Back in a Bitcoin groove, Bcash and GBTC, Bgold, IOTA, ICO fans can’t wait

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Oh tomorrow at noon Eastern Time that’s
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London time it’s this freakin Bitcoin
right on this channel we have Richard
Hart is going to be on who else is going
to be on oh yes rocky Palumbo and and
Nick Carter he’s got a big Twitter feed
out there i link to it below he’s of
coin metrics at i/o crypto fundamental
calm I lean to all of that below thing
that I noticed today well first of all
we’re back in the Bitcoin groove aren’t
we just back around 4600 it’s like the
China Fudd never happened it’s like the
announcement never happened at all and
hey man I told you so you’re just gonna
take those things in stride and think
long-term all right show Bitcoin dark
yeah that’s a coin that’s been out for a
long time and at random times it spikes
up and it’s at about $140 now on its
name alone there no fundamentals it’s
just pot propped up by uh by people you
know people newbies I don’t know I don’t
know what what gives there but people
have asked
how much is be gold gonna be worth how
about any so you see the incentive for
coins to fork off of Bitcoin and either
use the name or sort of use the name use
it in a aggressive way use it in a
passive way it pays it pays a Bitcoin
dark is not a fork up it is not a
friendly final what the heck it is
exactly it’s not being it was not
distributed the way that be gold will be
in that be cash was and that 2x will be
alright I just want to point that out
for those of you who are like oh how
much is it going to be worth market
right I’m just gonna be worth but if you
look at this crazy Bitcoin dark navy
that it’s it’s worth a hundred forty
dollars and there’s sixteen million of
it or something you know what I’m even
look I mean there are I think there’s
sixty million of it no I’m not sure oh
well then that might cancel out what I
just said a little bit but anyway it’s
valued at $140 make of your own
decisions obviously it’s it’s values
based on I don’t know what just it’s me
Malone alright now that like button when
Adam is thinking on the job alright and
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that’s cool
so there’s a reddit thread and it talks
about gbtc the Bitcoin investment trusts
provides an update on the possible be
cash distribution now on reddit they
titled it incorrectly and they said that
gbtc Excel there be in cash that is not
what was announced originally everyone
thought that the gbtc fund the Bitcoin
investment trust that various orbits in
charge of they thought that the be cash
would be sold and I guess the proceeds
would go back to the users so there’d be
a dump of B cash now the news is that
the there’s a they they’re asking about
they’re looking into different
distribution whether they’re gonna set
up a separate be cash fun for everyone
or to give the B cash to everyone it
looks like there’s another option
besides dumping the B cash so if there’s
less of a likelihood of dumping the B
cash that the people were celebrating in
the reddit thread that that was bullish
and well that is true though the because
price did go up recently that’s probably
more so to do with mining profitability
but maybe has something to do with this
also about check out those links below
because they are interesting the reddit
thread and the actual press release are
linked to below but your own mind and
obviously I talked about Bitcoin dark
before you can look and see what the
exact numbers are with that all right so
there if you look for B gold if you do a
search on Twitter more and more people
are discussing it to say the least
and yes they’re discussing it and first
what I want to say a lot of people ask
you know have questions about be gold
okay and they’re asking me like I’m
supposed to be the expert now I did
break the story which I’m very proud
about but I’m not the expert there’s a
there’s a there’s a be called slack o
join it apparently the membership of the
be the btg slack or be gold slack jump
from 50 to 100 since my video last night
so people are paying attention people
are talking about it there’s also
somebody started a Twitter account I
don’t know if it’s a joke or not I link
to it below at Bitcoin gold it’s called
they actually that that ground for a
while but they just started tweeting
about be gold hey man I don’t know what
that is exactly or getting you know this
again for me this is free free crypto it
just it is a benefit of holding the root
coin big
another benefit of just being a holder
of Bitcoin it’s something that I’m a
huge fan of it’s also a way to minimize
2x and any other fork up in a malicious
that’s malicious that’s trying to steal
the Bitcoin name these guys aren’t
trying to do that they’re not they’re
not mining it the same way it’s totally
different join their slack okay trust
them they don’t trust them it don’t when
it comes first of all the product isn’t
even out yet it’s not until October
first I’ll believe it when we see it
okay so you can say what you want to say
about it everything hey man I’m just
reporting the news here in this is news
all right if that many there are a
hundred people on there slack now that
are interested in it that are trying to
help out with development and all sorts
of stuff of it I cannot join their slack
because again I don’t have time I don’t
have time for every social media
platform and so many other people have
asked me to join slack’s in the past and
I say no I’m just not gonna join any
slack ever because I just I don’t I
