Amplify Exchange rewards $25k of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and AMPX to Referral Competition Winners

Welcome back everybody to the Amplify Exchange YouTube Channel. Today we are announcing the winners from our
pre-launch referral competition. The following winners as shown on the screen
have all been awarded their prizes in their Amplify Exchange trading
accounts. First place has received one Bitcoin and 100,000 AMPX for an
estimated value of $18,300 The second-place
winner received 10 Ether and 25,000 AMPX for an estimated value of four
thousand dollars and last but not least the third place winner received 15,000
AMPX for an estimated value of $1,500. If you missed out on the
pre-launch referral competition do not worry, we have a new referral campaign
running now which you can learn more about by clicking the video in the top
right corner. If you haven’t registered yet head over to
and get signed up so you can experience trading without fees and
do me a favor, subscribe to this channel so you can learn about our upcoming
competitions and exciting new features as they come out.

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