Bank of America is down! Bitcoin is live! Wired uses shady clickbait FUD, Bitfinex’ed, 6.15 BTC, Q&A

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Australia its day it’s been a night for
us social social media but before we get
into the back of America situation which
people were freaking out about on
Twitter I I do want to say I have some
new videos yesterday there were two
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it it’s linked to below so I guess an
hour or two ago
Bank of America just went down like in
every way possible online ATMs back of
America is like the second largest bank
in the United States it’s a tremendous
Bank and since it was around 11:00
midnight that there weren’t too many
people covering this story right away
they didn’t issue a press release or
anything you know you’ll hear more about
it in the morning but I I noticed it I
was keeping track of things and people
were very angry in Bank them I’ll never
use you again this is such a terrible
so did people learn their lesson did
people learn their lesson too relying on
a centralized Authority like Bank of
America for their wealth valuing their
wealth and Bank of America no no forget
about it
I think the situation has now been fixed
people were saying it was hacked people
were saying all sorts of who knows what
it was it might have been the California
wildfires burnt down something real
Pollock chains solve this if it back
from America created their own private
blockchain no no it wouldn’t
okay Bitcoin you control your own
private key you don’t have to worry
about it going down it wasn’t down
during this situation okay you didn’t
have to worry well is my Bitcoin really
there is my wealth really there he’s
some of these people were worried that
their back they people tried to log into
their account they didn’t check Twitter
they’re just like I can’t get into my
bank of America count they thought they
were happy thought horrible things that
happen who knows what apparently
everyone still has their money from from
when I can tell which is it’s great but
what will people learn from this some
people will probably like well I maybe I
should just go direct to the government
maybe one day the government would just
have fed cooling for me that’ll be
better than this some people will hope
that that’s the lesson they’ll learn
that’s not the lesson they could turn
that off to if they
they cannot that that can have downtime
he centralized blockchain II private
blockchain whether it be a run by a bank
or a government that can go down also
Bitcoin not going down dude it’s not the
prettiest thing in the world right now
Bitcoin it’s not the easiest thing in
the world but you’re not going to have
this type of situation happen where you
can’t access your Bitcoin date people
were going to ATMs they couldn’t get the
cash out of the ATM is apparently so
I’ve got a guy’s questions and answers
today I got time to answer your
hello from Malibu’s is John it’s it’s
probably beautiful there right now it’s
it’s still early or relatively early
what’s going on with the rumor about
Israeli embassies closing i I’ve never
heard such other I’ve never heard such a
rumor Israeli embassies closed Israeli
embassies are really tight with their
security sometimes the day they really
they like to redo their embassies and
your there was one in your way and they
had to to make a new one for security
reasons but the US does the same thing
always up great wanting better locations
warming better security I haven’t heard
about anything do you know the actual
day of the having noteven al I it
changes its it’s gonna be around May the
20th you just Google Bitcoin having
clock Bitcoin having clock it’s the
sometimes blocks our mind a little bit
faster eats we don’t know the exact time
but it’s it’s around I don’t even know
the day I know it’s around Preakness
2024 all you Baltimore freaks out there
pound that that’s how you should value
your top you should value your time in
having’s but I still uh
measure my time a little bit in
Baltimore ease they’re saying it’ll be
around the Preakness so around the round
the third Saturday in May it should
happen but no Google I don’t have a link
below to a Bitcoin hand clock maybe I’ll
add it afterwards Google Bitcoin having
clock click on the first one up there
it’s a countdown
it shows what day it’ll be all right
what day it will be as of now
as we get I believe it’s going to be on
a Thursday because when I was speaking
about Israel when I was in Tel Aviv they
said we’re they gonna have a big party
and for some reason I thought I was
