stuff marketing YouTube I don’t know
social media I like cutting edge type of stuff all right so we talked about Alex
Alex and something I forgot what to say yesterday I was forgotten
I put Libra in the title originally and I meant to talk about I forgot it that
happened sometimes there’s an art I don’t know if this room
as it’s been debunked yet the Libra Association is weighing a shift to a US
dollar back stable coin okay it’s a simpler form of printing your own money
I mean what it boils down to is the government is the United States
government going to now give them permission to do this okay but he wants
their permission Zuckerberg wants our prediction so so not make so now it’s
not a basket of currencies just saying hey it’s gonna be a u.s. dollar stable
coin will that make it cool with the government maybe he’s just simplifying
he’s simplifying his money printing machine because bottom line is he wants
to make his own Facebook money let him do it
innovate I have no problem with it doing it you should do it you shouldn’t even
care what the United States government’s the kid just doing a different country
then mark if you’re watching town that like butt of your life teams like a
Burke but so it’s not that to me it’s not big deal at all they make it a us
some people say it’s a failure if it’s a u.s. stable coin instead of what it was
supposed to be no it’s not if he prints his own darmani it’s a big success it
shows the world that one of the most powerful corporations on the planet can
print their own money like a like a country all right
so Justin son something I missed yesterday he actually has a steamin
account now and he piece explains at his steam it post what he’s trying to do I
think there’s some steam people to think it’s not good that he bought steam it
it’s good that he bought steam it all right he actually bought some steam also
apparently he kind of vaguely discusses in this post it’s linked to below if you
care about that kind of stuff and hey maybe we will get a legitimate social
media platform that is all crypto centric which steam it is supposed to be
and hey I hope that he does a great job whatever job he’s proposing because I
get steamed for free baby I’m bitcoinmeister on there and I post
all my videos he takes like two seconds my YouTube videos that you’re watching
right now I post them over there I get steamed
never buy something that you get for free turn that stuff that you get to
free for free into Bitcoin now the following is is kind of a joke because
it’s from Ooty but I take it seriously okay because I think something like this
will happen one day I talked about these coin mergers these coin takeovers
altcoins buying all coins now we see Justin Sun is sort of doing this he’s
buying distressed crypto assets well this is him Rudy says this is a great
deal Justin Justin son should acquire be cash developers they need cash and
planning to attack the network for funding okay
they need cash oh yeah and they were planning you know talking about the tax
as an attack on the network for funding Justin can help Tron gets to snatch VCE
and be cash away from etherium plebs whatever that means over time be cash
migrates to Tron to fulfill the vision of fast loafie cash just as son is doing
a great job finding crypto communities that need funding and have them join the
Tron community it’s a great way to strengthen both communities win-win for
B cash and Tron B cash will officially be rebrand to be cash the beep okay
OBC H will officially rebrand to be cash instead of calling it the other name and
Justin will become the new be cash Jesus alright so some of this is funny and but
hey I think if justice son did buy all those be cash developers that want to be
paid instead of them doing the tax or whatever they they then migrate B and
then they agree to migrate it to Tron so there’s some sort of merger there it
would pump both be cash and Tron and then there wouldn’t be be cashing who to
even go a lot of different ways with this and the dude could something like
this will happen one they say now will it be with P cash they’re probably not
but uh hey there’s an idea out there I think it’s a creative idea why not do it
why why not why not try it see if his Justin prints his own Tron
money and he’s just using it on everything do what you got to do dude it
doesn’t doesn’t bother me because if bitcoin is the next Bitcoin one bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister and
yes someone said peter schiff didn’t like that uh that Alex Jones likes
Bitcoin yeah so what Peter Schiff doesn’t like anything positive about
Bitcoin that’s his gimmick he’s trying to sell gold gold people are negative
they don’t like anything well that’s a that’s an overstatement but you get my
drift man you go the gold people they gotta have enemies enemies list okay let
gold do what its gonna do it’s old school if you want to stick in the old
school be in the old school hang with Peter Schiff that complain who complains
about everything I’m Adam I should become a Jew disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video
check out links below pound that like button bang that bell button click on
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