Are Crypto Conferences Worth It? (Beards & Bitcoins)

hey everyone welcome back to another
episode of the beards and bitcoins
crypto podcast it’s a crypto podcast for
the man’s man and absolutely the women
that love him I’m joined by my co-host
bit boy a beautiful look at that he’s
and if you’re watching the video oh my
goodness this man doesn’t have his hat
on today he is going all natural look at
those bangs
hmm I got a big announcement
all right well you know seeing as how
it’s the beginning in the show I think
it’s a perfect time for a big
announcement let’s see what you got
big announcement I’m leaving the podcast
beers and bitcoins is over guys dammit
that backfired I’m getting rid of the
Hat you guys know where the Hat for a
long time I’m getting of the hat I’m
going going hair now so you guys can
expect to see all of my hairs I can’t
wait to see how you’re gonna style it
you’re gonna do your hair are you just
gonna what you can hope I’m gonna do it
so hard
ooh I know you have a good head of hair
and you’ve been keeping it hidden under
a backwards baseball hats my secret
weapon you know this this is my secret
weapon so this hair right here so I had
some people tell me that you know I
probably should stop wearing the Hat
because it makes me look younger
actually several different people told
me this over the over the last few days
and I’ve decided you know what I do it
I’m excited I’m excited to go on this
journey with you and I and I know that
our and your lawyer loyal fan base is
lawyer’ lawyer’ lawyer’ there’s a
copyright issue with the hats oh no oh
that’s good that’s that’s not true at
all no but what do you wanna talk about
you’ll get to talk about crypto
conferences or conferences in general
what are we gonna talk about conferences
because I’ve been at LA’s crypto invest
summit CIS over the last couple days and
there was a really interesting dynamics
going on that I wanted to talk about and
thought would make for some interesting
content for our listeners because I know
a lot of our listeners you know either
they’ve been to a crypto conference
and you know maybe have met their
expectations chances are it probably
didn’t maybe meeting people did but the
conference itself didn’t or there’s
people out there that are saying like
you know should I go to a crypto pod for
a crypto conference is that something
that I want to put my time and money
into and I thought that would be a good
conversation today for our listeners so
yes that’s a great question because most
of the crypto conferences are very
expensive very so it you know it is it’s
an investment in your time and money for
sure yeah but so you’ve been in CI yes I
got a say man I’ve been pretty envious
seeing all the pictures of you stash
when dough Quinn everyone everybody we
did a big out here I was just here I’ve
only been here for a little over 24
hours actually I flew in yesterday
morning I had to get up and in Atlanta
at 4 a.m.
fly out at 6 a.m. I got in the
conference at 9:00 a.m. sent or a
specific time I was there all day and
doing interviews had lunch with a
category from finance and and some other
folks it was pretty cool and then um
after that there was a yacht party last
night so we went to the ah party hit
that up that was a lot of fun was that
through blockchain Beach blockchain
Beach the shadows and all those guys
over there so so yeah what’s up it was
fun and that brought up some more
interesting issues that I like to talk
about about the off party and how that
ties in to the crypto conferences what
about what about and if we’re gonna talk
about conferences we’ve got to talk
about what happened in Malta pumpkin man
pumpkin farmer well funny enough I was
hanging out with his sister Lisa Edwards
here at UH it’s he is with Greg right
sister oh well yeah definitely very
interesting here and her perspective on
things but that yeah that you know what
it felt like it felt like did you see my
tweet that I made about it yeah yeah I
think I commented on it if Ellie stone
cold was gonna come right now you know
it really did I mean for heckling you
know for people to see that let me know
I got a conference like and that is just
a joke of the industry for you I mean
like sorry tone but obviously you’re a
joke but with your hair much unlike bit
boy you’ve got great hair
but I mean to see like Craig Wright and
tone just like shouting back at each
each other and then the lady in the
crowd yelling the pumpkin man farmer man
whatever like yeah sorry
well yeah somebody was digging up some
stuff on her and like I think she’s been
arrested for it cuz I’m gonna scam or
look this is all hearsay I don’t know I
don’t even know her name but I’m just
saying that was some some people were
digging up on Twitter saying she had
some tweet saying like to kill the Pope
or something like that
whoo yeah yeah like crazy you know so I
don’t know it was very interesting
obviously tone set that question up I
mean he he kind of said all that in
motion there but we all know Craig rice
lots of jokes I mean we all know like I
don’t even like at this point it even
needs to be said wasn’t it that wasn’t