gonna be on a Thursday you know who
cares what days it’s gonna be when it’s
happening it is happening it’ll be uh
there’ll be a lot of hype beforehand I
care about the height leading to it the
day of the party they don’t be fun to
have a party I guess that’ll be fun to
have a party then the day is very
anti-climatic besides the parties I mean
the price will probably go down that day
it went down that day but it’s the
lead-up and when all the newbies out
there start figuring out wait a second
the new supply is gonna get cut in half
when all the media starts talking about
it again
and we’re on the verge of that we’re on
the cusp of that I I thought it would
probably happen in December or January
when the hike would begin and right now
what is it October so we got a few we
have some days we will see if the height
starts hey we can start to having hype I
I did the having hype hashtag on Twitter
back in 2016 you can still look it up
and you can still see my tweets maybe
don’t be bigger this time nothing wrong
with hyping the having and pounding that
like button alright so we talked about
Bank of America and I just really read
the quotes I’m having trouble accessing
my Bank of America account and judging
by the volume volume of alarm tweets I’m
seeing about this right now so are many
other people I’ll give credit for news
BTC calm they wrote a story about this
after I had already said I was going
live well I I was the first person
crypto I that I can tell on Twitter that
covered this story according to some the
need for Bitcoin and decentralized
digital money was just validated as a
financial institution in the US has
suddenly gone offline over the past hour
reports have flooded in from thousands
of Twitter users including an NBC
reporter quoted above Rabbani report
reporting a Bank of America services
these users which again account in the
thousands has said they are unable to
access the institution services both
online and in the real world both the
firm’s login portal
for clients and ATMs are claimed by Bank
America clients to be down all right so
now as far as I can tell it’s back up or
it’s sort of back up
so hey now meanwhile over in the land of
Wired magazine
let me they’re going all buzzword Fudd
buzzword here
clickbait just to click baby s buzzwords
for the 80 percenters you can imagine
who is shady
whoo-ha let me read you this the shady
cryptocurrency boom on the post Soviet
frontier dodging energy deals loose
regulation on these regulation okay and
dubious characters with links to the
Hillary Clinton email hackers are
fueling a burgeoning crypto industry in
Russia that could provide an end run
around US sanctions
oh it’s Russia or its former Soviet
countries and it’s Clinton and it’s
shady and it’s sanctions and there’s no
and there’s no regulation Oh
all these 80 percenters are just gonna
blindly say oh it’s so shady big coin
and crypto crip no this is where the big
boys play okay you can you could write
articles like this and the 80 percenters
can lose out because they’ll be like
Woods dodgy dodgy energies deals Hillary
must avoid must not get into crypto it’s
bad must support sociopathic congressmen
to to try to regulate a facebook good
Libre so you know these guys are saying
you know scaring you off they right
which so would wired rather you just be
in the Bank of America system but just
gets turned off randomly at 11:30 at
night on the East Coast to me is that I
mean what would you rather have you know
you can go with wired and Bank of
America going down or you post-soviet
shady frontier dodgy let let them I have
no problem with Ukrainians and whoever
else out there they wouldn’t get in the
crypto and mine it and the
you pick what’s the problem what’s the
problem why is that why people got be
haters of Eastern Europeans its Bitcoin
your worst enemies can be in it so if
you’re a Hillary lover and you’re
offended by your your enemy your
so-called enemies being a Bitcoin law
you’re not a big boy
go go play with Bank of America and get
shut down at 11:30 at night all right
so speaking about miners and what is
going on with the be cash did bit could
beat Bitcoin miners swishing the be cash
I talked about it yesterday are they are
so unmanipulated be cash here the price
is going up again I mean fundamentally
it’s weird what’s going on with the the
the be cash doing these uh all these
blocks in an hour and then not many
blocks that there’s about yesterday and
leading up to this having of bears
they’re having is first it seems like
it’s gonna be devastating yet the price
of be cash is going up it is someone