don’t I mean I’m already on other social
media platforms you could find me easily
I can’t play around with everybody here
all right but you guys I mean if you’re
interested if you want answers
I’m not the guy with the answers I’m
definitely not the guy with the
technical inserts and bait that’s where
you can talk about it apparently we got
English representatives now what they
had out there publicly website looked
horrible I mean no one’s a disagreement
about that they need to update it they
need to put truck proper English on it
again the products not out it’s not
until October first we beat gold when I
cover first define wait don’t never get
it at all it’s a free world man I again
I’m just bringing you the news here I
think it is fascinating this crypto
dividend phenomena it is the newest
thing and a proud man I’m proud I’m
proud that I came up with the term and
that I recognize this for others did so
alright and you know you should be proud
of your accomplishments and this is this
is what this channel is about it’s it’s
not about like worrying and doing
nothing it’s
being in motion trying to figure things
out bringing stuff to the people man
anyway speaking about bringing stuff to
the people really late lingham has a new
article you know he he’s got his uh
what’s the name of his token his ICO
civic you know everyone’s in love with
civic and everything so they’re asking
him all sorts of questions how can I
start an ICO how can I make a token how
can I do this so he decides to make a
post about it on his blog and I’ll quote
from it he will his previous one tokens
are eating the world surpassed all the
views likes and shares of every previous
post he wrote alright so I link to his
newest one he I mean it’s just amazing
that people are that into tote into I
cos that that was just was popular ever
yet yeah and this is a really important
point vini link have changed my frickin
life in 2016 when he wrote there has
been an awakening it was is in May I
believe of 2016 when he made some
predictions about Bitcoin that it would
be $3,000 and he gained a lot and I’ll
link to that below too and it has so
many less likes than all of these token
ones that he’s done all this I see us oh
stop that it’s done in that old one he
predicted three thousand dollars for
Bitcoin in 2016 and as many of you know
I planned accordingly to that prediction
and yes so my point is this it wasn’t
that glamorous you know it wasn’t even
tokens he made simple prediction he
talked about countries buying bitcoin he
talked about inflation he talked about
just things he had to think about
actually and I publicize that blog post
tonight I really lived that blog post
thank god and yet these ones now
everyone wants a quick return everyone
wants the hottest thing I see oh I see
oh how
the million dollars but I’m gonna make a
million dollars of it you know that’s
what they want they want it now
they weren’t tomorrow they don’t want to
plan ahead and how they’re gonna make a
million dollars but they want their
million dollars now well anyway he’s
given million-dollar advice before trust
me so here’s another public service
announcement out there uh I mean it just
shows you different mentalities here
there’s the buy of all people that
believe in Bitcoin they understand
having’s and then they’re just the
people that like I want to get in on
this thing now man tell me how to do
this I see you for my company I just and
you know most these companies that want
to do I see you they have nothing that
I’d leave nothing to do with
cryptocurrency whatsoever it’s I mean
it’s insanity it’s insanity found out
like button people all right so the
vortex my buddy the vortex is a public
service announcement I link to it below
because there’s a V CEOs seem to think
they represent us as if they were
elected and voted in by the people they
weren’t people need to know that
businesses do not represent users they
are simply there to serve them in return
if they do a good work then they make a
profit simple as that so yeah there are
a lot of businesses out there on Twitter
that are trying to say they represent
the people because their businesses and
they’re you know they’re trying to speak
loudly because they are businesses that
you service a lot of people don’t speak
for their customers they and when they
try to if they say something that you
don’t believe in you’ve got a boycott
then you’ve got a boycott I’m like I
mean if you don’t believe in what
shape-shift is saying then don’t use
shape-shift anymore shape-shift does not
right you know when he tweets that stuff
out you know about 2x or whatever it
doesn’t mean the people that are using
shape-shift support in or anything and
you shouldn’t support you in any way if
they’re tweeting stuff out there that
you’re totally opposed to boycott
boycott is the power of the people but
it’s good to clarify that you know
individuals we all we all have a say in
how this goes we ought to speak our mind
and if we’re quiet then all the bigger
goal then the big businesses will speak
louder than us
that’s unfortunate I’m here and vortex
is here to just you know spread the word
and try to tell everyone about the
tell everyone you know that this 2x
stuff is or whatever it’s a cripple it’s
a crypt of dividend I mean it’s not even
it’s not right there many cryptid Ivins
their big old be catch all that stuff
all right you know and then I’m reading
so someone recommended this token
article and it’s in this in this I see
article it talks about how some of these
i ce o–‘s might have to have s cos
