Amateur Climber Tries Hang Challenge! 100 seconds for $100 DOLLARS! San Diego FitExpo 2019

– He’s got this; he’s got this. (cheering) – 24 seconds. (cheering) You go. – 20! Let’s go! – Recently, my life has
been pretty routine. It’s pretty much just eating, sleeping, working, and climbing. But I saw an ad on Reddit
about a fitness expo. The discount code doesn’t even work, but I decided to be spontaneous
and check it out anyways. (screaming) (upbeat music) Wow! (screams) (metal clanking) I was having a lot of fun being impressed by people and then something caught my eyes. There was a hang challenge. I would win a hundred dollars if I could hang on it for a hundred seconds. I decided to watch a
few people do it first. – Sixty-two seconds remaining. Let’s go, Jesus. Fifty-five seconds remaining. (cheering) Let’s cheer him on. He’s halfway! He’s halfway! Let’s cheer him on. (clapping) Let’s go, dude. Stay up there. Oh– All right, Devin. A hundred dollars right now if you stay up there
for a hundred seconds. You can pull up if you like. That’s fine. Anyway, you must do it with both hands. You cannot go to the top, though. Come on, dude. Let’s get this money. Thirty seconds down. Thirty-five down. Forty seconds-down! Coming up on the halfway mark. Let’s cheer him on, guys. (whooping and cheering) Let’s cheer him on! Fifty seconds. Let’s go, dude. I need you to stay up there, Devin. Oh, forty seconds– This is the first time I’ve seen a super hero join– or a super Pharaoh. I appreciate the early Halloween costume. Twenty seconds down. – That’s a long ass twenty seconds. – Long ass twenty seconds. Thirty seconds down. Sixty-five seconds remaining. Sixty seconds remaining. Is he going to get it? – [Onlookers] Yeah.
– What do you guys think? (clapping) He’s rolling up on the halfway mark. Let’s give him a round of applause. Halfway, guys. (clapping) – [Onlookers] Let’s go. – Let’s go, Dawson. Forty-two seconds remaining. You got this. You got this. You’re hard to beat most of the time. Stay up there. Stay up there. Thirty Seconds! Don’t let go! Twenty-eight seconds. All right, how’s the crowd doing? Do you think he’s going to get it? All right, I like that. Let’s go! Thirty seconds down. Sixty seconds remaining. Let’s go. Focus on your breathing. Nice big breathes. Fuel those muscles with oxygen. Halfway. – I was thinking in my head
how hard this could be. But, I talked to another spectator, and he told me that catch was
that the bar actually spun. I decided to go for it anyways. – And if he’s up there 100
seconds, then he gets $100 back. $80 profit. A minute and 40, a hundred seconds, right? All right, as soon as you grab
the bar, I start the timer. (ding) All right, let’s get it. What does the crowd think,
is he going to get it? If he’s up there for 100 seconds, he’s gonna get 100 bucks. 20 seconds down. (hip-hop music) 30 seconds down, he’s
got a minute and 10 left. Let’s go. He’s got a good grip. He’s got long thumbs. Who knows? Sixty seconds remaining. Just a kid, but it might be good. He’s half way. Everybody,
let’s cheer him on. Let’s cheer him on. (crowd cheering) – Lets go. You’re going
to get this 100 bucks. (hip-hop music) – I’ll let you double down right now. If you wanna give another 20, we’ll raise the stakes to 200 bucks. He’s focused. He’s focused. Thirty seconds.
– [Male] All right, let’s go! – Honestly, I think he’s gonna get this. Stay up there. He’s got a strong grip. Keep that grip. 24 seconds, keep that grip. (crowd cheering) He’s at 20, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13. – [Crowd] Aww! – 13 seconds. 13 seconds, tell me, was it worth the $20? – Absolutely. Wow. This is insane. (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) Wow. Oh! – [Spectator] Oh, yeah, boss. – Wow! What? (crowd cheering) – All right, guys, I just
came out of the Fit Expo, and it was fun, but also
a little bit upsetting because I wasn’t expecting there would be a fitness
challenge in the expo, that’s like, within my capability. I feel like I totally, totally,
have the ability to beat it. And you know what? This might sound like
an excuse to you guys, but I feel like if I come empty stomach, instead of having lunch right before, and if my fingers are fully recovered, and if I didn’t exhaust my forearms and fingers
from climbing this morning, I totally, I totally,
would be able to beat it. You know what? If they have the same
challenge again next year, I’m gonna come prepared, and then beat it. And show it to you guys, all right? Thanks for watching, and as always, make sure to like and subscribe. See you in next video. (upbeat music) (birds chirping)


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