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it’s not the heaviest package I’ve gotten off darkweb but you’re gonna dowhat I always do I’m still pretty shaken up by theexperience it’s the most of the mess about who likes thatwow talk about nicely sealed oh my god all right we have an SD cardwhat the fudge oh that’s no that’s bad that’s

FREE BITCOINS! Play like Candy Crush!

Welcome back, im here with my Coinbase accountLets check in my BTC wallet the withdrawal i madeand heretruly, i received the payment from this application!Very easy to get free bitcoinsand we most like about it is 100% free!Hello, this is Aiza Mercadoand welcome back with another videowhere i will share an android applicationand how we

Bitcoin Q&A: Energy consumption

[AUDIENCE] I want to ask you about the energy consumption in mining.[ANDREAS] Yes? [AUDIENCE] What is the solution for it?[ANDREAS] Well, energy consumption in mining is — I think — misrepresented very often in two ways.[Cryptocurrency] mining is one of the few industries that is completely geographically independent,meaning that it doesn’t matter where you are

Crypto-jacking – Computerphile

I wanted to talk about crypto-jacking, right, which is, I mean the name itself it starts off in a good waySometimes called drive-by mining also a great name.This is the idea thatwe can trick someone instead of maybe putting a virus on their machineI mean it might still be a virus, but we can trick

Bitcoin Gold Silver & Taxes | Free Crypto Market Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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How Does BitCoin Work?

(classical music) – Hi, I’m Jonathan, this is Brain Stuff and I’ve got some bad news for you. Money is imaginary. Now I don’t mean that this printed piece of paper is make believe. I can feel its texture and the ink even smudges off on my fingers, but when you compare it to this