playing a big game out there these I
don’t know I’m curious I just got my
popcorn because I’m noticing
why is be cash going up yeah maybe it’s
the Chinese I’ll just throw that out
there the old excuse well maybe some
Chinese are getting confuse they think
it’s big quite so do some research into
that for the interesting story okay
Alistair Milne reminds us that it’s all
cyclical the FUD comes and goes you
haven’t had it hasn’t been too much
ripple fun lately and the classic rip
ler fuddler not ripple fought excuse me
tether fight there hasn’t been too much
tackler I get tether and ripple computer
with a Bruce centralized of course I
gotta get it confused now and they can
just be they both can be printed there’s
so many of them out there so that’s why
I get them confused they’re different
though but no there hasn’t been much
tether bud lately and I would let me
break this down all right no so Alistair
Milne reminds us of the ultimate big fin
rip the finis slash tether fund master
thief Enix has not tweeted since the 7th
of October so those are not familiar
this dude bid Phenix he caused quite a
stir on on Twitter I mean he’s the main
reason that people they thought on
tether and they say you know tether is
gonna bring down bitcoin the guy’s been
silent since the 7th of October it come
he’ll be back you’ll be back
but it’s cyclical so that type of FUD is
not very popular right now that’s
Heather fun it should come back yeah I
have a strong hand about it though dudes
strong hand long-term thinking baby use
it to pound that like button
John strabos dramatists sorry John that
up in California
he says Russia Russia Russia ha yeah I
mean that’s basically what these are
these clickbait titles go for their
share in politics they’re in crypto it’s
it’s just hilarious but that it gets the
clicks hey the fun da UIC is in the
house he’s over in Perth some people
haven’t been asked the Adam are you
going to Perth no I’m not
i-i’ve been stating for months I went to
Sydney for a week I’m gonna be in a
delay for a month then I’ll be back in
the US so I was in Perth and so people
ask me are gonna be in Brisbane also
you’re 2017 check it out I was in
Brisbane in Perth and it was a blast
how about this guy’s as a better
question since this trip has been
planned for hey hey wait wait if you
would have fly me to Perth and pay for
everything I’ll go to Perth right now
sure send me the ticket say chefs
show me what you’re gonna provide for me
and everything I’ll go I’ll leave here
right now but I mean no I’m like this is
where I’m I’m hearing relaxing uh if
you’ve got something for me to do over
there yeah I’ll go over there now again
the Fundy isn’t asking these questions
he’s just an awesome friend of mine over
in in Perth and Perth is a beautiful
place but hey I am thinking about maybe
maybe after I know I my Airbnb in Tucson
Arizona I think expires on June
for January the 14th so maybe I’ll come
back to Australia again I’ve already be
on the west coast so I’ll just have to
get to LA and instead of taking a
cross-country flight from Baltimore to
LA and then to Australia I’ll be already
out there so if people have some ID
maybe I will go back to Perth or
Brisbane or something again in January
you people asking these questions about
if I’m going to Perth this trip it has a
made me think because I have
accomplished my goal of oh no someone
asked if I was going to Gold Coast I
wasn’t going Gold Coast for a day in
2017 so I have been to the largest six
cities in Australia now since I’m now in
Adelaide and it’s uh quite an
accomplishment I guess considering I
haven’t been to these six largest cities
in the United States because I have
never stepped foot outside in Phoenix I
have been in the airport many times but
I’ve never actually been in Fiat but
I’ve been up in the Tucson alright
enough of that you don’t want to hear
about that
Rome accuses bitcoinmeister what is the
first Fudd topic cycle that you remember
oh my it’s going to zero that that’s
what it’s going to zero was a big one
now that one has been relegated to the
dustbin of history although people keep
on deny its it comes back in a different
form the Bitcoin of bitter Aries people
do still say it’s gonna die but there
were big ones that that were like it’s
been hacked it’s going to zero and it
was all around me confusion around me
the exchanges being hacked but it’s
going to zero it was a big one and then
I mean the first that the block size
blog size basically was the first big
one is it yeah I’m trying to think if
there was anything else the Chinese