it the day before they were sitting on a
panel together and he was wearing the
shirt and like they joked around like
you know whatever whatever here’s the
thing I think this is what a lot of
people don’t a lot of people don’t get
about crypto and really anything in life
those Goods anything if you and I have a
disagreement on something and we
vehemently disagree with it okay like
let’s take let’s say for instance let’s
say politics is very easy because
everything is so polarized in politics
okay if I believe abortion is wrong and
you believe that abortion is a woman’s
choice and it should be legal whatever
that is and you know we we are at a
rally let’s say we’re at a rally like
it’s either an anti-abortion rally or an
abortion or whatever it is and we’re on
either sides like we’re gonna be like
probably like violent to each other like
we see that in politics like people get
so angry to each other about things like
that but if we didn’t know that’s the
perspective we were coming from and we
just don’t we like sat down and start
like let’s say we got sat next to each
other in a plane and we didn’t know that
difference between us we’d probably get
along and be just fine because everybody
is just people you know we’re all people
we all have different viewpoints on
everything and because I can sit on a
stage with someone and vehemently
disagree with them on something that
doesn’t mean that later on I see them in
a party and I’d be like mother my
English say nothing to him you know
you’re nice to people you’re cordial and
things like that if it was an absolute
if you were getting hurt like by someone
that was outright scamming people which
you could make that argument with Craig
right but enough
but I mean how how how was Craig Wright
really scamming he’s kind of gaming the
whole crypto community in a sense but
he’s mental he’s mentally scamming them
yes yeah he’s not literally saying you
know exits gaming or taking money from
people or anything like that he’s kind
of just trying to pull a ruse on the
whole world but you know I think we just
forget that that’s I saw those pictures
and it didn’t surprise me you know like
you can be on stage and totally disagree
with people but at the end of the day
you’re at a party together you’re nice
to people you take a picture or whatever
it’s not a big deal time not a big deal
not a big deal so all right talk to me
about CIS what’s up yeah okay so so this
is very interesting
there were not nearly as many people
here this year there were last year and
last year I didn’t get a column into my
phone mode and just sat at home watching
all the pictures and all the videos and
the speakers and that’s a popin
conference so when they asked me to come
this year I was like man that’s really
cool like I’m very glad to go and I got
there to the conference and I found my
booth and I was like oh man you know
must be time change when I start to like
twelve or something like no one they’re
like wow no ghost town and so then I
realize like no the conference is going
on right now well what would you know
what they were charging people to get in
I do not know because as you guys know
I’m a big-time crypto celebrity I don’t
pay for anything I do get media passes
you know to go to events and things like
that but you know I don’t know what
people pay for I know world criminal
cons very expensive but you know that
that’s one of those things when it comes
to what people pay for tickets there’s
really I think determining you know a
lot of people not coming and I think
it’s very intriguing what what is your
opinion on conferences I mean my opinion
probably is multi-layered I mean from an
attendee to I’ve been a probably over a
hundred conferences in my life and you
know they were all weird and different
in their in their own regard for me it’s
a good time to connect with the people
that I know because if I’m there you
know it’s for whatever industry whether
it’s you know in my daily work or if
it’s in crypto I mean I’m there with
people that I’ve been either working
with or hanging out with so for a long
time so it’s always a good place to
with people they don’t get to see very
often that I’ve gotten you know common
interest with and so I enjoy that aspect
I’m I’m the social guy like I’d like to
go out just like you are you know I like
to go out party time
yeah I’d like to go have fun with the
with the crew and the people that you
only get to see a few times a year for
me it’s it’s a good time and I enjoy
that you know I don’t particularly care
yeah baby I don’t really care for now I
guess should say this carefully I don’t
attend many sessions I have yeah you
know I have attended sessions it has to
really piqued my interest for me to want
to sit there or be you know a good
speaker but I mean all in all long story
short yeah I enjoy conferences I mean
besides business that’s a good question
and it’s a good question best thing I
ever got out of conference yeah is
business you can make that cheddar oh oh
yeah so that was a loaded question that
went over my head for just a second the
best thing that I ever yeah yeah yeah
