Author: George Tseng

Bitcoin Price Surge Explained by DataDash

Bitcoin is skyrocketing, and can you tell us what are the technical indicatorswe should be looking at?You know, it’s interesting.I’ve gotten asked by a lot of people on my channel about what indicators are good tokind of predict where Bitcoin is going next, but the crazy thing is and probably one ofthe truest things we’ve

Injetando script minerador de criptomoeda

The following tutorial is intended for educational purposes only,we are not responsible for your actionsor actions of our audience.Hey guysToday we will learn how to inject a javascript codeon any page of the internet.For this, we will use the CoinHive script,to mine a cryptocurrencycalled Monero, like Bitcoin.The script code will be available on our website,there

Bitcoin Q&A: Decentralised exchanges with fiat

The next question comes from ‘Harry the Horse.’ That’s a funny name.“Are decentralized, online exchanges possible with a fiat gateway?” Harry asks.Let me see if there’s a bit more to that question, I just have to open it up.“With more adoption, many startup projects have been created to address the issue of centralized exchanges,”“by introducing

The 1 Bitcoin Show- The HitBTC Bprivate situation reveals a lot! Crypto-dividends over interest!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meisterwelcome to the one bitcoin show today is March the 5th 2019 strong hand defendedby selling offended by self value you’re welcome Bitcoin I’m confiscating all I’mnot going anywhere conviction no fancy sets and graphicshere this game is not rigged value your time in having’s