US dollar, gold or bitcoin? Fasten the belt, friends, the hot issues of
the recent days of America – Iran conflict and the third world war will save us the most
secure port of gold or dollar or Bitcoin whether we will investigate whether we finally reach
a journey we can reach an answer. In the meantime, there may be newcomers to
us, we will explain what Bitcoin is in 3 sentences and talk about the advantages and disadvantages
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Bitcoin is, but to sum it up in one sentence, we can call a digital money that you can send
or receive anywhere on the world day and night, without holidays, and technically you can’t
produce and put on the market. Sending Bitcoin to someone in Hong Kong and
China is exactly the same thing, same effort. Think of it as gold, don’t say how we get
a bit of 7500-8000 dollars that has been Bitcoin. How do we go to get gold bullion, quarter
gold, gram we buy that logic. Today you can even go 100 TL Bitcoin, but
I’m not saying go, I do not give investment advice, I just give information. Now I’m going to the main issue, at the end
of the roof, I’ll say at the beginning, I say without saying the brother never scam. I think that the clashes between Iran and
the United States have sparked Bitcoin. So that refer Qasem Soleimani January 3 Turkey
against the clock in the morning at 4 – 4 were killed and around half Bitcoin graph
showing that he understands fully there. You see how Bitcoin has risen, and then what
will Iran’s answer be, whether it will attack America and the 3rd world war, what will Russia
and China do, and they will be involved in this event? Okay, there is a clear explanation for these
upgrades on the technical analysis side, but I think these political and military events
have raised Bitcoin. Another example is that two days ago, US President
Trump’s live broadcasts, saying that no American soldier died in the drop in blood pressure
with Bitcoin’de began to decline. Look, you see Bitcoin’s reaction. I was really trying to open up and follow
such graphics. On the other hand, I was following my buy
and sell positions. By the way, Bitcoin’s reactions may be good
in one way or another. We will talk about it in Bitcoin which may
no longer be perceived as a safe harbor like gold. Gold also reacted to these events, but gold
also rose, but according to Bitcoin, the response to the killing, which was especially against
the morning of January 3, was obviously later. Gold rose further with further statements. This may be due to the fact that gold is an
older market with regulations that we call state regulations, and that the event takes
place at a very intermediate hour when markets are generally closed. Folks, you may also be asking. Well, good de altcoins, so we call altcoin,
alternative coins to all coins except Bitcoin, so these are also rising, altcoins are not
a safe port like Bitcoin, why did they rise? You may be asking. The rise in altcoins may be explained by speculation,
or the money may have flowed slightly to the crypto currency. So I don’t think in the complicated process
that no one chooses altcoins as a safe harbor. Anyway, when we analyze Bitcoin’s reaction
to these events as follows, yes, we can say that Bitcoin has risen slightly like dollar,
like gold after the political, military events like Venezuela, but the rise and fall have
not been so clear. The most likely factor in this is that the
events in Venezuela affect a very limited country, but unfortunately you know the Middle
East is a cake and every country is trying to get its share. There is already a war expectation in the
Middle East, so events in Iran can affect every country. This is a bubbling event and investors in
a moment of developing the country’s currencies, such as gold and gold, such as the dollar
is shifting to safer currencies, saying that now this dollar, I think it is time to put
Bitcoin next to gold investors. Because, look, watch out. As time goes on, as Bitcoin maintains its
position one way or another, you hear Bitcoin in 2017 and then move away. I think the trust of investors exceeding the
level is coming back and they may perceive Bitcoin as an even safer port. Remember, brother, the sharp decline in early
2018 shocked everyone, but it turns out that Bitcoin can still hold on to how many thousand
dollars I don’t know. In the meantime, I think that the psychological
limit in my perception is definitely $ 1000. Yes, my friends, the $ 1000 psychological
limit because a thousand dollars on the name, so far all the investors used to talking about
Bitcoin constantly 3 thousand dollars, 13 thousand dollars, 15 thousand dollars to say. Unless Bitcoin drops to $ 900, I think this
psychology will continue. As I said, Bitcoin is perceived as a safe
haven day by day, and if so, it will be perceived even more. There is no need for Bitcoin to rise in the
meantime. Imagine you close your eyes for example or
two seconds. We think that Bitcoin will rise, but we connect
them abundantly, but even if it doesn’t rise 10 years from now, wouldn’t you think that
it is a much safer port if it walks in the band of 5 thousand dollars and 10 thousand
dollars? Because we’ll be talking about something that
doesn’t explode, devalue, and has been around for 20 years. So yes, I am very clear, I am confident that
if Bitcoin does not rise, even if it counts in place, it can attract new investors in
any case with its perception as digital gold. It may not be as fast and harsh as this bullish
season in 2017, but one can trust that over time, not everyone will be as interested in
technology as yes, but the process can be slow but stable. When we think of dollars and gold other than
bitcoin, yes. Dollar and gold are already trusted ports,
but at the same time, with the derivative markets of today’s capital system, there is
no ETF, no futures, and much exploited areas. Let me give you an example. Isn’t it easy to get in and out
of mobile banking right from your mobile phone? But when you buy gold from there, you don’t
actually benefit from gold and increase the price because you don’t reduce the amount
of gold circulating in the market. Nevertheless, yes, gold and dollar are safe
ports, but the fact that the dollar is a safe port comes from America’s power in the world. Otherwise, there is no other money that is
printed as a subcontractor. For example, if I explode the dollar, do the
dollar disappear, do we lose money, I answer such questions. Look at America, man. Is America losing power over the world? Okay, new and very important technologies
such as blockchain can upgrade third world countries at once, but there is no such thing
as all technologies will come out of America, but I think the dollar will continue to dominate
for a long time because of the power of America. Ha change the way. For example, the White House administration
may receive a digital dollar, which is the US government-approved crypto currency version. It might even sound very easy. Because they print as much as they want in
paper and they print as much as they want in crypto money. You know, at the end of each video, I am adding
tiny little extra information. Today’s; If you’re writing with the right
hand, brushing teeth with the left hand improves brain function, you know. Using different hands allows you to build
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