Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Forever Family”

This place isn’t bad.
But it’s still not as good as
that shop on Stone Street.
I can’t believe
they went out of business.
And this is why you’re single.
Check this out.
It’s a new security protocol.
But it’s not displaying
properly to my diagnostics.
Try that new
interface package I sent you.
Run decryption.
It’s a protection algorithm!
If whoever wrote this gets it online,
they would be able to rig
any match they want.
This is our chance!
We can use it.
You can’t be serious!
These people
will find us and kill us.
But imagine
what this could do for us!
It’s one time,
one risk to give us that second chance
we’ve been searching for.
The chance for a new life.
We will find a fresh start.
This just isn’t it.
Forever family?
Forever family.
What is this?
Dammit, Mila!
Ugh, it was… come on!
They have taken everything from me.
My friends,
my family,
my identity.
My redemption is still out there.
And now it’s time for me
to show them the truth.
Now it’s time to play my game.


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