Author: George Tseng


Okay, so my first question for you is – when I came in here, I asked to go to the bathroom and the very first thing I saw was a sign on the bathroom stall that said: “Fast fact – Ripple is not the same as XRP”. And then the small explanation. Really? Yeah, so…

Russian TV: Pro-American President Of Montenegro Wants To Confiscate Shrines Of The Orthodox Church

The troubled times has come to Montenegro. This is the territory of the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church. However, President Djukanovic, following the example of the Ukrainian oligarch – – President Poroshenko intended to build his own “pocket church” thus breaking the centuries-old brotherly bond of Serbian-Montenegrin people. On January 8th, Law on Freedom of Religion

Kremlin Publishes Archive Footages Including Putin Singing Blueberry Hill In Front Of Movie Stars!

News live The Kremlin today published a new selection of presidential archives dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Putin’s work at the top posts of the Russian state. Photo and video recordings collected from 2010 to 2014 appeared on website Fires in central Russia, a terrible terrorist attack in Domodedovo, the victory for the