control it
the Chinese control if that was an early
one that was an early one two Chinese
have too much up too much a say in it so
yeah it’s going to zero that was I mean
I know there’s not much substance behind
that one but that was big it’s going to
zero it’s dead the Chinese the Chinese
control too much of it and then
really the the biggest one was and it’s
stored around because two two coins
formed off of it and to crypt of
dividends came about because of it the
block size a good good question
oh sweet fun memories now why are these
memories these sweet blood memories for
me but I’d be sweet for me you might be
see what you enjoy eat what music who
know it’s so sweet think that that I
never sold a darn Bitcoin throughout the
whole thing I was behind Bitcoin it’s
two hundred three hundred four hundred
dollars during that Mike Hearn what that
Mike Hearn ragequit by the people turned
them Easter had a tweet I didn’t bring
this up
he was reasoning the Mike Hearn rage
quit rage tweet quit the rage quit it
was an article actually and if you read
it so much of it was wrong well all of
it was wrong but some of it he said was
totally baseless and was might have been
even lies okay I didn’t take the time to
read it again no point I just have sweet
memories of I was in Melbourne Australia
when it was January of 2016 when he had
the rage quit and bitcoins price went
from like the 400s to the 300s and
people were concerned no no the only
thing I regret is that I and then you
should have no regrets oh I don’t regret
anything I could have bought more back
then I could have bought more back then
for 350 instead of whatever he had been
for 20 years pulling me I don’t remember
the exact numbers alright so let’s talk
about strong hands like Adam Meister of
2016 there is a new Twitter account it’s
supposedly coming out of Wyoming Wyoming
based member organization uniting
holders of last resort planning for a
future where 6.15 is all you’ll ever
so this guy 6.15 i he doesn’t you can’t
send direct messages unfortunately I
don’t know why he has his Twitter
he’s got like the only a few hundred
followers right now dude open up your
DMS I tried to contact you if you want
to expand but he’s encouraging everyone
6.5 6.15 Bitcoin and just hold on for
dear life to those things just an
echidna he’s a strong hand holder of
last resort so I appreciate a guy who’s
just gonna have a marketing campaign
that’s just like don’t like get yourself
6.15 and never looked oh where did he
come up with that number he’s that it’s
got something to do with 12.25 I assume
what if I get all the numbers confused
now you went from 50 to 25 to get to
12.5 and then is he is he messing up
there because half of 12.5 is 6.25 III
don’t think I miss messing this yeah
6.15 is his you could call yourself
whatever dude I appreciate a dude who
aims to get over six Bitcoin I never let
go of them dude and is encouraging
everyone to do the same and we have a
question he who has eyes to here says
how do you expect governments to be able
to collect taxes once bitcoin is the
glue it’s not going to become the global
reserve currency do Bank of America just
went down and they’re all these people
will be totally happy with that that
situation they are gonna they’re gonna
be people that are gonna want to go in
to beg coin because of this they don’t
just come on the go Luke I don’t like
banks anymore I want direct access to
the Fed coin so that’s how they’ll be
able to collect taxes oh it’s gonna be
so much easier for governments to
collect taxes in the future because the
80 percentage will gladly accept fed
coin they’ll gladly accept keeping maybe
they’re fed coin at Bank of America who
knows and then there’ll be some people
that Bank of America will expand at the
big point probably and people will keep
some of their suckers will keep some of
their Bitcoin there and if they don’t
pay their taxes up back America will
confiscate it for them and pay their
taxes so the world of private
federal block chains and 80 percenters
oh it’s gonna be it’s gonna be so much
easier for
in the future for governments to collect
taxes super easy with this digital stuff
that all the 80% are going to hop thank
you and because bitcoin will not become
the world reserve a global currency
it’ll be the world reserve crypto
currency of the three excluding net
national cryptocurrencies of the real
cryptocurrencies the non-centralized
ones but no we won’t the dollar will
still be the world reserve currency for
quite some time and and it doesn’t
matter Bitcoin will still be insanely
