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Bonjour à tous et bienvenue dans cette vidéo où nous allons voir ce qu’est un carnet d’ordres et comment savoir lire un carnet d’ordres. Alors, tout d’abord pour commencer, comme pour la précédente vidéo, vous voyez dans cet écran deux écrans. Vous voyez l’écran de gauche, donc c’est l’écran de mon téléphone, c’est celui avec

The Internet of Money: Five Years Later

[MUSIC][PAMELA MORGAN] Now it’s time to move to our second performance of the night.Our next performer is a best-selling author, prolific public speaker, and a community builder.He’s the reason many of us got into Bitcoin, and the reason why many of us understand it.He took a break from writing his fourth book, “Mastering Ethereum,” to

The Best of Ronny Chieng – Wrestling, Bitcoin & The Future of Policing | The Daily Show

– We spend a lot of time here discussing American stupidity,but we sometimes forgetthat stupidity knows no borders.And why would it? It’s stupid.For more on this, we’re joined bysenior international correspondentRonny Chieng, everybody.[cheers and applause]– Hey, everybody, thanks.Thanks, Trevor.I’m actually kind of from Australia,which you might not know because ofmy perfect American accent.But it’s true,

ETHUSD: Why I Am Watching It Right Now!

(upbeat music)Good evening everybody, hope you are well.Thursday afternoon, and it’s an interesting Thursday,because markets pulling back, another day of pullbacks.So I wanted to talk to you about what I’m seeing,what could become of this pullback?Will we see it extend?Where can it get to?And what will I be doing?Because I think it’s pretty important.So I’m

Bitcoin Q&A: Running nodes and payment channels

Dennis asks, “Should more people run a full node…in light of the recent contentious hard fork and user-activated soft fork?”You should run your own node so you can independently validate transactions.If you are not running a node, validating [transactions based on] the rules, you are not part of consensus.You are not participating in consensus.If you

Bitcoin and Blockchain explained

So what exactly is bitcoin?to fully understand what bitcoin is one must alsounderstand currency, valueand the technology behind it, which is blockchainmore on that laterbitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to purchase any productor service which accepts bitcoinbitcoin does not exist in the physical worldsolely in the digitaldoes it really have any

PIERRE PERSON : vers une #CRYPTO nationale pour la #FRANCE ?! 🇫🇷 (3/3) #LREM #Bitcoin

On va passer à une autre question sur un acteur qui est quand même assez central sur la technologie bloc chine mais dans le législateur parle-moi les mineurs quelles seraient les contraintes légales et réglementaires qui pourraient être imaginés pour encadrer l’activité du ménage par expansion pour le aussi penser aux activités de de stijl