Author: George Tseng

Living on Bitcoin for a Week

What’s up cryptopeeps? It’s your girl Ysa! Here to deliver your daily dose of Bitcoin news.We’ve all heard about Bitcoin, especially since its boom in 2017when it reached over $19,000.Now, it’s 2019 and we wanted to check up and see how the popular crypto is doing.But rather than taking a look at boring old price

What is segwit?

Hey guys, I’m John from 99Bitcoinsand welcome to another 99Bitcoins video.In today’s videowe’re going to talk about a term you may have heard bouncing around lately.I’m talking about “Segregated Witness” or Segwit in short.Segwit was invented in order to helpshrink the file size of a Bitcoin transaction.This allows more transactions to be approvedeach time a

Bitcoin Falling, But How Far?

(upbeat music)Good day guys, hope you’re all well.We’re going to go through and talk to youabout the market at the moment.I’m seeing some signs that we’ll see somethinga little bit deeper than we may hold them,than many may have thought.Now I know a lot of people you knowlike to just see it when it goes