successful because the 20 percenters
will get you I mean this is my whole my
whole spiel here dudes I I always say
this that uh you know Bitcoin it’s not
about beating the US dollar is that
about destroying the United States and
the system and beating it into oblivion
the system is good they exist dudes look
what anything percenters care about they
care about a Kim Kardashian and cars and
just ridiculous things you’re not gonna
care about Bitcoin and maybe they’ll be
some of them will speculate on these off
coins and whatever but happy with it
it’s the welfare dollar so many people
will be dependent more people will be
dependent on recovery in the future this
is how they’re going to get their checks
so of course they’re gonna be addicted
to fed coin all these in all these
third-rate countries out there that
depend on the United States for support
they will continue to worship the dollar
okay the dollars that coin will become
more than the United States will become
more powerful and bitcoin would be what
it is a way out of out of the the
dependent on the US dominated financial
system you don’t want to be turned off
you don’t want to get into a situation
like people were tonight where they
can’t access their ATMs and it’s as
simple as just getting you the Bitcoin
it’s that simple and controlling your
own private key and smart people will
figure that out poor people in
oppressive government countries are
going to figure it out to get in the
Bitcoin instead of dealing with their
hyper-inflated currencies and so they
think DK can be truly free like this
embed box in Zimbabwe Venezuela we’ve
seen it already it’s smart but not most
most people in those decrepit countries
they won’t figure it out they’ll be
servants to their corrupt masters hey
that’s just like dudes and you could be
that people if you could be people like
that or you could be a 20% you can you
know be a producer think for yourself
figure it out yourself that’s what’s one
being a 20 percenters it is all about
not relying on the government not just
sitting there getting a government check
or sitting there get it you know not
trying to improve yourself not trying to
learn more but most people 80% of people
on earth they’re like that so yeah it’s
not becoming in the world reserve
currency of Bitcoin and but hey I
respect people who think it is who think
hyper bitcoin is asian is gonna happen
we can all be friends we can have
different opinions in Bitcoin that is
the beauty of Bitcoin there are some
people before they don’t think we can
have different opinions there and they
get into arguments on Twitter it’s a
total waste of time but hey let them say
that Romo chooses 6.15 is a random
number made up by American hold yeah
okay I knew it came from somewhere to
you thank you very much and web city up
in Seattle says if you have more than
you are cool well thank you thank you
for calling me cool ah what else do we
have here next time the next is mi a and
finally here’s a happy tweet to leave
you off on this is from Balaji he says
Bitcoin will become the flag of
technology not every flag represents a
geographical entity some of them
represent movements like the rainbow
flag or the Gatson flag Bitcoin becomes
a flag in this sense as the encoding of
technology’s values International lists
capitalists decentralized
Hey Dude dream big I would love if it
becomes the flag of technology I think
it will be a flag for a lot of a lot of
people who just want to be outside the
system and are proud of it and want to
encourage other people to get outside of
it also aim high though technology
meaning representing all of Technology
that’s that’s that’s pretty big there
dude but hey it’s inspirational I like
that and that’s why I’m leaving it with
that let me see if there any other
questions all right no that’s it let me
sign off that I’m at a meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister you
can get shirts like this link to below
thanks for all the shirts dudes that
people have sent me through the ears
pound that like button bang that Bell
button I’m gonna be running once the
sudden devastating son of Australia
starts I mean I think I’m still I’m
getting colored when I’m running at like
6 p.m. dudes and I’m like hiding under
buildings and stuff under awnings its
it’s unbelievable man pours into sports
let’s be careful put on some sunscreen
of some sort hopefully not poisonous
sunscreen ok click on the squares up
there dudes I’ll say hi to everyone in
the chat always a fun time here on the
one Bitcoin show take

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