well I figured it out you don’t have to
say anything but so the best thing that
I ever got in the conference was linking
up with you meeting you in Chicago and
the voices of blockchain 2018 yeah yeah
we’re almost in 2020 I’ve known you for
a while that’s that’s that’s something I
want to bring up because obviously we
met at that conference I had lost some
stickers and I stole a bag for me and we
you know you’ve met me at that time and
who would have known that all these you
know podcasts later we’d still be
looking for that bag but the thing is is
that that was like an absolutely huge
destiny meeting right there you know we
were at that conference in the same
because if it was not for that
conference I don’t know we’d ever meet
each other in real life no no absolutely
and I didn’t even it was funny I was
just I was working for the exchange that
I used to work for at that time and I
happened to just be in Chicago and I
think I was scheduled to leave like on
that Friday but then my mom’s like hey
stick around there’s a blockchain crypto
conference happening at Navy Pier would
you go with me as like
100% because she was getting into
Bitcoin and encrypt or at that time so I
was like yeah mom of course like that’s
my life right now you’re interested
let’s go so I changed my flight and my
brother and my mom and I spent the
weekend but Mitch either so I wasn’t
even yeah I never knew that part of the
story I wasn’t even supposed to go and
at the last minute I stuck around in
town man so that was a is our love story
just gets deeper I mean it’s like when
Seth MacFarlane overslept and didn’t get
on the on the is 911 you know changes
whole life did you know that story I
don’t think I did you know Seth
MacFarlane is yeah yeah of course I do
everything I live under a rock I don’t
want you but I do know who he is well he
was present on one of the 9/11 flights
on the way to New York
I think Donnie Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg
also was supposed to could you imagine
losing Marky Mark I mean the Funky Bunch
is already going I think but not Marky
Mark nah Marky Mark I mean he’s he’s
cool in great movies thank God for that
he says his family likes he lived too
but you know but yeah you know seven
grown he overslept and then he’s still
got there he missed it by like 10
minutes fell asleep in the airport and
woke up waiting for the next flight and
he woke up to everything happening on
the news I didn’t know that yeah you
gotta be done some interviews about it
and stuff like that but you know the
whole point is that you know it was a
destiny meeting for us and we made it
truce it happened and now look at all
the things that have happened from that
conference now granted as I mentioned I
get you know like we get passes to
conferences so we don’t have to pay the
amount that other people are paying
however the the value that I took out of
going to that conference and meeting you
like is been immense you know I mean
mediocre I’d call it like like more XRP
to Bitcoin oh yeah and it’s been
absolutely huge and I looked at some
relationships I made while I was out
here over the last 24 hours that are
gonna be really huge for me going
forward I believe and things like that
so you know I’ve talked to somebody last
night at the yacht party which
interestingly enough the yacht party
actually I feel like had more people
no really yeah I think they were like
300 people there and I felt like they
were I don’t know there were 300 people
to conference it was close
no I don’t know day one I wasn’t every
day one day one was a little more
crowded but day two I would say there
were definitely more people at party
than there were at at least in terms of
just attendees um attendees for a
hundred percent there were more people
on the out party if you count the
exhibitors and the speakers I don’t know
where those numbers would lie but I
talked to somebody last night at the
party at the very end and I said oh so
you know this is your this is your first
crypto conference and they’re like yeah
this is our first critical conference
and I said to them that I asked them I
said you know what did you get out of
going to the conference this week and I
said oh well we didn’t actually go to
the conference we’re from Orange County
and we came up here because we knew this
was going on so we went to Wendy’s event
they went to the yacht party
they did all the side events I don’t
mean they might have even went to the
the convention center but they didn’t go
to the conference the reason is I said
why they said we’re just here to network
and we can network at these other events
we don’t have to actually go to the
conference and I think that that speaks
a lot to the fact that people a lot of
these people that go to the conference
is a lot like not the influencers or the
speakers but like attenders they’ve
already been to conferences before and
they are going to network then they’re
not gonna pay the conference price
amount when they know there’s another
way that they can network now when the
when when Bitcoin comes back and we get
back to all-time highs and excitement
