ARIES HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva

Aries Weekly Horoscope 23 to 29 December Jack greets you and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe and activate the bell you look great this week comes out letter from the trial with the letter 4 of clubs and also have 5 swords overall message I am getting here this week for thee He is speaking of celebrations speaks of calls from important people people who are distant from you people who perhaps long you had not connect with what being talking with them not to have them about you and the general message me a situation where the past speak this week finally manage to advance achieve manage to get to have overcome that stability this emotional week you’ve been waiting for you to have I been wanting the letter of the trial you He speaks a message of a call important that will be coming to you this week have to be very very cautious attentive to signals You can be chasing of the universe you have around you because that will be a very positive thing that will come to your life are showing me all those who have been waiting for the call of a work that reaches them an opportunity this week you’ll start getting these good news is attentive and do not lose contact your emails or with calls on phones seems some of you will have to check your phone may not correct closed or not you are making the correct updates but you could be having something to do telephones during this week and make sure they are running pretty good chart 4 bastos It tells me that for you Aries will be a positive week a week of Peace A Harmony Week a week where you You will feel to finally step on put your feet land on the ground as you are indicating your guides me here for many of you this may be a reference to get back to your home set foot again a land sacred land that is very important to you also tell me a situation at home where you will much peace be getting much harmony finally your home is in a good tuning and the letter of 5 of spades you speaks of a situation in the past that no He had been able to heal a situation health probably where you are indicating that looking back these things will be to be overcome are also saying that some of you have been waiting for call the telephone or will send an message or describe them in an e mail with reference to a owned a house and that they will You are receiving this week and It is something that you had already given up if you’re trying to sell or buy a house and also it leaves the letter from the ace of bastos referred to the signing of those contracts that house for this week also be contracts new employment contracts for new where I work contracts are indicating that they look out and tablet you have your feet on the ground and make a situation in your life in the past that was hurting where you felt you were hanging between You felt that you had stability and those who have been homeless and mean They are telling me here to those who They have been living with a friend living with a loved where no You were in your own home I indicate during this week that could change because a person speaks to me who felt abandoned a person who was lonely unstable that achieves this week on firm and have that you were wanting stability money situations have to pay attention this week for that you will not have time problems with finances because I They are indicating here that could be also a situation where if you wasting money things do not They will leave positive way but you have to be very tranqui because this brand to be very good for you this week Interactive question will be taking two cards here are the lucky numbers 88 78 your day Luck is on Wednesday a light blue dress yourself you will you help this week to have many positive energies and then I’ll make a gift to my letter of Angels for December 25 to this Christmas so I’ll get you one Angels cartita a message they have for you this Christmas is your question of whether or not these moments have the chart 1 chart 2 av can ask a question to either letters or you can ask a question for each letter Asked whether or not if you took is the option to the answer to your question is stop you do not have to continue still forward do not give up if you took is b the answer for you is you have to reconsider that situation in which you can find right now and I’ll do you a regalito Christmas I will see what is the message from your angels to this Christmas since this reading as of the 23 to 29 drops with Christmas date we will see the message they have to you say that this Christmas this 24 December Meditation will bring answers you’ve been looking for so is this 24 December 25 take some time to meditate and connect with the energies of your angels because through that you get answers from the sky that you have here with these calls also with the trial so you can leave forward and find those answers to your questions in part these moments shows you the these videos that I recommend this video of the predictions of the 2020 and here you can access access my website to know which ones are the different private consultations that offer and their prices decreed much Happy Christmas light and progress


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