Author: George Tseng

The Essence of Calculus, Chapter 1

[INTRO MUSIC] Hey everyone, Grant here. This is the first video in a series on the essence of calculus. and I’ll be publishing the following videos once per day for the next 10 days. The goal here, as the name suggests, is to really get the heart of the subject out in one binge watchable

Tax Day doesn’t have to suck

Taxes don’t have to suck to file. Really, they don’t. There is a very simple way tax day could stop sucking for tens of millions of Americans: The IRS could simply do their taxes for them. The IRS already knows what you make and they know what you’re probably going to owe. So they do

Prince Charles calls for green taxes to fight climate emergency: ‘The time to act is now’

We must rapidly realign our own economy to mimic nature’s economy and work in harmony with it. I will be convening a broad range of industry and issue roundtables, including but not limited to aviation, water, carbon capture and storage, shipping, forestry, plastics, financing, digital technology, the bio economy, nature based solutions, renewable energy, battery