Ark io coin Epic update: This ARK cryptocurrency will explode soon, it is getting popular in Asia

Hello Folks. Crypto Lanka here
I am very excited! I’m super charged
and I am committed today!
There is a treasure hunt in this video so please watch this video until the end carefully.
You can get some cryptocurrencies from me.
Quick Introduction : cryptocurrency is
growing 400 percent per annum . It was a
8 billion dollar last year. Right now
It is at 35 billion dollars.
There’s so much information.
everybody is acting like a financial adviser:)
if you follow
these financial advisors forget about getting
rich but you will get the experience:)
I am not saying I’m a financial adviser, but I
advise you to do proper research and then buy it.
I provide facts backed by data.

Rule 1: do not invest that you can’t afford to lose rule
Rule 2: Always follow the rule number one
Both Fear and Greed are bad.
Asymmetric investments are not bad
Asymmetric investments is where you get high rewards compared to the risk

Always have an
exist strategy.
for every currency that you invest.
When you triple
up or quadruple or when you get five
times, sell what you invested.
leave the
remaining profits for further profits
and this cryptocurrencies are very speculative and highly
volatile . you know the price
correction could be 50% to 70% per day or per week.
But, if I believe in the
coin, I usually hold it for long term six
months to one year, and then I always get
an opportunity to sell it up. so Holding
is this strategy in the cryptocurrency
as long as the coin that you bought is
the good one
I wanted acknowledge the people who
translated this video .. Thank you.
Folks What ever the language you are watching this
video please like it, comment it
subscribe it, share it . “LAOS”
“LAOS” is a poorest and rich hertigate Asian country! you
may be wondering what Laos has to do
with the crypto Lanka. There is a person
from Laos bought ARK coin and want to vote me with 500 coins.
Four people invested in those 500 coins.
I was surprised!
The cryptocurrency is penetrating the
poorest of the poor countries in Asia
said I need 100,000 of more
ARK coins to vote for me.
Then I realize.. We need accommodate every one.. rich or poor.
It was emotional touch point.
I am opening up my Delegate as a public pool
so anyone can vote me and take
80% of the rewards
Honestly, I don’t need votes but this is good a cuase
I am so excited to promote this “ARK”
because it is penetrating in Laos
Cambodia and other countries. so anybody
who can translate these videos in any of
the top hundred languages, I’m going to
reward you with 50, 20, 10 ARKs
let’s say you translate this video into
Chinese send me the youtube link by July
1st 2017. if you have youtube highest hits
in Chinese language I will give you
the 50 ARKS, the second top will get 20 ARKs
3rd one one will get ten , you know I’m I’m
excited to promote this coin. if
this Laos is the one primary reasons,
what else better reason I need it to
promote this coin. so send
your translated YouTube to [email protected] by July 1st, 2017
I just want to give some facts why I’m so
excited about the ARK. so the total
web site visits grew up 280% and
we got the traffic
increased 50,000 to 150,000 in a month
I’m not a ARK developer.
I am a investor of ARK.
Here is website traffic we get 22 percent of
the traffic from Laos and the traffic
growth was 757%, next is
United States, third is Italy, fourth is
Bulgaria, Greece we lost little traffic
so we get more traffic from Asia . why I
Why I promote this ARK coin. These are the hundred reasons

Very simple and user-friendly wallet
you can install the wallet in less than 5 minutes
No need to run the wallet.
In many coins you have to open and run
your wallet to get more coins
to your wallet
voting is “staking” in ARK. once you vote a “Delegate” you
don’t need to open your
wallet to get coins. you can un vote .
You can move the coins
anytime you want. so voting doesn’t mean
that you are giving coins to the
delegate. voting is you’re just giving
the count, and you are the master of of your coins. Most of the crypto currency
wallet takes 48 hours to sync up where as
the Ark takes to 2 minutes to launch if
you already downloaded the software it’s
a DPOs
Proof of work : Bitcoin uses it (Mining)
POS is
proof of stake where you get more coins
if you have the coins . DPOS is
instead of running thousands of servers.
you run with few
servers, everybody votes these servers and
then they get the
coins from delegates. so ARK has a very intelligent
algorithm. it has 51
delegates run the network and then there
are hundreds of delegates standby. so the
system is designed to get more coin votes
to delegates. They are saying
the top 51 delegates will get the
rewards. so every one else vote these delegates in
top 51. so more and more coins are coming to delegates.
it used to be 28% coins are in voting pool when I join month ago
right now we are at 38%. so that means
more coins are moving out of exchange
which is a good sign and it has a very
low inflation rate . It supports
18 international languages
All you need
is 12 word password and this 12 word
password is impossible to crack it takes
hundred plus years for a Super computer
to crack your password
if the exchanges are hacked, the ARK price won’t fall
because more coins are coming to
delegates to voting system and
it has lowest transaction fee 0f 0.1
once you vote . close your wallet , you
get free coins on daily or weekly basis from
the delegates, and the other thing is
masternode dividend is huge. I
bought a huge number of coins while ARK
was low. I can get like 155,000 ARKs
per year. let’s imagine next year if ARK
becomes a dollar or up . I get
$150,000 to $300,00 per year. I can retire..
If 10 people can pool up the money and then
start your own ARK server.. we can help you I’m
not a developer ,but I know how things
works here. This is a smaller version
of “evolution”. DASH coins is working on “evolution”
but ARK is not 100% evolution
but it is very simple. again
anybody could just download and then you
use it without any tutorial and you have an
“off-chain” transaction, where you
don’t need internet to transact
bring your phone to phone and coin transfers can happen. (In progress)
There is no mining
not many master nodes. it’s all 51 master node
servers are running and very small inflation and The development team is excellent
I want you to
look at the Website and
look at the development profiles and they
check in software code round the clock. I did
couple of videos in English
language look for CryptoLanka on youtube for
“ coin” key word
These guys work Sunday to Sunday and
they’re checking the code all the time
so watch my other videos.
They are working on mobile
wallet and there is good feature.
“Interplanetary file system” and
“Interplanetary data database” so your
files and database could reside in
others computer securely using the
the blockchai. so these last two
are still in further progress. they will
be doing in the next version.
Where to buy ARK. you can buy at .
Crypto lanka bought Ark coins. I do heavy research before I buy, I talk to developers and make sure
that I’m not getting into some fake
coin . I have a thousand youtube subscribers..
I’m going for 10,000 ..I will
promote ARK in Hindi, chinese, Spanish
and more languages.
You want to make more ark with your Ark
why not vote for me and my delegate
name is cryptoLanka123 and I’m
going to create another delegate a week or two
Vote the delegate that has less coins
I’ll share my 80% of the rewards
in fact I modified the script to give 80.2%.
so it
will be slightly more than what I promised. I don’t need
votes. the reason I want to open it up so
that if people could buy the ARK
they can get benefited. and I’m super excited to
promote this coin because, I know it’s
going to make a difference in Asia.
SUch as Laos, Cambodia and other countries. so
that’s what excites me so good luck folks.
please don’t under sell these coins it will affect poor asian buyers
see you at at Slack channel
I hope you will vote for me (CryptoLanka123) ..Thanks.


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