Author: George Tseng

Trying to Survive on Bitcoin for 2 Days | The Breakdown Ep. 3

(men yelling) (fire flaring)(stately music)– They don’t take Bitcoin.The Subway doesn’t take Bitcoin.How am I gonna get home?Ahh!(goat bleats)(upbeat rock music)What’s going on, everybody?Welcome to The Breakdown.I’m your host, Luke Mones.Happy July 4th weekend.Sorry to interrupt, Luke.It’s time for The Comments Sectionfrom me, you.Tommy Loika commented, “Butter my biscuit, Luke.”You got it.Mr. Loika, I will

Cryptocurrency Prices in 2018

– I wanna talk to you guys about the fateof cryptocurrency prices.By the end of this video,you’re gonna know what to watch, what to look out for.And just bear with me, because it’s not what you think.Some of the cryptocurrencies that are out there right noware going to do excessively well,even better than you probably

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Libra Cryptocurrency, Facebook’s Crypto Project

Libra is the Facebook team’s crypto project that is finally, not quite here.It aims is to be like Bitcoin: decentralized, global, and with minimal fees, but unlikeBitcoin it will be a stablecoin.Libra will be fully backed by a Libra Reserve – a basket of low-volatility assets, includingbank deposits and government securities in currencies from stable

Bitcoin Q&A: Separation of money and state

[AUDIENCE] Taking the concept of multi-nationals a bit further…It is fair to say that crime follows money, leverages money. You can see that, if cryptocurrency comes…Any thoughts on how the criminal element will start to leverage this?Well, one interesting thing about criminal organizations is that they are early adopters of technology. [Laughter]They are. They operate