starts coming back and then I bunch of
new people come in the space they’ll be
willing to pay those prices again but
really they’re just not yeah I mean you
know it’s and and I think it’s one of
those things that definitely I mean it
sounds like it it translates into you
know many industries but most of your
best networking is done at the hotel bar
you know it’s not in the hall it’s not
at the sessions it’s not you know at the
exhibitor center or anything it is at
the social events because that’s where
people let loose you know yeah let their
hair down yeah looks so pretty so but I
thought that was very interesting and I
think that we’re you know I’m not really
I think last year there was this big
idea for conferences they’re like
attendance was down from 2017 or early
2018 everybody knew that and it was kind
of like it was like a downer it was like
oh man you know like people just aren’t
excited about the same more but now it’s
like we’re done to that I think I think
we’re none of the fact that there’s just
not interest like it doesn’t even move
the meter anymore like oh there weren’t
as many people at the conference this
year is there were last year no one is
surprised yeah I think it could be you
know it’s what are the like you said
what are the events that surround the
conference is that enough to get me to
go you know it’s like world crypto con
you know you know in Vegas it’s like
yeah you know it’s a great conference
don’t get me wrong but it’s a conference
but you know what are the events that
are happening outside of the actual
exhibit hall hours or the session hours
is it gonna make it worse for someone to
fly in and go to Vegas for the Halloween
time yeah being around Halloween being
in Las Vegas that’s the appeal of the
conference you know if this conference
was in Omaha in September literally no
one would know yeah so I am looking for
the world kirkuk oh and also got chain
wise coming up I’m actually gonna be
speaking it change analyzer if you guys
are in Cincinnati November 8th and 9th
you guys you know come see me I’ll be up
on the main stage I don’t know there’s
more than one stage but I’m on the main
stage okay so I’m gonna be talking about
investing for you know for beginners in
cryptocurrency which kind of ties into
something else we got going on
yeah that which is well just recently we
we updated the the beers and bitcoins
website you can find that beards and
bitcoins calm in there there is a page
where you can get the 21 Bitcoin best
practices all you got to do is just give
us an email address bid beards and
bitcoins calm click on that page
and you’ll get an email to you in the
PDF it’ll have the the 21 best practices
in the in the Bitcoin industry things
you got to learn there’s beginner stuff
there’s intermediary and then we’ll have
advanced stuff and in the months ahead
another announcement maybe we already
actually talked about this I don’t know
but we’ll do videos video modules to go
along with the the best practices guide
so stay on the lookout be on the lookout
for that and the price would be like
over a dollar a module that will have
for those so it would be very very cheap
for sure so you know I definitely think
that you know trying to bring new people
in is something we’re really focused on
and I think that you know being able to
give out these 21 best practices to
people that are newer or intermediate
you know to crypto I think is definitely
definitely gonna be a good thing but I
think we’re gonna be able to add value
to our listeners yeah absolutely
absolutely I’m looking forward to it
it’s gonna be fun
yeah maybe we’ll be like sitting at a
news desk in suits I’ll be like the Ron
Burgundy man oh yeah we also got to talk
while I was here at the yacht party
talked a good bit with with a crypto
beatles and is this is this my shirt
yeah this this hoodie I got you guys are
watching the video mm-hmm yeah look at
that front and back monarch big
shout-out to monarch to give monarch
token IO for sponsoring the show where’s
my business sit this behind me if you
don’t wanna real good where’s my Odie
look at this look at this oh I do have a
I have a to buy Nance hoodies on the way
one from Rio by Nance and one from
Finance taught us so you guys will be
seeing me in a binding so you soon
cool don’t forget about the little Bible
yeah I’m gonna give you one of them I’ll
give you the bunny is calm but but if
deadly dog did to me toes a lot about
monarch last night and there’s a big
stuff coming to monarch I talked to him
about some issues that I’ve had with the
wallet in terms of ways that we can get
people to download it and use it faster
rather than having to like you know do
bad practices like screenshot your seed
seed phrase and things like that
he said they got some big things coming
to monarch they’re hopefully gonna make
it a lot of that easier so a big shout
out to to beetle two monarchs
contemporize from the gym awesome yes
Thank You beetles Thank You monarch and
thanks for listening guys that’s all we
got for today we will talk to you guys
next week catch you next time please

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