secondary coin offerings so so they’re
gonna basically they’re gonna inflate
the supply listen who is good so many
people gonna fall for that too don’t be
like oh oh they’re gonna make more of
these so I’ll have to buy him so here’s
a quote along those lines imagine that
the price of the tokens soars while
delightful for investors and speculators
a dramatically higher price does present
a conundrum for customers because again
you spoke these tokens are supposed to
actually used by customers
except no these tokens so far there is
no in any of these I cos there is no
product none there’s no problem anyway
the company may choose to perform a
secondary coin offering increasing the
circulating supply would lower the price
of the token that’s green and drop Fiat
or cryptocurrency onto the balance sheet
for investment or future of token
buybacks so yeah it’s a way for these
companies to raise even more money make
the original tokens less and you’re
paying for it if you’re the suckers
about this thing
hey very it’s not like Bitcoin when
you’re gonna get 21 million you know how
many there are they can keep on printing
them printing and printing them just
like the Fed just like in Venezuela
just like Robert Mugabe freaking did
okay so you can you can you can take the
route of you gob you route with the ICO
or that Satoshi Nakamoto rap it’s your
choice be worth alright so here we go
Barry Silbert
again man this dude’s all over the place
the etherium etf 19b – for filing has
been withdrawn by the new york stock
exchange translation no ETF for
alright I link to the SEC press release
and I linked to his tweet and you know
it was not his aetherium etf it was
someone else’s so there’s not gonna be
an ethereal ETF just yet but that
doesn’t mean there’s III don’t heard you
decide on your own how important it is
I’m sure other people are gonna are
gonna talk about it okay now we’re gonna
talk about a lot of people you know
understand Thermopolis ascend many a
time that Bitcoin has been trusted
people have tried it been tested it’s
been hacked
it’s been just pulled every different
way it’s robust it’s it’s just it’s big
and it’s been around the longest and
it’s the most proven it is the most
trusty and it takes time no analysis
have to suffer through a Bitcoin has
have to suffer on every level whether it
be technical marketing the media
everyone’s saying just it’s tested and
people forget that when it’s like well
my my coin is the biggest thing and in
the past you know I don’t usually bring
up these low-level coins that I don’t
care about that or just I don’t know
what if they’re proof of work they’re
pre mind or but proof of us I only know
what the heck they are is the state the
pre mine it I own is this one some
people have tried to pump it up to me
before iota now I am NOT gonna spray I’m
not spreading fun about my notice and
listen very carefully when I say this so
someone on Twitter released a tweet and
the medium post and it says crypt
cryptographic vulnerabilities in I Oda
we found and disclosed a security
vulnerability in I Oda a two billion
dollar cryptocurrency
okay they did that they found that there
was a major problem with it and they
reported it to the iota people and the
IO the people fixed it they patched the
problem alright and that was like weeks
ago and now they are releasing
that fact okay so I oh that is fun at
whoa but the point is is that it wasn’t
fun and that any of them can if they
were bad actors imagine what would have
happened if you want to be the number
one story real quick everyone would have
heard of iota so there’s some people
that are like seeing this tweet they’re
like oh ye spring fun they’re not
spreading fun it’s it’s fine
it’s not who is is what it what it is
fixed but it was broken and these other
ones can be broken also okay they’re not
tested the I give these people credit
they went about it in the right way they
told the developers and it got fixed and
no one hacked anything but if it would
have been wrong people that would have
been very bad so it is fine now I
apparently the price of iota has dropped
and guess what me talking about it isn’t
going to drop the price anymore it
doesn’t matter if this is more of an
overall a new crypto thing but for me
it’s why bitcoin is the rock okay not
these type of things aren’t gonna happen
with Bitcoin all right
so pound that like button is all I’m
gonna say there is an article about GMO
GMOs it was a funny game for a Japanese
internet group plans a 300 million
dollar investment in Bitcoin mining that
is also news man the more competition
the better obviously it will not be the
suspicion that it’s state-controlled in
Japan at least if they start a Bitcoin
mining company out there it depends very
free-market very much like us unlike
China where people wonder some of these
mining companies supported by the stage
so this is interesting this is the we’ll
see how that developed over time if they
actually get off the ground it’s
obviously a three hundred million
dollars it’s cost a lot of starting a
mining company people so yeah did it
avoid the word miny definitely if you’re
if you’re a regular Joe you’re not a
you’re not like don’t get into the cloud
mining is what I’m saying alright i’ll
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember remember
channel like this video share this video
dude check out the notes section below
we will be back at noon Eastern Standard
Time tomorrow for a great great special
this week in Bitcoin
that’s 5 p.m. in London 9 a.m. in Los
Angeles SIA


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