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18 million Bitcoin soon, Kleiman settlement will create fake news & a BSV pump, altcoin surge

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Bitcoin Q&A: Lightning Network game theory

“Can the Lightning Network rules be changed and updated easily, unlike [the Bitcoin blockchain],which requires super-majority consensus (almost everyone must agree) for simultaneous upgrade?”“Can groups of users use different variations of the channel rules and form a separate sub-network,with or without maintaining compatibility to the entire Lightning Network?”That is a really great question.The Lightning Network

Vechain : Le futur de la traçabilité $VEN $VET

Salut les investisseurs malins ! Aujourd’hui, je vais te parler d’une crypto qui s’appelle la Vechain. Avant de commencer, je t’invite à cliquer sur le bouton « S’abonner » juste sous cette vidéo, pour t’abonner à la chaîne YouTube comme plus d’un millier d’investisseurs malins. C’est parti ! Vechain est typiquement une crypto dont on n’entend pas trop parler

Masternodes – Explained Super Fast

♫Hey there, guys.Welcome back to PIVX Class.Today’s video is something that is long overdue.We’re going to explain Masternodes super fast.We’ll start with a loose definition of what Masternodes are,and then an example of some of the things that they can do.Okay, so Masternodes are special entitiesthat must be operated off of a server.They are required

Bitcoin breaks the invisible shackles of America’s social credit system! Meltem Demirors, gold horse

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Unboxing Video Ledger Nano X Crypto Wallet [2019]

[inaudible]. Hey guys,welcome to another video episode of CoinSutra and this time I have somethingvery interesting for you. Now in my earlier videos I’ve talked about Ledger,wallet and Trezor Wallet and few other hardware wallet that you should be usingto secure your crypto portfolio.Now hardware wallet basically helps in lot of ways and we’ll cover


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